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Texas free dental community clinics.

Get help with your dental needs from free or low cost dental clinics across Texas. Families that meet the income guidelines in place may receive free care. Others will be billed based on a sliding fee scale. Numerous forms of financial aid as well as charity care are offered by the centers near you, and it can change based on location.

The type of service available will vary. Many centers offer just cleanings while others provide more complicated  care, such as root canals or surgery. Some of the dental clinics provide free services, while others may provide care on a sliding fee. Or many may offer a combination of the two. Most locations will also accept some type of insurance, whether government Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act (ACA insurer)s, or private health insurance plans. Many dental centers offer some type of care for the uninsured as well.

If a clinic near you in Texas can’t meet your needs, then they may have referrals to other dental providers or dentists that offer the care you need or that may be located closer to you. Call the center in Texas near you for more information. They may also be able to refer you to other resources or nearby clinics. Or at the bottom of this page is a statewide referral number as well.

Texas sliding fee clinics by county

A number of clinics and centers are listed on this page. However you can also find dental clinics and health care centers that may be located in your town or county. Most of the major counties are below, or continue all the way down the page for even more free dental assistance.





Amistad Community Health and Dental Clinic Incorporated
Corpus Christi, Texas 78469
Phone number - (361) 884-2242
Dental care is offered along with other medical services, including primary healthcare, referrals, pediatrics, and counseling.

Atascosa Health Center
Pleasanton, Texas 78064
This is a federally qualified health center that provides dental and medical care for the uninsured.

Barrio Comprehensive Family Health Care Center, Inc.
San Antonio, TX 78220
(210) 434-0513

Brownsville Community Health center
Brownsville, Texas 78520
(956) 548-7400
Serves Cameron County and the surrounding area of Texas. Several sites are around the community, and offer pharmacy, dental care, lab work, and radiology.

Cactus Health Services
Sanderson, TX 79848

Brazos Valley Community Action Agency, Inc.
Bryan, TX 77802
Dial - (979)595-1700
Dentists, clinicians, and medical professionals offer a number of dental programs and services. Options include fillings, extraction’s, cleanings, general check ups, and oral exams. Patients with Medicare and/or Medicaid, private health insurance, low income, and uninsured can all get help.





Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe El Paso
(915) 532-9639
El Paso, TX 79925

Centro San Vicente El Paso
El Paso, TX 79915
Health center phone number - 1-877-415-5106
This clinic/family health center is funded by the federal government and Texas agencies. Numerous health care services are offered.

Chambers County Public Hospital District #1
Anahuac, TX 77514
Basic care is offered. Even those Texas families without health insurance, or who are underinsured, may receive free or low cost dental care, depending on the available resources at this facility.

Community Action Corporation of South Texas
Alice, Texas 78332

Community HC of Lubbock
Dial the clinic at - (806) 767-9744
Lubbock, TX 79401
Numerous free or low cost dental programs are offered at this facility. Many of them are on a sliding fee scale for Lubbock Texas patients. Access financial aid for paying dental bills, counseling, and other services.

Community Health Centers of South Central Texas
Gonzales, Texas 78629

St. Paul Childrens Center
Tyler, TX 75702
Phone - (903)531-9455
This clinic provides pediatric dental and medical care to children in need. The dental clinic is open 4 days per week.

Community Health Development, Inc.
Uvalde, TX 78801
They partner with numerous local non-profits, charities, government entirteis, dentists, and other medical providers to provide preventative and treatment for dental care.
Dental exams and other services are offered on a sliding fee scale, so people pay what they can afford. They also accept Medicaid and other insurance.

Community Health Service Agency, Inc.
Greenville, Texas 75403
(903) 455-5986

Cross Timbers Health Clinic, Inc.
De Leon, Texas 76444
(254) 893-5895





Dallas County Hospital District
Dallas, TX 75235
Services offered by this hospital include dental care, specialty medical care, other professional services, and primary medical care. Hundreds of patients from the Dallas County Texas region get their dental needs met here.

East Texas Border Health Clinic
Jefferson, Texas - 75657
Telephone - (903)665-7625
Preventative care and other aid is provided.

East Texas Community Health Service
Nacogdoches, TX - 75961
The Center offers adult and pediatric dental services, and the help currently provided focuses on preventive, emergent and restorative dental assistance. A pharmacy and other medical care is also offered.

Dallas County Hospital District
Dallas, TX 75235
Telephone number - (214)590-0153
Services offered by the community clinic include dental care services and other medical aid.

Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic
Dallas, Texas 75212
Obstetrical and Gynecological Care, Dental Assistance, and Primary Medical Care is also offered.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Clinic, Inc.
Dallas, TX - 75315
Low cost dental clinic, cleaning, exams. Sliding fee scale for bills. Other services include extractions, fillings, cleanings, partials, attention to dentures, bridges and crowns.

Mobile Dental Unit
Dallas, Texas 75235-7721
Phone - 214-590-0153
Mobile Van Dental Clinic. It visits communities and towns around the central and Northern Texas region.

North Dallas Shared Ministries
Dallas, Texas 75229
Dental Clinic is on site, which includes Adult Extractions and Gum Disease care.





The Stewpot Homeless
Dallas, TX 75201
Telephone number - 214-746-2785
Multiple dental operations are run to help people meet their dental needs, if they have decayed teeth, dental problems, or other concerns.

Parkland Health And Hospital System
Dallas, TX 75235
Dial - 214-590-8000
They run over 10 Outreach Patient Dental Care (COPC) facilities in the region.

Baylor College of Dentistry Clinic
Dallas, Texas 75246
A wide variety and so called full range of comprehensive dental treatment is offered for those who have needs. Dental students perform the services. In addition, Baylor's Dentistry Clinic also offers an Urgent Care Emergency Extraction Clinic to extract (pull) teeth on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Fees charged are less then you would find at a full service dentist.

Bluitt-Flowers Health Center
Dallas, Texas 75216
Various medical services are offered including Pharmacy, Dental care, Laboratory, Radiology, Social Work, TDHS, WIC, Adolescent Medicine Specialty and more.

DeHaro-Saldivar Health Center
Dallas, TX 75211
Dental care is offered by this Texas Department of Health and Human Services Organization.

East Dallas Health Center
Dallas, Texas- 75204
Nutrition, Psychology, Social Work, WIC, and low cost or free dental care provided.

Community Dental Center of Carrollton Farmers Branch
Dallas, TX - 75234
This is a non-profit dental center providing quality dental care for uninsured and low-income patients. Reduced rates for low-income children and families are offered.
Additional forms of payment are accepted including Medicaid and CHIP accepted. Very low rates are also offered for uninsured.

Mission East Dallas Dental Clinic
Dallas, TX - 75228
This clinics was created by numerous churches and other charities, including St. Pius X Catholic Church and Casa View Baptist Church.
It helps meet the dental and health care needs of very low income uninsured/underinsured residents in the community.

El Centro de Corazon
Houston, TX - 77011
Various clinics and their phone number - Eastwood Clinic: 412 Telephone Rd. Houston, TX 77023 (713) 926-6229 (713) 926-9105 Fax Magnolia Clinic: 7037 Capitol St. Houston TX, 77011 (832) 494-1610 (713)  928-9561 Fax Navigation Clinic: 5001 Navigation Houston, TX 77011 (713) 926-1849 (713) 926-4244 Fax

Fourth Ward D.B.A Good Neighbor Healthcare Center
Houston, Texas 77007
Various dental services are offered, including fillings, crowns and bridges, dentures and partial, exams, cleanings, and much more. They also can refer patients to specialists.

Harris County Hospital District
Houston, TX 77054
Call (713) 873-2000
Supports the low income and indigent in the Houston Texas region. Many senior citizens, children, and uninsured patients receive medical and dental assistance. Receive Oral Surgery, oral cancer screenings, root canals and more from dentists and volunteers at the medical center.

Healthcare for The Homeless - SEARCH Clinic
Houston, TX 77002
An on site Dental Clinic is offered for people who have marginal housing, minimal income, live on the streets, and/or no health insurance.

Houston Area Community Services, Inc.
Houston, Texas - 77098
Main phone (713) 528-5667

Houston Community Health Center - Denver Harbor Clinic
Houston, TX 77020
Dental Services
The clinic provides quality dental and health care, including cleanings, exams, dentures and crowns, and overall high quality medical and dental care. Both children and adults can get help.

Legacy Community Health Services
Houston, Texas 77006
Confidential care is offered, and specialized treatment.

Motherland Clinic Houston
Houston, TX 77018

South Central Houston Action Council, Inc.
Houston, Texas 77033
A local health and dental clinic.

Spring Branch Community Dental and Health Center
Houston, Texas 77055
(713) 462-6565
This center is staffed by volunteer and professional dentists, doctors, and other health care professionals. Cleanings, extractions, and other services are included, some at a reduced cost for the low income and uninsured.

Mobile Dental Unit
Houston, Texas - 77054-4124
Call 713-566-6515 for intake.
Mobile Van Clinic. Dentists and hygienists can actually provide care, cleanings, and check ups from this location.

San Jose Clinic
Houston, TX 77252
Students, volunteers, and other professionals provide quality dental, medical care, and social services. A dental family clinic is on site.

Amistad Community Health Clinic Incorporated
Corpus Christi, TX 78469
(361) 884-2242
Medical and dental services are offered.

North Central Texas Community Health Care
Wichita Falls, Texas 76301
Dial for help - (940)322-4297
Various groups have partnered together, including Midwest Dental, North Texas Area United Way, Community Healthcare Center all offer low cost or free dental care.





Community Mobile Dental Van
Wichita Falls, TX 76301-1152
Mobile Van Clinic.

Barrio Comprehensive Family Health Care Center, Inc.
San Antonio, TX 78220
(210) 434-0513
Pediatrics dental care is offered. Infants, young children, and teenagers can receive free or low cost cleanings, fluoride and other services.

CentroMed Somerset Dental Clinic
San Antonio, TX 78069
(830) 429-3582
The location is a nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Center that provides people with dental care and helps them meet their needs.

San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic Inc.
San Antonio, Texas 78207
Dental clinic number - (210)220-2320
Free Dental Services offered by the clinic include Health Education, Exams X-rays, General Dentistry, Oral Cleanings, Fillings Extractions and much more.

Mental Health Association In Greater San Antonio
San Antonio, TX 78230

Centromed South Park Dental Clinic
San Antonio, TX 78211-3213
This Federally Qualified Health Center provides primary medical and dental care.

CentroMed Southside Dental Clinic
San Antonio, Texas 78221
(210) 334-3780
The non-profit clinic offers primary dental and medical care, behavioral health services, nutritional services, and they are a Federally Qualified Health Center.

CentroMed Walzem Dental Clinic
San Antonio, TX 78218
Offers referrals, check ups, and other support to underinsured and income qualified Texas patients. Some faced with poverty may receive free dental assistance.

La Esperanza Clinic, Inc.
San Angelo, Texas 76901
Provides high quality primary and preventive health and dental care services to the very low income.

La Esperanzas Health And Dental Centers North Clinic
San Angelo, Texas 76903-2207
Permanent low cost dental center.

Brazos Valley Community Action Agency, Inc.
Bryan, TX 77802
People with Medicaid and Medicare, private insurance, no insurance, or low income can get dental care including fillings, cleanings, sealants, oral exams, and more.

Community Health Dental Clinic
Bryan, TX 77801-3423
Permanent low cost or free dental clinic.

Bryan College Stat. Mobile Dental
Bryan, Texas 77802-3127
Mobile Van Clinic.

Travis County Healthcare District
Austin, TX 78702

Community care Rbj Dental Clinic
Austin, TX 78702-5240
Phone - 512-978-9895
A so called permanent dental clinic. for the residents of Travis County and the greater Austin Texas region.

Manos De Cristo Austin
Austin, TX 78751
Preventative dental care and assistance provided.





Barrio Comprehensive Family Health Care Center, Inc.
San Antonio, Texas 78220
(210) 434-0513
A full service health and dental provider, including pharmacy, lab work, and other aid.

CentroMed Somerset Dental Clinic
San Antonio, TX - 78069
(830) 429-3582
Dental and Medical Clinic. Call the phone number provided for details. A federal funded dental community clinic.

San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic Inc.
San Antonio, TX - 78207
The San Antonio Christian Dental Community Clinic offers a wide range of quality and low priced dental services. Free Dental Services offered to those in need Include: Xrays, Exams, General Dentistry, Oral Health, Cleanings, and other aid.

Mental Health Association In Greater San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas 78230

Centromed South Park Dental Clinic
San Antonio, Texas 78211-3213
CentroMed, which is funded by the federal government, offers primary medical and dental care. They are a federally funded clinic.

CentroMed Southside Dental Clinic
San Antonio, TX 78221
(210) 334-3780
Federally Qualified Health Center that is both a Free or Low Cost Dental and Medical Clinic.  Non-profit, also offer nutritional aid.

CentroMed Walzem Dental Clinic
San Antonio, Texas 78218
Dial 210-651-1050 for help with dental bills and needs.
Dental Clinic is run with various fees. Many are low cost.

Pasadena Health Center
Pasadena, Texas - 77506
This dental center offers adult and child/pediatric service from simple dental exams to more complex restorative care. Various forms of payment are accepted, including they take Medicaid dental plans and also accept private health insurance. Dental care is also offered at a discount on a sliding fee scale.

Community HC of Lubbock
Lubbock, TX - 79401

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Lubbock, TX - 79430
They run a Community Dental Clinic. Low income and individuals facing poverty can get help. Others supported in Texas include the elderly. Check ups, free cleanings, and other aid is offered by students and dentists checking their work.

Arnett Benson Medical & Dental Clinic
Lubbock, Texas - 79415

Community Health Center Of Lubbock Dental Mobile Unit
Lubbock, TX - 79401-3209
Mobile Van and Dental Clinic.

Chcl Community Dental Clinic
Lubbock, TX 79403-4404
Call the clinic at - 806-687-6259
Receive dental and medical help from this Permanent Dental Clinic. A number of screening, services like extractions, cleanings, and other aid is provided by dentists. A sliding fee scale is in place.

Community Health Service Agency, Inc.
Greenville, Texas 75403

Chsa Dental Clinic
Greenville, TX 75401-4511
Phone - 903-454-6965

Su Clinica Familiar
Harlingen, TX 78550
Health center number - (956)428-9653
The needy and disadvantaged in Texas can save money on their dental costs from variable rate billing and sliding fee scales.





Chambers County Public Hospital District #1
Anahuac, Texas 77514

Nuestra Clinica del Valle, Inc.
San Juan, Texas 78589
Dial - (956) 787-0787

If a community clinic for dental care is not near you, or they do not provide the assistance you need or that address your families requirements, then get more information from a free referral number. The Dental Lifeline Network in Texas can be reached at 855.293.0119.

By Jon McNamara

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