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Free samples.

Learn how to get free samples in 2024. Find companies, online websites, retail stores and other places that provide a free sample of a product. There are a variety of items given out, including cosmetics, a new, fragrance, snack, baby supplies or electronics. Find where to get a free sample below.

Locate apps, including in the Apple Store or Google Play, as well as other places to look for free samples - whether online or near you. There are clothes, make-up, pet supplies and samples of countless other items. In this consumer-driven world, product sampling is a smart way for companies to introduce their latest offerings and for consumers to try before they buy.

A number of companies offer free samples to people to try or provide feedback on, and there are apps, websites, and other places to look for samples in 2024. Or some corporations pass out free samples of a new product in order to build up excitement. The point is a number of manufacturers, online retailers or other stores give out free items to new or existing customers.

Free samples allow you to try out products without making a financial commitment. Companies hope that by giving you a taste of what they offer, you’ll be inclined to make a purchase this year, or maybe your friends will buy the items. It's a win-win for both parties - you get something for free and they get to advertise their products.

Where to get free samples in 2024

From cosmetics and cleaning supplies to food products and magazines, there’s a vast array of items available. If you can think of a product, there’s probably a sample for it. Some sites or apps focus on samples and products that are typically aimed at women, such as cosmetics and health products. Others have free make up, food products, infant or baby supplies (even diapers or formula) and more.

Online Free Sample Directories and apps for Apple iOS or Google are available, most of which are updated daily during 2024 with free samples, products, and other stuff daily. Many of these websites have partnerships with corporations and affiliate agencies. They are free to use, do not require any payments and do not have surveys and give free samples any anyone who wants them – while supplies last.




  1. SampleSource: One of the most popular sample directories, SampleSource allows you to try products from top brands. Sign up for an account, pick the samples you want, and they’ll be mailed to you. The sites lists free samples in categories like food, beauty, and children’s products. It's simple to navigate, and you can also sign up for their newsletter to get updates.
  2. Baby supply samples for free: There are a number of companies that provide free baby stuff, including samples of formula, diapers, wipes, hygiene supplies, clothes and more. The goal is to give out free sames now in hopes the growing child or parents becomes a long term customer. A directory gives information, and locate free baby samples and stuff by mail.
  3. PINCHme: This website requires you to create an account. After you’ve filled out your profile, they’ll send you a box of samples catered to your interests and preferences. The company provides a wide variety of free products, samples and more in the mail.
  4. Smiley360: Smiley360 is slightly different service, but they do give out free samples. As a member, you'll receive missions to complete in exchange for free products. Missions usually involve sharing your experience with the product on social media. The site is
  5. Holiday stuff: Free Christmas samples, toys, clothes and even food is offered. A major focus is on mailing potential, future customers items for Christmas so they can sample them and hopefully purchase. Locate free Christmas gifts and toys by mail.
  6. Influenster: This company mixes social media, influencers, and tries to build a buzz for the free samples that they mail out. Influenster sends out free VoxBoxes, which are boxes full of full-sized products for you to try in exchange for your honest reviews. The box will have products including cosmetics, beauty items and skincare to snacks and household items. Sometimes the free boxes of samples are themed or tailored to specific brands. Find how to get Influenster free samples.





    7. Freebies Alert - The app provides immediate information on free samples near you, items listed online or other stuff. A combination of local, in person sample persons are given out as well as the apps lists stuff from neighbors, local companies and others. Find Freebies Alert on Google Play and Apple store.

    8. BzzAgent: Major brands give out stuff to try using the niche BzzAgent site. This is another word-of-mouth marketing network. Sign up, and they will send you products in exchange for sharing your opinions through reviews and social media posts. Try the site at

    9. Sample A Day: This website is aggregator. Same a Day is a straightforward site that lists new free sample offers every day. They do the legwork of finding legit free samples, so all you need to do is visit the site and choose the ones you’re interested in. They focus on giving out free samples of beauty products, food, and health items.

    10. Freaky Freddies: Freaky Freddies is one of the oldest and most respected free sample directories. They offer a vast range of categories and update their list of samples daily. They also have a newsletter, so you can receive the latest offers directly in your inbox.

Remember that while all these websites offer free samples in 2024, it’s essential to read their terms and conditions. Sometimes you might need to complete surveys or share posts on social media as part of the deal. It’s also a good idea to set up a separate email address for signing up to these services to avoid cluttering your primary inbox. Happy sampling!

Retail Loyalty Programs give free samples to shoppers or “loyal” customers of a store. The sizes of the products they give out are generally small, but all the stuff is free for calendar year 2024.

  • School supply samples: In an effort to ensure all students and kids have something for the school season, stores such as Target, Wal-Mart and others provide free back to school items, samples and supplies. Registration is normally required as well as applications, with the samples sent in the mail. Locate free school supplies by mail.




  1. Enfamil Family Beginning: The company provides a variety of assistance programs and sample services. Get free samples of baby formula, coupons to save money on diapers or Enfamil, and special offers when you sign up for their Family Beginnings program, either using their website or app.
  2. Sephora’s Beauty Insider: If you’re a makeup enthusiast, Sephora’s Beauty Insider program is a must. Members earn points with every purchase, which can be redeemed for high-end product samples.
  3. Ulta’s Ultamate Rewards: Similar to Sephora, Ulta offers a loyalty program where you can earn points to exchange for products. They also have a “Gift with Purchase” section on their website, where you can find current free sample offers.
  4. Abbot – Similac: The infant formula manufactures has free samples and baby stuff from the Similac StrongMoms Rewards program. Get free food, wellness products, coupons, samples of Similac formula, and prenatal nutrition guidance.
  5. Amazon Prime Samples: If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can search the website for free samples. Many companies offer small sizes of free items that will be shipped out the next time you shop with Amazon. While it purchase is needed for the main order, free stuff will be sent at the same time.How to get free samples

Signing up for free samples or loyalty program from a company typically involves creating an account on the website or platform offering them. You’ll need to provide basic information such as your name, address, and email. For some programs, you may need to fill out a profile or questionnaire regarding your preferences.  In limited cases, companies also pay people to test products, and learn how to apply for paid sample testing.

Some loyalty programs may require in-store signup. For instance, to join Sephora’s Beauty Insider program, you can sign up online or visit a Sephora store and sign up with the help of a sales associate.

Conclusion - Anyone can get free samples this year

Getting free samples in 2024 is an exciting and economical way to try out new products, especially for low-income families or single mothers. Remember to read the terms and conditions for each program or website, as some may require you to pay shipping fees or complete specific tasks to receive your samples.


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