Boston Society of St. Vincent De Paul programs.

Boston St. Vincent De Paul will focus on the most vulnerable in the community, such as homes with children as well as senior citizens. Hundreds of families turn to the non-profit every year for food or meals from a pantry, or clothing from a thrift store type center. Case managers can also direct income qualified families to financial support in Suffolk County Massachusetts for paying the bills, however this is very limited.

There are three main focuses on Boston Society of St. Vincent De Paul and the Venetians, and they range from hunger and homeless prevention to case management. The true objective though is to help people so they are in position to provide for themselves in the future. This will involve case management.

The Society of Boston Food Pantry is widely used. The location offers meats, fresh produce, dairy products, canned goods, maybe baby formula, and also household staples to clients. The pantry is client choice. So this means that during a visit the individual will be given a cart and encouraged to select the foods which then need. They can chose from the shelves on those groceries that are right for them and their family, rather than receiving a pre-packed box of items they may not even use.

Hunger prevention services, such as the pantry or applications to SNAP food stamps, are available to all low-income residents. Seniors citizens can inquire into the low cost meals on wheels service too. Each client household may receive food a limited number of times per year, as the resources are limited. The amount of groceries passed out is dependent on family size and special needs.

The center will also have holiday staples. So this means that during the fall and winter, clients may expect to see special food baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas meal preparation. There may also be some small gifts offered to those homes with children in Suffolk County.

All clients of the Saint Vincent pantry will be greeted by a volunteer who will answer questions. They will go over the process with the person and also give them a cart to use to shop. As noted, the person is free to choose the foods they want from what is available.

Clothing banks and thrift stores also offer items, often in combination with the food from a pantry. Many people that are struggling to buy groceries also need help with acquiring clothes for work or school for their child. So the locations will either sell at a low cost, or pass out, winter coats, school uniforms, and other gently used clothing items.




In a crisis, Emergency Needs can be met. This is based on donation levels, which includes money raised from the community or goods that have been donated to Venetians. This also relies on partners such as the United Way as well as annual government grants. Examples of services are as follows.

  • Funds to help pay a portion of rent or mortgage payments.
  • Move in costs, such as rental or utility deposits.
  • Voucher for prescription eyeglasses and maybe even volunteers can assist with car repairs.
  • Applications to benefits such as food stamps or LIHEAP, among other programs.

The Society of Saint Vincent Society in Boston does not provide assistance with needs that can be met through other assistance programs, and the applicant needs to have no other options available to them. Applicants must show that they have minor children living at home that are at risk, or that they are senior citizens or are disabled. Income and other restrictions are in place too.

Residents of Suffolk County can inquire into applications for the Federally-funded Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The federal government will offer once-a-year assistance in paying natural gas, electric, heating, wood and propane home energy costs. Eligibility and assistance level based on gross monthly income, household size, and various other program priorities.




People may also be referred to the Boston one-stop community financial resource center. This will offer support to help clients grow and prosper. Financial coaches as well as credit counselors from non-profit agencies help people create step-by-step plans to address needs and achieve long term goals by providing tax help, credit repair, applications to public benefits, connection to banking services, and information on paying down debts. Staff are dedicated to working with clients to achieve lasting financial stability.

Breaking the cycle of poverty often starts with the children, so services from St. Vincent in Boston and partners are focused on them as well. This includes programs such as Head Start or vouchers to day care for parents that are working or in job training. Everything available will emphasizes social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Child and family development provides low-income parents and their children with comprehensive health as well as education services. Families in the city of Boston and suburbs are supported as they make positive changes in their lives, and the goal is to have the children benefit from that as well.

Requests for help to St. Vincent De Paul Society in Boston can be sent to their site, and Venetians will determine the next step.




By Jon McNamara

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