St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs in Houston and Harris County.

Dozens of churches and conferences in Houston are part of the St. Vincent de Paul charity organization. Individuals and volunteers who are part of the group are focused on helping the less fortunate in the region, including low income families with children, senior citizens, the disabled, and others. A number of services can be provided, as funding and donations allow. This can include food, clothing, rent help,  furniture, and more. The Harris County based charity is one of the leading places to turn to for help anywhere in Texas.

The agency does not discriminate by religion, race, age, or other factors. Provided you meet income and other hardship conditions, then you may qualify for assistance, if it is available. Volunteers, who are known as Vincentians, will often provide referrals and information on other resources as well if they can't help you. For example, get information on other local non-profits, government assistance, or even resources such as food banks and community health care clinics in Harris County. They will also try to address the causes of the hardship, so this can include job training or employment services. Thousands of families benefit from one or more of these services every year.

Emergency financial assistance is in very high demand, but unfortunately is limited as this is the most expensive resource to provide. Vincentians visit dozens of families each month to determine what their need is. Some examples of what may provided is below.

  • Utility help can be paid by the St. Vincent de Paul in Houston. Grants or loans can be used to pay electricity, water, natural gas, or air conditioning bills.
  • Housing needs such as rent, deposits, and eviction prevention is available.
  • Basic health care expenses, such as medication, may be paid for.
  • The Society can take clients emergency supplies of food, meals, or groceries. There could also be sack lunches available for the homeless in Harris County. The homebound may receive meals that are brought directly to them.
  • Persons in transit may be able to receive gasoline vouchers or grants to pay for auto repairs.
  • The Vincentians in Houston also provide the names of families and children each year for parishioners to sponsor for Christmas. So they may receive free gifts, toys, clothing, and more.
  • Thrift stores are a focus. The sites are open to anyone and sell gently used appliances, clothing, furniture, and household goods.





The Houston Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a charity organization made up of churches, parishes and Catholic Lay persons. These groups work together to help the poor and less fortunate in Texas. The members of the organization help assess someone's needs and provides resources in all areas of living. Members of the society visit applicants in their homes to determine the need.

If possible, they will provide the resources listed above and more. So find how to get help with paying rent, transportation, food and access to other non-profit or charity agencies to help the families secure the basic necessities of life. The Harris County Saint Vincent de Paul also focuses on stopping homelessness in the community. From time to time there may be financial help offered, but this approach also combines many other resources as well as there are many aspects to homeless prevention.

Social workers and additional volunteers, as well as donations, are always needed by the church. The more people who volunteer tends to help increase the fund raising capability of Saint Vincent de Paul and it will also allow more people in Harris County to be visited. Donations go to the St. Vincent church assist the vulnerable, including senior citizens, homebound, and single parents.

Houston has many uninsured residents. Or maybe their coverage is inadequate. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides some basic health care services, or referrals to them. All across Harris County are centers that can help immigrants, the elderly, and non-English speakers get the care they need. Get information on the services provided by free clinics that are located in the region.

As indicated, the Society and its conferences are funded mainly by contributions from parishioners, businesses and other interested groups and individuals. Almost all of the money donated goes to pay for the assistance programs and so in effect goes to the poor who need help. Through friendship and care the volunteer members and churches preserve the human dignity of all people that are in a crisis. In addition, the charity will partner with other ministries and agencies in the area to best serve the needs of each qualified applicant.




Locations of Harris County Society of Saint Vincent de Paul churches

While there are a number of churches and main centers in the Harris County community, some of the leading St. Vincent locations are as follows. Whether it is emergency financial help for paying bills, assistance for immigrants, or free clothes, food, or other items, assistance is offered to the less fortunate.

For more information, dial 713-741-8234.

6654 Gulf Fwy, Houston, TX, (713) 862-2605

1111 S Cherry St, Tomball, TX, call 281-255-289

2730 Nelwood Dr, Houston, Texas, dial (281) 405-0432

St Vincent De Paul has a site at 2730 Nelwood Dr. Telephone (281) 405-0432


By Jon McNamara

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