Emergency assistance from Houston Catholic Charities.

The poor, low income, disabled, and elderly in Houston as well as Harris County can all receive help from Catholic Charities. Several qualifications will need to be met, including income thresholds and most financial assistance programs will also require individuals to receive ongoing case management and social services. Basic needs, housing and food assistance is one of the primary programs offered by the Houston Catholic Charities centers. Other resources can provide rent help, housing, job finding services, and much more to Harris County families.

Regardless of your religion, culture or background, the non-profit Catholic Charities may be able to offer assistance to victims of domestic violence, the homeless, and the battered who are in need of emergency assistance and/or temporary housing. They also help immigrants and Spanish speakers or Mexicans. A limited amount of financial assistance for paying bills or basic needs may be provided in the Houston Texas area. Clients can access food, Educational Workshops, and Information and Referrals to non-profits and other programs.

Catholic Charities programs for seniors in Harris County

Seniors in Houston and Harris County have access to several unique social services and programs. They can look into transportation to doctor and medical appointments, grocery shopping and other important trips. Many seniors can also benefit from free programs that address education, spiritual support, counseling and referrals.

Other volunteers and services from Catholic Charities can help ensure elderly have safety and companionship, and these may include referrals for companionships and other volunteer services and monitoring via phone calls and home visits. Also look into information, referrals and applications for community resources and non-profit programs. These can also help with government benefits and maybe even emergency financial assistance, including help around the holidays. There are also church loans for paying bills, which seniors can use.





The qualifications for the elderly include they need to be age 60 or older, living alone, frail, and live in the greater Houston or Harris County Texas area. Seniors can call for specific service areas and resources that are available.

Financial help for rent, bills, housing, and other expenses

Housing is offered by a resource known as Villa Guadalupe. This program provides transitional shelter to single women, parents and/or women with up to 3 children, provided they are aged six or younger. Applicants also need to be behind on their rent or faced with imminent homelessness.

When this occurs, Catholic Charities can provide shelter and transitional housing in Harris County Texas, while a social worker works with the woman to find a more permanent solution. The low income housing program/shelter was designed so that each woman lives in their own private room. However some facilities may need to be shared, such as a kitchen, laundry or living area.

As part of the longer term services offered to find permanent housing, caseworkers will work with the parent to provide job preparation assistance, individual and group counseling, day care assistance, crisis intervention, transportation assistance, and also advocacy services and referrals for immediate basic needs. Read more job training programs.





Emergency assistance can be provided. This will include food, rental, utility and prescription medication assistance. The demand for this type of help is high, and the Houston area Catholic Charity centers have limited funding. So they do their best to help individuals and families in crisis, with a focus on the most vulnerable and at risk in the community.

The Guadalupe Center runs a Rental Assistance Program. This service is primarily focused on low income families in a crisis situation. Social workers and case managers from the center and Catholic Charities work with families during this time to help them locate jobs, access job training programs and also locate and settle into stable, permanent housing.

A client of the non-profit may be eligible for one-time rental assistance (1 month's rent), electric and utility bill assistance and case management and counseling services. The Rental Assistance Program utilizes both case managers and counselors to work with clients over a 3-month period so that clients can get back on their feet.

Last, but not least, Basic Needs Services are provided to the less fortunate, and are staffed by volunteers and caseworkers. These representatives will meet with the applicant and complete the initial assessment, make referrals to community services or federal government programs, and provide emergency/supplemental food assistance from Houston and Harris County food banks that partner with Catholic Charities. Click here for details on Harris County Texas food pantries.

Another key resource is disaster recovery, which may be able to provide both short and long-term emergency assistance to the needy. Case Management Services can also be administered for disaster and non disaster clients.

Catholic Charity case managers offer several services, including providing the applicant with a comprehensive in-home assessment. The applicant and the specialist will work together to develop an individualized service plan to meet the applicants needs, both over the short and long term. This assessment will include a review of the individual’s financial, functional, medical, mental health, and social needs.

Help for immigrants in Houston from Catholic Charities

Refugee and immigration programs are run too. The program assists both immigrants and refugees with all aspects of resettlement into the state of Texas and ensures that they are offered appropriate assistance during this period. Whether offering financial or government assistance for bills, or legal advice on the various challenges they will face. There is advice and assistance for migrants in Harris County too.

Examples of some services offered include assistance with Medicaid and Social Security certification, apartment location and assistance; coordination of school enrollment for children; orientation; transportation assistance; job development; health checkups; financial assistance; after school literacy and skills training services, employment placement, maintenance and career laddering assistance. The ultimate goal of the Catholic Charity services is that refugees achieve self-sufficiency in the Houston Texas area through employment.





Harris County Catholic Charities also tries to get immigrants and newcomers work or some form of employment, whether with a company or online job. This also includes critical skills, even including English as a Second Language or computer classes if needed. Other support includes GEDs, tips on resumes and more. Find a list of online jobs from home for immigrants.

Catholic Charity locations in Houston and Harris County

Several churches are parishes are part of the Harris County Catholic Charities organization. Each tries to help the less fortunate and needy from the community.

  • Guadalupe Center, 326 South Jensen, Houston, TX, 1-866-649-5862
  • Moran Center, 2615 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas, 1-866-649-5862
  • Texas City Office, 2000 Texas Ave., Suite 500, 409-942-4267. Or dial 409-948-0405 for the Basic Needs Program.
  • Beacon of Hope in Galveston, 6811 Stewart Rd., Galveston, TX, 409-762-2062
  • Bolivar Peninsula Office, 945 Noble Carl Dr., Bolivar, Texas, dial 409-572-2147
  • Or dial the toll free number at 1-866-649-5862.

By Jon McNamara

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