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Get free legal advice in Texas.

There are three primary organizations that provide free legal advice or representation to families as well as lower income individuals in Texas. Seniors as well as other vulnerable, low-income residents, such as the disabled, can always get assistance regardless of their income, and find free legal help in Texas below. The lawyers from the firms all proudly provide free civil legal services to eligible low income residents, the disabled as well as senior citizens across the state, with all advice in Spanish as well.

All three law organizations are I.R.C. Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax exempt Texas Corporations. They raise their funds from a variety of sources, but they primarily include the Legal Services Corporation, the United Way, and the Texas Access to Justice Foundation. The free lawyers, pro-bono and volutneer attorneys in Texas also accept private donations and grants from both private as well as other government agencies.

While each of the free law non-profit law firms in Texas listed below will have its own assistance programs in place, in general all three operate a telephone intake service and they also conduct community face to face visits. There will be appointments held at several locations throughout the specific part of Texas that they serve. Find details on the legal services they offer, as well as their contact information below, and how to meet with an attorney.

Get free legal assistance for housing issues in Texas

This often includes any legal issue that people may have with their home or apartment. The organizations will provide free legal assistance to clients in order to prevent homelessness, keep their homes safe, offer foreclosure counseling, support people with landlord issues and more. Some examples of the legal advice that individuals can get include help with:

  • Eviction prevention, including representation in a local Texas housing court.
  • Foreclosure prevention advice.
  • Referral from City or County Housing Assistance Programs.
  • Free legal services can assist with Landlord/Tenant issues alleging unsafe or unhealthy housing or even evictions.
  • Property tax issues that may lead to loss of homestead.
  • Predatory lending and foreclosure scams. Lawyers offer free advice in dealing with these lenders, including payday loan companies that operate in Texas.
  • Code enforcement defense to save homestead.
  • Unsafe apartments or rental housing.




Consumer legal advice

Free legal assistance is offered to help people deal with many of the financial issues they deal with on a daily basis. So the term consumer often refers to debts, unpaid loans, and certain housing issues. The cases covered include the following.

  • Bankruptcy, Debtor Relief, and help in dealing with illegal debt collection practices.
  • Contracts and warranties that are not adhered to.
  • Unfair credit card terms, bills, and interest rates.
  • Federal and state of Texas Income Tax Controversies.
  • Collection (Including Medical Debt/ Repossession / Deficiency / Garnishment of wages).
  • Illegal Collection Practices / Creditor Harassment. If a debt collector is contacting a Texas resident, there are state laws in place to protect the family.
  • Credit Access.
  • Predatory Lending and Foreclosure Companies.
  • Payday Loans, High interest rate loans, and other questionable or predatory lending practices are a specialty of some of the free, non-profit law firms in Texas.
  • Unfair Sales Practice.

Lawyers help with social and economic assistance in Texas

Attorneys who are responsible for cases that fall into several areas of practice including consumer, tax law, real estate, and civil litigation will provide advice. The objective is to ensure that families in Texas have access to the financial assistance programs they need, and that they do not have their benefits unfairly denied or terminated.

Staff from the multiple law firms that operate in Texas will help the client apply for state and federal entitlement programs. They will ensure that the household gets all the benefits that they qualify for. Lawyers provide free advice and support in applying for SSI disability, section 8 housing, SNAP food stamps, and many other benefit programs. If a case has been denied, a review will take place.





Family law and domestic violence

This will usually focus on legal services being offered to victims of domestic violence. In addition, lawyers will be available to focus on protecting, preserving, supporting, and stabilizing the lives and rights of families. In particular, they focus on what remains of families that may have been ripped apart by tragedies and / or domestic violence. Lawyers in Texas can help with:

  • There is free legal aid for filing a divorce in Texas, which may involve an imminent threat of family violence.
  • Issuing protective orders where there has been violence or physical abuse.
  • Help with divorce involving collecting child support.
  • Child support enforcement.
  • Paternity lawsuits.
  • Legal advice to help with adoptions.


Lawyers can help clients with both preserving and protecting access to health care. One of the more common requests is applying for the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare in Texas. Attorneys are involved in helping clients with their health care benefits, dealing with insurance companies, medical bills and debts, and they can assist with programs for the elderly and low income. Some of the legal services and representation offered can help with legal matters including:

  • Medical or health care insurance eligibility or claim denial by an insurer.
  • Denial of indigent health care benefits by a government agency in Texas, a health care facility, or hospital district.
  • Denial of government Medicare or Medicaid eligibility, reimbursement or services.
  • Lawyers give advice to help people preserving or obtaining home health care benefits.
  • Ways to stop nursing home evictions.
  • Information on how to receive affordable or free medical or dental care from clinics.

Employment legal services

Clients can receive counsel from attorneys that can help them with protecting employees rights in the workplace. These pro-bono law firms, volunteer attorneys in Texas and organizations can also ensure that access is provided to benefit programs for the unemployed, unskilled, as well as the underemployed.

  • Unlawful termination’s is a big issue that many individuals need legal support on.
  • Wage claims in TWC adjudication or judicial review.
  • Agency or internal reviews of employee grievance or termination.
  • Employment discrimination or racism in Texas.
  • Employee benefits, such as health care or severance.
  • Assistance in dealing with disputes over full or part-time employment status.





Government programs in Texas and Federal Public Benefits

Those low and moderate income persons that are eligible for either federal or Texas government programs can get help. Attorneys will provide legal assistance and advice so that the most needy members of our community can take advantage of these public offerings.

  • Get help in applying for Unemployment Clams and Compensation.
  • Social Security survivor, retirement or dependents issues.
  • SSI disability claims, including denial of an application.
  • Social Security and SSI disability termination’s if continuing benefits paid.
  • Food Stamps and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).
  • Attorneys help with reviewing county and local government assistance programs in Texas.
  • Help with transitional child care and Medicaid, other welfare to work issues.

Free legal aid for elderly and senior citizens

Receive free legal assistance in Texas in dealing with issues affecting the elderly, senior citizens, and retirees. They usually need help with issues including health care, abuse, medical and hospital bills and debts, Medicare, and nursing home problems.

  • Insurance claim denials.
  • Unsafe nursing home conditions and evictions can be addressed in Texas courts using a non-profit law firm.
  • Health insurance and medical bill reimbursement program denials.
  • Health program coverage denials. A lawyer will assist with applications to Medicare for the elderly or disabled.
  • Home health care or Community Based Alternatives denials.
  • Legal support for Medical billing errors or fraud.

Individual legal rights

This will ensure people, including documented immigrants, have access to our fundamental institutions and government programs at the federal, state, and local levels. The state, or federal government, can never deny an application based on age, race, or religion. Many immigrants in Texas often seek free legal aid for these issues.

  • Alleged discrimination.
  • Pauper’s access to court. People, including the poor, are entitled to representation.
  • Environmental justice.
  • Civil Rights violation.

Who to contact in Texas for free legal assistance

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas serves the western, central and northwest part of the state, including Dallas, Abilene, Lubbock, Fort Worth, and more. A focus is on housing issues, including offering free legal support in stopping evictions and dealing with landlords in the region. But other services are offered too. Contact them at 888-529-5277.







Lonestar Legal Aid provide free legal advice and services to the eastern and Gulf Coast regions (southeast) parts of Texas, including Houston and Galveston Texas. Contact them 800-733-8394 for more information or to apply. Or for more details on their services, read more on Harris County Lone Star legal.

The group that aids residents of residents of Southwest and Southern Texas is RioGrande Legal Aid. They are another nonprofit organization that provides free legal services and can be reached at 1-888-988-9996.


By Jon McNamara

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