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Websites for free stuff.

There are some legitimate websites that provide free stuff, including cash rebates, prescription medications, make-up, clothes, household goods, Christmas toys and thousands of other items. None of the sites or apps have sign-up fees or other costs involved. Using the websites we provide below, and combining that with other information on this site, it is possible to get freebies from websites, including stuff for your family, money, cash back rebates, and other items.

Most people will agree that life just keeps getting more expensive. It's safe to say that at times like this, everyone loves the chance to get free stuff. Low income families or even bargain hunters are seeking giveaways as well as deals. Using the websites we provide below, and combining that with other information on this site, it is possible to get free items, money, cash back rebates, and other stuff online.

How to get free stuff online?

Finding freebies, whether in a retail store, from a charity or online, seems to be quite a challenge, however as there can be some scammers out there. We have some legitimate apps as well as website solutions for you and your family that give away freebies.

There are tons of online offers for free items, but how do you know which ones are legit? What precautions do you take? How do you avoid scams or fraud line? Check out this list featuring some of the most trusted places to find free stuff online:

1. Free cash rebates from Swagbucks (and other companies including Rakuten/

Swagbucks is a prominent online rewards program that was featured on Good Morning America as well as other websites and publications. There are other similar companies too, including Rakuten (formerly known as and others. The concept behind Swagbucks and their competitors is very simple--users can earn points by watching videos, taking surveys, or shopping. Points can be redeemed for gift cards to loads of popular places including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and eBay. Find how Rakuten helps low income families.

Users can also make donations to charities or redeem their points for cash ($100 Swagbucks equal $1 and cash is transferred to the user's PayPal account). That cash can then be used to pay the bills, rent, or take a vacation. Really anything you want! Find a list of other online rebates sites.




Swag codes" are a way to earn instant points - you can find the codes in a variety of places like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Downloading the Swagbucks app, or one of the others such as Rakuten/Ebates, makes it easy to earn rewards as well as free cash while out shopping. Turn on the notifications to get alerts telling you where to find those valuable codes. Read more on how to get free stuff from Swagbucks.

As noted, there are many free websites in the cash back industry. Each provide certain retailers to shop at, cash back awards, incentives and other programs. We have reviews of cash back sites to help you understand the industry better, as well as the pros and cons of them.

2. Free prescription medications from websites

There are several online as well as smart phone app resources available. Note that most of these websites that give freebies or vouchers, such as, are income based. Therefore the free prescription drugs are only for low income families, struggling senior citizens and/or those with limited or no health insurance plans. The websites are a combination of charities or non-profits, such as We have a separate section for these assistance programs, and read more on websites for free prescription medications.

3. Craigslist fir freebies

This one is well known. Craigslist is a fantastic place to find a vast array of free items. Some may be lower quality, but it is possible to stumble upon some gems too! Perhaps the most popular website among avid deal seekers, Craigslist is broken up into numerous categories that make it very easy to find exactly what the consumer may be looking for.

The user-friendly site features a "free" link under the "for sale" heading, so visitors can browse through all the free stuff in the area. You can also use the search box to find specific items. Just like you can use the search box at the top of to find financial aid, free food pantries, grants, and more. Craigslist users can snag great items like exercise equipment, furniture, home décor, toys, and appliances, among many others.





4. Free Coupon Websites

Anyone can get a free coupon online, or to be printed at home. There are several large ones out there. They provide free printable at home coupons, rebates, gift cards, apps for iPhone or Android and other ways to both make money or save. The websites will also be easy to search with often tens of thousands of deals out there. Find a list of websites to use for coupons.

5. Freaky Freddie's

Freaky Freddie's website is very similar to Craigslist, as it gives freebies but also shows free online deals and savings. Visitors can browse by category or use the search box to find specific items. Unlike Craigslist, however, the Freaky Freddie's home page displays the newest daily deals. This page updates throughout the day with numerous special offers and freebies. Freaky Freddie's also offers a "free stuff daily surprise". The daily surprise usually links to an outside vendor offering free samples of their products or services. Which leads us into….

6. Freebies Alerts App

The company pulls information from / consolidates samples, products, items and free stuff from other websites. It in effect provides people one place to go to learn about what is available in their community. The free to download and use app aggregates information from multiple platforms, websites, smart phone apps and other sources, with no commitment or fees needed from users. Get details on the Freebies Alert app for free stuff in your area.

7. Free money making and saving websites

There are apps for your smartphone as well as associated websites that allow you to make extra cash online or save money. They in effective monetize what you are doing on a daily or weekly basis. There are different types of apps out there as well as services. So it is possible to make extra funds with very little effort using these websites as well as money making Android and iPhone apps.




8. Free stuff from product testing websites

Many different companies, retail stores, manufactures and e-commerce sites either (1) pay people to test products or (2) give away free stuff to the testers. Some do both. The companies use websites and apps as part of this process.

People can get paid online to test cosmetics, electronics, sample food, personal products and more. Or the companies give testers freebies or gift cards. Learn about free product testing at home.

9. FreeSamples

FreeSamples combines links to numerous companies offering free samples of their products. The offers update each day and the website is neat, organized, and user-friendly. Simply click on the offer that interests you and you'll be linked to the manufacturer offering the free samples, such as baby stuff, cosmetics, games, clothes and much more, most of which are sent in the mail. Look here for more information on how to get free samples.

\A wide variety of goods are represented on FreeSamples, from food to cosmetics to video games. You can also snag free offers from restaurants, like a free sandwich from Arby's or a slushie from Sonic. The site is

10. FreeCycle – An online charity with free stuff

Want to also do some good in this world? FreeCycle is a non-profit organization focused on reusing and repurposing items, ultimately reducing the amount of waste in the world. Membership to this website is free and users will be directed to their own local groups, which are all moderated by volunteers in the area.

Members of can browse through all offers or search for specific items. In addition to finding great freebies, FreeCycle is also a great place to unload your own unwanted items. A "wanted" tab displays specific items that other members need--you can use the search option to find someone who needs whatever you are giving away. Learn more on the FreeCycle community.





11. Ipsos iSay

Ipsos iSay is a legit, unique website because it offers both (1) free products and also (2) money-making opportunities. The "get paid" category of this website boasts legitimate work-from-home opportunities and other ways to make money from home, like trying out products or taking surveys.

While Ipsos iSay is a wealth of great information, it's slightly less user-friendly than some of the other websites in this list so there may be a learning curve for some people The clustered layout is a bit chaotic and this makes it harder to sift through the offers.

The neat thing about Ipsos iSay is their handy compilations of links for a variety of other subjects. There is also an online community in which people share tips, ideas, and other legitimate places that giveaway freebies. For example, the "travel info" tab offers helpful information for planning a trip, including links to airlines, car rental agencies, luggage manufacturers, and a variety of other travel needs. A "food and recipes" tab offers visitors links to top-notch food websites and excellent recipes.

12. Freeflys

Freeflys is a trusted website featured on reputable shows such as The Today Show, The Doctors, CBS and ABC News. This is an excellent place to find free samples of grocery and personal hygiene supplies, including cosmetic items. The site features five main categories--food, beauty, children, health, and other. Freeflys also makes it easy to share your favorite deals with friends. Each offer features buttons for social media sharing, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Freeflys.comWebsites for free stuff

13. Free Christmas gifts for kids - ToysforTots

During the holiday season the US Marine Corps sponsors a nationwide Christmas toy collection drive. Millions of kids from low income households, immigrants (including illegal), single parent families and others are given free Christmas toys. The website is known as Toys for Tots and the registration process is done online.

All sorts of free items are provided, based on donation levels. There may be clothes, shoes, video games, tablets, computers, trucks, books, dolls, and much more. Everything will be new and unwrapped. All of the free toys from this website are gender specific and go a long way towards helping children from less fortunate families.

14. Mr. Free Stuff

Mr. Free Stuff has a cute, neatly organized website chock full of the usual freebies, but it also offers links to great deals as well as free coupons sites or apps for special occasions. The "birthday freebies" section contains dozens of links to special birthday offers from popular restaurants and eateries. Free pizza, milkshakes, and pretzels are just a few of the offers you'll find.

If you are planning a vacation, then the "free things to do" section contains lists of the best free activities in a variety of popular cities across the country as well as world. Of course, Mr. Free Stuff has plenty of free offers for popular items like groceries and beauty products.

15. Only Free

The website Only Free is a great choice for anyone looking for legitimate free sample offers, no matter the use, age, gender, or race of the shopper. Every offer on the site is double-checked by co-founders in an effort to avoid scammers.

The founders as well as their team also offer reviews on some samples they have used, as well as convenient sections detailing the editor's top picks and latest deals. Visitors can browse through free samples, coupons, freebies from companies, and special giveaways.







16. Bzz Agent

Bzz Agent is a great way to receive free products, but it requires a little bit of work on your end. Bzz Agent helps market products through the "word-of-mouth" method--your words, to be exact. The whole experience is fairly simple.

Start by signing up for a Bzz Agent membership (which is free). Next, you'll answer a bunch of survey questions so they can learn about your interests and find the products that are a good fit. Eventually, you'll receive an invitation to sample a product. Once you receive it and try it out, you'll need to write a review that will then be shared via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, or your own personal blog). You get to keep the product in question, and the more you participate, the more products you'll receive.

17. Income Taxes

Some corporations provide software as well as free websites to consumers so that they can file as well as prepare their income taxes for free. Turbo Tax, Intuit, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), AARP, Liberty, H&R Block and other providers have free online tools that families have all incomes can use. The websites will also offer advice as well as tips on all matters. Find more details on free income tax filing websites.

18. Websites that negotiate bills for free

Anyone looking to save money on their recurring monthly bills can use companies such as or among others. The services are free to use, and you only need to pay them a portion of what they may save you each and every month. All sorts of expenses can be negotiated using these websites and companies, ranging from Cable costs to insurance, TV, and more. Continue with free bill negotiation services.

The free websites are legit, but always use common sense

Many of these websites have been featured on news segments. They are legitimate sources of free stuff, coupons, surveys, and other items. They are also regularly checked to ensure that offers are legitimate and the site is free of scammers.

That being said, as with anything in life, however, there are certain precautions you should take whenever searching for freebies or items online. Never provide sensitive personal information like social security numbers or banking information. Some offers may require you to submit your email address in order to create a membership--if you're not comfortable doing this, simply skip that offer or use a “back up” email address which is always a good idea. It's also important to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date. Remember to read any "fine print" associated with free offers. If you invest just a little bit of time in any of these websites, you're sure to enjoy the benefits!


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