Assistance from RX Outreach.

Rx Outreach is an extensive prescription drug assistance program (PA) that offers substantial savings as well as free medication to those who need help. The program has added more than 100 drugs to the nearly 300 generics that it now offers and it will provide them for free to anyone with a U.S. address whose income is no greater than 300 percent of the federal poverty level.

Express Scripts offers Rx Outreach, and it is a generic prescription drug assistance program that offers almost 400 medicines in about 45 therapeutic categories to low income families, seniors, and others who need help. Many of the medicines that Rx Outreach provides for free or on a discounted basis are not those prescriptions that are available through the highly advertised $4 generic programs offered by many major retail chains. While costs due vary by medication, however the prices are low and over 150 medications are available in a 180-day supply for only $20.

RX Outreach is a free program

Maybe best of all, there is no membership fee that is required for using the RX Outreach program. Clients will not need to pay any membership costs either. However when they do order medications there will be a small administrative fee charged to offset shipping and packaging costs.

Any individual of any age can use Rx Outreach assistance program as long as he/she meets the income guidelines. The program is 100% free. Also, since its inception way back in 2004, the Rx Outreach program has helped almost half a million people get the medications that they need at an affordable, discounted or free price. In a typical year over 50,000 individuals across the country use and benefit from this service. The RX Outreach program offers prescription medicines to both underinsured and uninsured individuals and families, as well as those who have limited prescription drug coverage on their health insurance plan.

To sign up for the Rx Outreach, patients just need to complete a simple, quick application and then mail the application in with the valid prescription from their doctor or healthcare provider. No additional supporting documentation is required to join the program, and there are no membership fees.





Programs terms and benefits

A number of conditions need to be met and the program is closely administered. A non-profit charity organizations currently oversees the program and sets the conditions that need to be followed. Some of the benefits include the following.

Those who are enrolled may be able to transfer their current prescriptions to Rx Outreach, so they can save money when they need to reorder their existing medications. Please note that your prescriptions must have enough refills for a 90-day supply in order to be able to complete the transfer.

If you have questions on the medications that you should or should not be taking, then a pharmacist is available to answer those questions about your medications. If you are enrolled and in order to get your questions answered, dial 1-800-769-3880.

Medications will be sent to you in the mail, sometimes using express services such as USPS. All packages are fully secured and handled by pharmacists, so shipping the goods is safe and efficient. Members will need to pay some minimal costs for this transaction. However the savings passed on to consumers is still very extensive, even when factoring in this fee.

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By Jon McNamara

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