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Rent assistance in Harris County and Houston.

Find charities, churches and government agencies that provide rental assistance, security deposit help and housing programs. Low-income families will get financial help from agencies in Harris County and Houston Texas. There are places that offer grant money to help with rent, section 8 vouchers, free motel vouchers today, no-wait list homes or security deposit assistance. Find a list of rent assistance programs in the Harris County TX community.

Each non-profit or government organization in the Houston TX area, including The Woodlands, Pasadena, or Pearland will offer their type of emergency rent assistance. All the Harris County organizations are focused on stopping evictions and homelessness, including for people with little or no money. There will be an application process in place (with applications in Spanish too) and conditions need to be met, including attending case management, to get help with back rent in Harris County.

Of particular focus is on giving rent relief to those that are at risk, such as seniors, the disabled, the unemployed or families with young children. Free legal aid will also help those tenants. Other priority is on assisting those in Harris County that have an eviction notice or that need a place to live, including private landlord housing for tenants with bad credit.

Places that help with rent in Houston TX area

Harris County Community Services is a non-profit, government affiliated agency that offers rent assistance as a last resort to qualified residents. Get help applying for, in Spanish as well, short term financial help or get free government money for rental assistance. There is also a tenant eviction diversion program, which involves free landlord-tenant mediation and discussion of rent payment plans.

Other resources available in Harris County to low income families include repairs to their apartment, emergency financial aid for utilities, and referrals to other local rental assistance organizations. As Community Services also has partnerships with other providers as well, such as owners of low income apartments, lenders for sources of no interest loans, and other agencies.

  • The Houston office is at (713) 696-7900 or (832) 927-4955, and the address is 8410 Lantern Point Dr, Houston, TX 77054.
  • The Houston and Harris County Eviction Diversion Program is run from 8410 Lantern Point Dr, Houston, Texas 77054. Phone (855) 270-7655 for applications to rent help when facing a financial hardship.




Gulf Coast Community Services Association is another regional community action that help people in poverty with paying their rent and other bills. Main address is 9320 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77054. Telephone 713-393-4700. The agency is a local, non-profit community action agency for Harris County. They may have some free government grant money for rent as well as case management. Counseling is offered, including landlord and tenant mediation. The goal is to help those facing an eviction. Get help with relocation, including money to pay for first months rent, and resolving disputes over security deposits or delinquent rent.

Harris County Area Agency on Aging can help senior citizens or the elderly over the age of 60 with rent payments. These services may include case management, help in locating housing, including low income apartments for seniors. Also access other social services, including money for mobile home lot rent in Harris County that a senior may live in. The Houston agency is at 8000 N Stadium Dr, Houston, TX 77054. Phone: (832) 393-4301

Loan Star Legal Aid of Houston Texas can provide low cost, or in some cases, free legal aid for housing issues. This will include eviction prevention, landlord/tenant mediation, and help with addressing housing discrimination. The lawyers also help low-income families apply for HUD rent payment vouchers such as section 8. Only civil matters are addressed. Call (713) 652-0077  for information.

Catholic Charities of Harris County operates an emergency service programs from multiple sites. Get free furniture, money for a security deposit, rental arrears help, case management, and more. They help immigrants find housing, provide referrals to section 8 HUD vouchers, and help families in poverty with rent or moving costs. More on Catholic Charities housing assistance Harris County.

  • The Main Catholic Charity address is 2900 Louisiana St, Houston, TX 77006. Telephone - (713) 526-4611. They also focus on veteran housing issues.

Southeast Are Ministries offers everything from free counseling to housing items, appliances for tenants, and immediate rent help. Applications are in Spanish and languages other than English too. The non-profit is at 2102 Houston Blvd, South Houston, TX 77587. Or for details and to apply for financial help for rental arrears, call (713) 944-0093.





MANNA Ministry Assistance of  Northwest Alliance has limited resources. When funding allows, money may help pay back rent or utilities. Or they sell household items, and the money raised is then given to low income, elderly, and vulnerable families for their bills, including rent or electric to stop homeless. The charity is at 15555 Kuykendahl Rd, Houston, TX 77090. Phone (281) 885-4555.

Wesley Community Center assists the homeless and people on the verge of evictions in Harris County. There are applications to money to pay back rental costs the government sponsored Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. Free grants, legal aid, transitional housing and more is offered. Call (713)223-8131 to learn how to get help paying rent if you are at risk of homelessness. Or the main address is 1410 Lee Street, Houston, Texas 77009.

Help with rent Harris CountyVeterans and their families can apply for housing resources, free government grant money to pay rent immediately. There is also information on A benefit programs, cash assistance for housing payments, and more. Homeless vets and low-income residents in Harris county are a priority. Much of the rent money given out to vets is from the SSVF veteran housing program.

  • Harris County Veteran Services Department may also help with electric bills (as well as rent or provide shelter). Address is 2100 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002. Dial (281) 876-6600

Houston Area Urban League (HAUL) has various social services, including rental assistance and help with legal issues. A focus is on the disadvantaged, such as single moms, people of color, and Latinos. The office is at 1301 Texas Avenue, Houston, TX 77002. Dial (713) 393-8700 for information on their housing assistance programs, including those that help low income families with rent payments.

Bering Omega Community Services - Avenue 360 runs the HOPWA program, which is for Harris County residents with HIV or AIDs only. Get free government grants from Tenant-based Rental Assistance (TBRA),  placement into income subsidized homes and other social services. Call (713) 426-0027 or (713) 341-3750 for intake. The location is 2150 West 18th Street, Houston, TX 77008

Cypress Assistance Ministries only offers financial assistance (including for rent payments) for people in Houston, Cypress, Waller and Hockley of Harris County. Call (281) 955-7684. Qualified low income, working poor, immigrant families can get loans, rent help, furniture for an apartment, electric assistance and more. The Ministry is at 12930 Cypress North Houston Rd, Cypress, TX 77429.




Katy Christian Ministries is offered to residents of the city only. Programs can include emergency rental assistance, often issued the same week. The charity address is 5504 First Street, Katy, TX 77493. Everything from rent grants to home repairs, income subsidized housing and more is offered.. There is help for the low income, immigrants, single mothers, and struggling renters. Call 281-391-9623.

Interfaith Caring Ministries gives everything from emergency rental assistance to tenants with pay or quit or eviction notices to scholarships, including to immigrants and Spanish speakers. Get referrals to supportive housing for seniors, disability grants, money for storage costs and more. The location is 151 Park Avenue, League City, Texas 77059. Call (281) 332-3881.

Bread Of Life provides financial help for rent, motel rooms, and other bill paying programs from 2019 Crawford Street, Houston, TX 77002. All funds are limited, with a focus of the rent relief on the disabled and elderly over the age of 60 in  Houston. Call (832) 939-7477

St. Justin Martyr Social Ministry has limited money to help the poor, vulnerable and others pay their rent. Dial (281) 556-5116. Note the assistance is first come-served. Tenants can only get rent, energy bill, or security deposit help at most twice per year. The location is 13350 Ashford Point Drive, Houston, TX 77082.

Grace Under Fire - Lone Star Veterans Association only helps women veterans or female active military with rent. There is cash assistance from government benefits, rehousing, free vouchers for extended stay hotels (if homeless) and more. Rent money is offered for a crisis too.  Address is 2929 McKinney St, Houston, TX 77003. Phone: (281) 744-7972 or (210) 864-2959

MAM, or Memorial Assistance Ministries requires an appointment. Proof of income, residency in Harris County, employment and assets is required in order to get rental assistance or other support. The charity is at 1625 Blalock Road, Houston, Texas 77080. Call (713) 468-4516.

Daya offers rent assistance or housing for victims of domestic or sexual violence only who are also from Asia. Free legal aid, homeless shelters, and  low income housing is arranged. There is also short term rent help, mental health support, emergency motel vouchers for the Houston TX area and more. Call (713) 842-7222 if facing violence.

Christian Community Service Center is a faith based charity, but they help people with rent or bills, regardless of their age, gender, race, immigration statuses and languages. Call (713) 961-3993. The emergency services combine short term, one time financial help (including with rent or deposits) with case management and guidance. The non-profit is at 3434 Branard St, Houston, TX 77027

Julia C Hester House only support struggling families (or individuals) in the zip codes of 77013, 77016, 77020, 77026, 77028, or 77093. Tenants, the elderly, Spanish speakers and others can dial (713) 274-1394 for hardship grants to help pay rent. Location is 2020 Solo Street, Houston, TX 77020.




Braes Interfaith Ministries also provides financial resources, including money for rent, for a limited area of Harris County, including the zip codes of 77025, 77035,  77051, 77053, 77071, 77085, or 77096. When qualified, there are crisis funds for paying any rental or utility arrears. Or get appliances for low income tenants. There are also volunteers that give legal tips or address landlord-tenant disputes - all this is combined with the emergency cash to assist with rent to stop an eviction. Address is 4300 W. Belfort, Houston, TX 77025. Call (713) 723-1945 or (713) 723-2671

HIS, or Houston Independent School District offers financial aid (even for rent) for people in the region, including zip codes of 77007, 77008, 77009 and 77045. Call (713) 222-8903 or 713-556-6000. There are also computers to help apply for housing benefits, information on affordable apartments and more. But a major goal is to prevent homelessness of students, so rent, utility, and deposit help is offered. The office is at 4040 W Fuqua St, Houston, Texas 77045. Find assistance with paying security deposits.

HAAM, or Humble Area Assistance Ministries, provides rent payment help for low-income families the city of Humble Texas in Harris County. A wide variety pf social services, public benefits, and financial resources (grants or loans) are offered. Get rental assistance, money for utilities, rehousing from HUD programs, and more. They even offer support on getting identification documents, which can help clients apply for rent or government subsidized housing. Location is 1302 1st E St, Humble, TX 77338. Dial (281) 446-3663

House of Amos offers funds for rent and basic needs. The charity is based at 11169 Beechnut St., Houston, TX 77072. There is help for teens that need a place to live and money for rent, the elderly, and people of all backgrounds and faiths. Call 832 977-1208   

Veterans Of Foreign Wars Houston helps military service members, veterans of foreign wars with their rent. There are also funds for their families that are residents of Harris County. Whether it is VA benefits, government grants, job programs, or rental assistance, support is offered from 1214 Maxey Rd, Houston, TX 77015. Many other veteran programs are offered too, including VA benefit as well as HUD-VASH. Call (713) 453-1320.

SEARCH Homeless Services provides various low income and transitional housing programs, job training from a Resource Center, and educational support. The Stabilization from the non-profit can help Houston area households with a disabled member, and the organization also coordinates free hardship grants for first-last months rent. They also work to help prevent evictions to begin with. More on housing programs from SEARCH.

Coalition for the Homeless of Houston provides support as part of the Continuum of Care. They have information on providers that provide everything from fee vouchers to pay for a motel in Harris County to short term rental assistance in a crisis. Other support may be permanent housing placement, shelter, legal aid for housing court, and anything required by tenants above and beyond rental payment help. Read Houston Eviction Prevention and Rapid Rehousing.

Pasadena Community Ministries supports families, individuals, and low income residents of the city. Based on resources, there may be grant money for paying rental arrears or a security deposit. Utility bill help and other housing resources may also be offered from Queens Park, 2301 S Houston Rd, Pasadena, Texas 77502. Telephone number is (713) 477-4336.







Saint Vincent de Paul Churches are located in Harris County. Programs are very limited by funding levels, and many tenants will not be able to receive help. Resources may include emergency rental help for those at risk of evictions or homelessness. The non-profit, charitable SVDP assists with a persons permanent housing with short term utility assistance or rent.

  • Additional services from the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul include furniture for a home or apartment and 1-2 night motel vouchers, but cannot offer assistance for homeless. All applications are assessed on a one-off basis. The parishes that partner with the SVDP charity distribute rental assistance, funding or free vouchers to those in the parish of the church where they are in residence.

There are no locations to visit. You must have a physical address to receive rent assistance from SVDP churches in Harris County and not be in a motel or hotel. In the area of Houston (dial (713) 741-8234) there is no other number or location to go to.

The Salvation Army-Greater Houston and Harris County Area Command, which also helps the working poor with rent, can be contacted at (713) 752-0677 or 713-658-9205 . They also administer the emergency shelter and government grant program. Other housing resources include transitional units for senior citizens and eviction prevention services. Limited emergency rental arrears payment assistance may be offered.

  • Another emergency financial help - social service site is at 2732 Cherrybrook Lane, Pasadena, TX 77502. Phone - (713)378-0020.

Harris County Community and Economic Development Department is based at 8410 Lantern Point Dr., Houston, TX, 77054. Call (713) 578-2000. Federal government funds may be used to provide grants for paying rent and other needs, such as energy costs or home repairs. A major focus is on helping single mothers in Houston with their bills, including rent, to keep their family intact. Or try the City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department, which has an office at at 601 Sawyer, Houston, Texas 77007. Call (713) 865-9314.

Harris County Coalition for the Homeless is a source of information on eviction help. The regional agency can offer tenants in rent arrears information on non-profits, charities and churches in Harris County to call for emergency help. A priority is on the vulnerable such as single parents with children or the disabled with a source of income.

  • The non-profit Coalition for the Homeless of Houston provides support as part of the Continuum of Care. They have information on providers that provide everything from fee vouchers to pay for a motel to short term rental assistance in a crisis. Other support may be permanent housing placement, shelter, legal aid for housing court, and anything required by tenants.

Also, the homeless may receive rehousing assistance, including vouchers for a night or so in a local motel, money for rental or utility deposits, and placement into shelter. More on Houston Eviction Prevention and Rapid Rehousing.

Houston Volunteer Lawyers is at 1111 Bagby Street, Houston, TX 77002.Dial 713-228-0735 for free legal aid. Low to moderate income families, including those that rent property, may receive free legal aid or representation. They help with housing discrimination, can represent tenants in housing court, offer landlord-tenant mediation services and more.

Harris County Housing Authority (HCHA) runs the section 8 voucher program in Texas. Grants are used for paying a portion of rental costs. The government affiliated agency can also help place residents into low income or rent subsidized apartments, help with home buying, and provide referrals. There is a waiting list for this rental assistance, with priority given to seniors and the disabled. Address is 8933 Interchange Dr., Houston, Texas 77054, dial 713.578.2100

  • Another option is the Housing Authority of the City of Houston, which also runs the section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program for the city only. There is also an emergency service for the disabled and elderly. This PHA is at 2640 Fountain View Drive, Houston, TX 77057. Call (713) 260-0600.





Outreach Center from My Brothers Keepers- Care Ministry is located at 12713A Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77099 as well as 12621 Bissonnet St, Houston, Texas 77099.. Phone - 281-498-9933. Provides limited rent assistance. A partial payment may be available for Harris County families facing homelessness. Seniors, the disabled, and other working poor may qualify.

Waller Assistance and Restoration Ministry offers assistance with rent, housing, and basic needs. ddress is 40070 US-290 BUS, Waller, TX 77484. Phone (936)372-5173. Emergency rent assistance may be offered from time to time, to tenants with an eviction or pay or quit notice,. There is also housing help for immigrants and/or migrant workers.

West Houston Assistance Ministries is a wide ranging charity/social service agency located at 10501 Meadowglen Lane, Houston, TX 77042. The western part of Houston is covered by the charity-church. One time rent or mortgage help, assistance for immigrants and other housing resources are offered. For those that go through one on one case management, there may be financial help for paying rental arrears issued the same day or other housing costs. Also get information on legal defense services and other aid. Dial (713) 780-2727 or (713) 977-9942.

Women In Poverty provides rent, utility and other assistance to women. Call (713) 882-3640. There is help for single moms, women fleeing domestic violence, and migrant or Spanish speaking women. Grants for rent, clothes, food, transition housing and more is offered. They work to stop homelessness of women in Harris County. Or find other back rent assistance for single moms.

Brentwood Community Foundation is a non-profit with a main address of 13033 Landmark St, Houston, TX 77045. Call 713-852-2551 or (713) 852-2559. Assistance is for income qualified people living with HIV/AIDS as well as their immediate family members. Rent help, transitional housing for men, mortgage programs, and support groups are available.

City of Pasadena Community Development Department has referrals to federal government homeless prevention and rehousing programs. This includes ESG grants to pay rent, lease application fees, and other costs to rent an apartment. Location is 1114 Davis Street, Pasadena, Texas 77502. Phone (713) 475-7294

Alliance of Community Assistance Ministries (ACAM) of Greater Houston has limited services. They only give referrals to their partners in Harris County that will assist with rental needs. There is also information on programs that help pay mobile home lot rent in Harris County. Call (713) 640-5192, Charity is at 710 North Post Oak Road, Houston, Texas 77024.




There are several churches that help the poor, homeless, immigrants (documented or not) and vulnerable. Whether it is a few dollars to pay some rent or free blanket for the homeless, or assistance for immigrants or short term housing, they try to help people in the region.

  • Saint Joseph Catholic Church only offer rental help to low income and/or struggling tenants with kids in the zip codes of 7007, 77008, and 77009. The church is at 1505 Kane Street, Houston, Texas 77007. Call (713) 222-8903.
  • St. Pius Catholic Church is at 824 Main St, Pasadena, Texas 77506. Financial assistance for rent, utilities, moving, and more at most once every 12 months. Call (713) 473-9484
  • Christian Rescue - The Power Of Life Fellowship Church helps people in the zip code. A few dollars for rent money, spiritual counseling and more from 3229 Hadley, Houston, TX 77004. Call (713) 659-7750
  • Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Main address is 3826 Wheeler Avenue, Houston, TX 77004. The social services, which will help with rent if possible, and housing center is at (713) 748-5240.

Additional non-profit and government rent relief in Harris County

Tenants who are struggling, and that may evicted, have other places to turn to for rent assistance. There is The Way Home, which is a partnership or local organizations that offer financial help and rehousing. Or call (713) 739-7514 for referrals.

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