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Medical programs for uninsured and free health insurance Texas.

People in Texas who have no health insurance, or have a low income, can get medical care as well as free government health insurance policies. The state works in partnership with the federal government and non-profit organizations to provide care to the low-income, under or uninsured families. Locate free health insurance in TX below as well as how to get low cost medical care for the uninsured.

There are several main programs available to those who qualify. The services provided vary, and can range from free prescription medications to resources that focus on children or cancer patients. There is also free health insurance for the low income in Texas from the state’s equivalent of Medicaid. Adults, seniors, and kids in TX can all apply. While some of the care is provided for free, in some cases patients will need to pay a portion of the cost or some fairly minimal fees or deductions.

With the ever increasing medical bills and costs that consumers are facing, these free or low cost resources may be able to help qualified families in Texas access the care they need. Whether a free health insurance plan from the government or non-profit help, be sure to explore all of the options available to you.

Free dental and healthcare resources for uninsured residents in TX

The Texas Breast and Cervical Cancer Diagnostic Program is offered at over 200 clinics and health centers. Women who range in age from 18 to 64, who lack health insurance, and who meet certain low income guidelines may be eligible for free testing, screenings and diagnostics. The objective is to find any cancer as soon as possible and then to direct women to medical providers that can offer assistance. Call 512-458-7796 for the locations of non-profit health centers and clinics that participate.

  • If someone has been diagnosed, then explore treatment through the federal government created Medicaid assistance for Breast & Cervical Cancer. It will help pay for cancer treatment for eligible low income and also underinsured or underinsured women. The phone number is 800-252-8263

A resource known as Special Health Care Needs is available for qualified children with specific conditions, including cystic fibrosis. The state and non-profits will arrange to provide either lower cost or free medical care to children who meet program guidelines. Call 800-252-8023.




CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) is the Texas health insurance plan for children from low to moderate income families. It will generally provide coverage for people who do not qualify for any other government or public aid. It is a form of free Medicaid for kids as well as teeangers.

The assistance program is wide ranging, and it will provide office visits and regular checkups, free prescription drugs, access to medical specialists, hospital care and services, x-rays and lab tests, mental health care, and treatment of pre-existing conditions. Other maybe non-emergency issues are also addressed from CHIP, and this can include dental care as well as free eye exams and glasses. Call 800-647-6558 or 877-543-7669

HIV/STD fund in Texas from the Ryan White program. Low-income people with HIV and/or AIDS can get low cost health insurance or some free medical. This includes prescription drugs, transportation, case management and outpatient health care too. Call 800-255-1090.

  • Medical programs, including Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS, is offered nationwide. The federal government helps Texas pay for this service, and it will provide support and housing to HIV/AIDs patients as well as their immediate family members. Information can be offered on various health care options as well as part of this resource. Get help with establishing or maintaining a stable living environment in decent, safe, and affordable housing, and learn about other services available. Call 737-255-4300.
  • HIV Medication Program -THMP can provide patients access to needed drugs for their condition. Call 800-255-1090.

Kidney Health Care Program is a form of medical assistance for residents with End-Stage Renal Disease and serious kidney issues. Main number - 800-222-3986.

Free homecare for the elderly is provided by PACE in Texas. It helps seniors as well as the homebound stay in their current home or apartment vs. needing to go to a nursing home. The free program is for people on Medicare, Medicaid, or that are uninsured. Grants can pay for medical needs as well as a caregiver. Dial 800-925-9126.





MEDICAID Texas is a free health insurance plan for the low income as well as uninsured. The program is paid for by the state of Texas as well as federal government. It will help pay medical bills for children, families in or near poverty, the unemployed, seniors, and disabled among others. All sorts of care is provided by this free health insurance program, including vision, dental, immunizations, and more.

Medicaid can also provide free health or dental insurance for individuals or families who are out of options and who have explored all other resources. It is an option for immigrants, the uninsured, low income or jobless. It is basically federal government and state of TX sponsored health insurance. It does require patients to make co-payments that pay for a portion of their prescriptions, hospital, doctor bills, etc. Phone 800-925-9126.

  • Texas Medicaid also covers some basic dental care, including free cleanings, extractions, dentures for seniors or the unemployed and more.  A combination of free or low-cost medical benefits are provided for dental needs, including dentures that are full or partial. More on Medicaid free dentures programs.

Medicare premiums and other bills can be paid too. This will be for seniors or the disabled who already have Medicare. Anyone who is uninsured, and older, can also look into this Texas health insurance plan. It can cover prescription drugs, co-pays, premiums, and other medical costs. Call 512-424-6500 for details.

Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP) as well as the Texas iCanConnect program help the disabled communicate. It is for those with insurance or who are uninsured. It will help them get computers, free telephones, video chat systems and use technology for communication reasons. It can even help them pay some of the bills. There are other telephone bill assistance programs in Texas too, or dial 210-929-1335.

The Vaccines for Children Program operates statewide and in many major cities such as San Antonio. It offers free or reduced price medications for children who come from underinsured or families with no health insurance. Patients will need to stop by local community clinics or medical providers in order to enroll and receive their medications. Dial 210-207-3974 or 888-777-5320.

Texas Health Information, Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP) provides the low-income and seniors information on low-cost as well as free health insurance policies. Get tips on Medicare plans, including Part A through D, as well as assistance applying. Consumers have a few different plans to choose from, and each will come with its own fees and coverage limits.

Counselors will get free advice on how the state and federal government will try to provide affordable medical care or free health insurance policies for people who were previously denied due to pre-existing medical conditions. However it can provide assistance in the form of prescription medications, specialty services, primary care, information on long term care for the uninsured and even reimbursement and coverage for hospital stays. Call 800-252-9240.





TTAP helps the disabled get the mobility equipment they need. The program is known as Texas Technology Access. There may be crutches, wheelchairs, vans or cars that are modified for the disabled, ramps, as well as other home improvements. It can help those who are disabled (physically or mentally) lead a more active life. Call 800-828-7839. Or find additional government transportation for the disabled.


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