Free community clinics in El Paso County Texas.

Free or low cost community clinics in El Paso Texas offer patients a broad spectrum of primary care healthcare services. Some of the clinics also offer basic or advanced dental care. One of the goals is to give low income patients their core preventive medical and health services, ranging from check ups to immunizations and more. Free care from community clinics is for the low income, adults, children, immigrants, and anyone in need.

Note some centers bill a patient based on their income. The El Paso County region has several free community clinics as well as health and dental centers that can offer the low income and uninsured either lower prices on their medical care, or potentially even free health care. The assistance is based on income levels. There may also be prescription drugs, free eyeglasses and other aid.

El Paso clinics offer a number of programs and services, and each facility will have its own terms, conditions, and resources to help the disadvantaged. In general, many of the centers may be able to provide primary health care services for you and your family. This may include physical exams, pediatrics, care for chronic/acute illnesses, treatment for illnesses/injuries, immunizations, laboratory/x-ray services, diagnostic studies, limited radiology, prescription drugs, and many other family medical practice services. The community clinics in El Paso will also tend to have a variable rate or sliding fee scale in place which in effects provides health care at lower prices. Or patients can also seek other medical bill and debt assistance.

Barahona International, LLC
Location - 201 W. Main, Suite B
Fabens, Texas 79838
Phone number of this center is (915)764-4321





First Baptist Church – Very basic services. However they can refer individuals to other social service programs and local charities.
805 Montana Ave.
El Paso, TX 79902
Call - (915)533-1465

Centro De Salud Familiar La Fe Inc. – This is one of the leading low cost/free health centers in the El Paso Texas region. They have several locations around the county (listed below) and offer medical care, dental services, programs for your child, and more. The amount a patient will need to pay for care at these local community clinics can be based on their household income.

  • 815 E. Yandell
    Address - El Paso, Texas 79902
    Phone number - (915)351-1557
  • 700 S. Ochoa
    El Paso, TX 79901
  • 1505 Mescalero
    Address - El Paso, TX 79925
    Call (915)772-3366 for hours or an appointment.
  • 560 Lisbon
    El Paso, Texas 79905
  • 1313 San Antonio
    Address - San Elizario, TX 79849
    Phone number - (915)851-5519
  • 1713 Banker Road
    Canutillo, Texas 79835
    Dial - (915)231-4370





La Clinica Guadalupana
Location - 901 Ascencion
El Paso, TX 79928
Main phone number - (915)852-3328
As with most of the medical centers, low income immigrants (legal or not), Spanish speakers and the indigent can also be patients. There are emergency medical services, diabetes treatments and medications, pediatirc care, general medicine and more from this free clinic.

Montwood Family Medical Center East Location – This organization also has multiple locations around the county, as indicated below.
3022 Trawood
El Paso, Texas 79936

Montwood Medical Center Northeast Location/North Park Medical Center
9311 Diana Street
El Paso, TX 79904
Phone number - (915)751-2448
A wide range of services are offered. Physicals, medications, dental work, lab work, and various other health care services, some of which may be free for the uninsured and those faced with poverty.  They can also provide referrals to specialty care if needed.

Montwood Medical Centers /Vinton Medical Center
Location - 7920 Doniphan Drive
Anthony, Texas 79821
Call the center at (915)886-3399

Project Vida
Address - 3612 Pera
El Paso, TX 79905
Health center phone number - (915)533-7057

Sun City Medical
Address: 2931 Montana Suite No A
El Paso, TX 79903
Phone number of clinic is (915)562-4246
The community clinic can offer various free medical care programs to those who are struggling.

University Medical Center of El Paso Montwood
Location is 12135 Montwood Suite 115
El Paso, Texas 79936
Call the University health care clinic at (915)790-5700





Texas Tech University Health Science Center
Address is 4801 Alberta AVE
El Paso, TX 79905
Call 915-215-5200
There are vision and hearing tests, physicals, and pediatric exams. Well child services are arranged too. The charity can also offer referrals to other sources of free eye glasses or exams.

Texas A&M Center for Housing and Urban Development
Address: 106 Peyton Rd
El Paso, TX 79928
Phone number - 915-852-2245
They operate a free clinic for the uninsured and undocumented, including immigrants. The clinic will offer blood screening, checks for cancer or diabetes, and free prescription drugs. There are also UTI and prostrate tests in El Paso County along with other medical care.

El Paso Outpatient Clinics - Texas Veterans Commission
Location is 2400 Trawood Dr
El Paso, Texas 79930
For information, call 915-217-2428. They support veterans only.


By Jon McNamara

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