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Websites to help find lower priced or free prescription drugs.

Millions of consumers are struggling with paying for prescription medications. Luckily numerous websites, Internet based services and other tools are available to help patients locate free or discounted medicines. There is everything from coupon sites to programs that provide updated, real costs of a certain medication that is needed for a medical.

Many of the resources can also offer other ways to get affordable health insurance that include prescription drug coverage as part of their coverage. These resources benefit everyone, but people who have limited or no health insurance plan may be able to save a significant amount of money.

A number of websites will help connect patients to numerous types of prescription assistance programs and other non-profit organizations. These groups as well as the programs that they administer will allow consumers to get prescription drugs either for free or at a discount. There is often no cost to sign up for these services.

Many of the websites are targeted at people who have lower or moderate income or who lack health insurance. They can even support families like receive assistance from the Affordable Care Act. Donations from drug makers, pharmaceutical companies and foundations usually fund these programs.

Below you will find a sampling of websites that can help.

The organization Needymeds connects people with over 11,000 health care clinics that offer qualified patients free or discounted health care. In addition, you can locate information on assistance programs that are currently offering direct financial aid to patients with a specific or chronic disease. More information on needymeds. This web site has links to numerous drug maker-sponsored assistance programs, including Pfizer, Merck, Elli Lilly and others. Consumers can also find an extensive list of frequently asked questions, an information section and other tips on how to save on health care and drug costs. It is a comprehensive website that focuses on a number of medical care programs.
 This group, known as the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, was created by the the pharmaceutical industry. The industry has combined resources in an effort to help the low income as well as indigent. This is the primary resources that they use to distribute assistance to the millions of Americans who need help with their medical bills. More on Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps save money on medications.

Coupons to save on medications. Believe it or not, but now people can save money on their medications with coupons. The services are free, and their is no cost to obtain them. A site, has coupons that range from $50 or more to help consumers save money on expensive prescription drugs.

In addition, individuals can also locate coupons that can help them save a little as a few dollars off nonprescription medicines. So the savings add up for any item that a household may need as the coupons can be applied other health care products and medications. Find free prescription discount coupons. A resource that has data and links to thousands of prescription assistance as well as other government benefit programs. It guides people through the application process, and it will advise patients on when to resubmit enrollment forms and how to follow up to ensure success. The website also contains information on a variety of other tips and tricks to ensure successful enrollment.

Most pharmaceutical companies also have their own websites for patient assistance programs or they allow in person enrollment at a doctor’s office or hospital. Savings are on generic or brand name medications. Continue with pharmaceutical company patient assistance programs.

 Many times a patients may be discussing their needs with their doctor, and at that point they realize that they can’t afford to pay for the medications. This can often put the family in a difficult binds. RXhope is a non-profit charity organization that requires doctors and other medical professionals to apply for its prescription assistance programs on behalf of their patients. So ask your doctor about this service. Learn additional information on rxhope.

Discount drug cards are offered by The non-profit organization known as Together Rx provides access cards to people with limited health insurance. There is also support for uninsured people or those on Medicaid or Medicare.

The cards are free to acquire, and tens of thousands of pharmacies around the country accept them. They provide immediate savings of anywhere from 20-50 percent on over 300 different prescription medicines that are covered, and pharmacies located around the country accept it. There is no cost to a consumer to sign up or use these discount cards. Continue with TogetherRX. - This site will allow patients to compare prescription drug prices that are offered by pharmacies that are located in their local area. Medtipster also has some additional resources that are targeted at low income or uninsured people. Another goal is to support senior citizens as well as the disabled, as they often need more costly drugs.

The site has links to other, unaffiliated organizations that provide free or discounted prescription drugs. It includes information on everything from clinics to individual corporations. So it is a wealth of knowledge to lower to moderate income patients and uninsured individuals.

In addition, the site will help people find nearby ''mini” health care clinics, which can provide vaccines and other basic medical care to people who can’t afford their medical bills. Medtipster is therefore a website that is “one-stop” shopping.

These clinics will help those consumers who want to avoid a big medical or hospital bill, who don't have a family doctor, or who need some type of health care outside normal doctor hours. The centers can be used by families that want to avoid a long wait in a hospital emergency room. However they are usually only open during the week.

These people can use these clinics for many medical problems including such issues as ear infection, a bad sprain, pink eye, a basic check up, or respiratory problem. Many of the clinics on the website also offer medications, screenings for allergies, blood sugar, information on low cost prescription assistance programs, thyroid function, and cholesterol screening. Prices usually are listed on the site as well for easy comparison.

Blink Health offers a free application for Android and Apple Phones. The tool will search online  for the lowest price available for a certain prescription medications. It is possible to save a significant amount of money using this app. Some of the savings may be as high as 95% off the retail price for a certain prescription drug. Both generics and name brands are part of the service.





It is free to both use the website as well as to use and download the application to your phone or table. The tool is also used to locate other sources of medical benefits. More on Blink Health discount programs.

ScriptSave WellRx is an automated tool that scans thousands of online deals, websites, and other resources. The goal is to help patients find the most affordable medications for their condition. A discount card is also available and can be used at over 60,000 pharmaceutics. The site is searches local pharmaceutics for the best deal. Compare prices as Wal-Mart, CVS, Target, Walgreens, and countless other pharmacies; even “mom and pop” independent shops. They also verify all stores as well as websites to eliminate scams and fraud.

By Jon McNamara

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