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GoodRx discounts and coupons.

GoodRx offers people (regardless of their income) several different ways to save money on prescription medications, both name brand and generic meds. The company offers both a free discount card as well as app that is available on both Apple iOS as well as Google phones. GoodRx has everything from free coupons to rebate cards, information on pharmaceutical as well as patient discount programs and more. Find how to save money using GoodRx.

Anyone can get and use the card, whether they have insurance or are uninsured. The savings from the free discount card (or Android or iPhone applications) will not only apply to generic or brand name or generic prescription drugs, but also to pet medications or OTC medications such as aspirin, vitamins and supplements.

While the exact savings will vary, patients generally save 60 to 80% or more on their medications. Note in many cases the free discounts offered by the company can help you pay a lower price than your insurance co-pay amount. In fact, thousands of medications may be available for $5, $4, or even less.

Types of assistance programs from GoodRx

There are really three main services offered.

  • One of the main ones will be their physical, printable discount card which is free to get and use (note the savings/discount card can also be used as an app on your smartphone). Then just bring it to a pharmacy to save money.
  • There are also GoodRx coupon programs. This can be printed directly from their website, texted to a phone, and accessed in other ways. The coupon savings will be for medications as well as other personal hygiene or OTC products.
  • A free smartphone app is also available from both the Apple Store and Google play.

The app, discount card as well as coupon(s) can be used at tens of thousands of pharmacies across the US, ranging from Target to WalMart, CVS and even local “mom and pop” stores.




In addition to the savings mentioned above, GoodRX provides consumers information on everything from prescription as well as patient assistance programs to rebated offered directly by pharmaceutical companies. They have on their website a tool that can help a patient find the cheapest prescription drug near where they live. Or find a comprehensive list of programs for free medications.

What other savings are provided by GoodRx

GoodRx primarily focuses on providing discounts for prescription medications, but the range of products and services it covers has expanded over time. Here's a detailed look.

  • Medical equipment, including durable items and health care supplies: Some savings may also be extended to medical devices or equipment like glucose monitors, CPAP machines, blood pressure cuffs, etc.
  • Telehealth Services: GoodRx provides access to virtual healthcare services and telemedicine, including for mental health. This will enable users to consult with doctors, dentists, therapist and others online for various medical conditions. Or look here for free online therapy for low income patients.
  • Lab tests: GoodRx has partnered with some lab test providers, including Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp, to offer discounts on diagnostic and monitoring lab tests.
  • Specialty pharmacy products from GoodRX: The company may provide assistance with specialty medications, including those for complex or chronic conditions. They may help users find financial assistance programs or provide information on alternative savings options.
  • Mail-Order pharmacy services: For those interested in receiving their medications by mail and delivered to their home or apartment, GoodRx offers a low-cost mail-order pharmacy service, including to people on Medicaid, Medicare or that have no insurance.

Discount cards from GoodRx

They are free to print off their website. Or download the free Good Rx app to your Android or iPhone. The cards can be used at literally tens of thousands of pharmacies across the nation, ranging from major stores (Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, etc.) to local stores. Not only can the patient use it themselves, but the discount card can also be used by the entire household so the family can get savings on their medications. Millions of senior citizens and people on Medicare PArt D use the simple to use app or discount card as well.





While the savings will vary based on the type of prescription drug, the amount from a card can also be as high as 80%. It is available to both the insured as well as patients that lack health insurance. When using the GoodRX discount card, each person is given a group code, member ID, and a few other pieces of data.

GoodRX free coupons

This may be the main way people save money from the GoodRX assistance programs. Free coupons from GoodRx are available from multiple sources, including a mobile phone app. Or free GoodRx coupons can be printed right off their website or texted to your phone, and also email distribution lists. The coupons are also free to use as well as print up. In addition, the mobile app is free to.

Coupons generally provide the most savings, as there may be special GoodRx deals for even more then the typical 80% savings rate. It can be used by people with health insurance or that lack it as well. The savings provided will also vary based on whether a generic or brand name prescription drug is used.

Additional discounts and savings

The coupons as well as discount program are the two main programs used by their clients. But the company also offers other resources on their website. They can help shoppers find a pharmacy near them that offers the lowest price or that is most convenient. GoodRX also has information on various drug company patient assistance programs, which are also free for low income families.

GoodRx often has partnerships with free government qualified health centers and community clinics. Not only may using those centers provide free RXs to patients with no insurance or the low-income, but GoodRx will help with other medical needs as well. As their website is a wealth of information on insurance plans, government benefits and more. Learn more on what medical services a free clinic provides

Get the free GOODRX discount card

The bottom line is that prescription drugs are expensive for anyone, whether you are low to moderate income or have health insurance or not. GoodRx offers many different assistance programs that can help patients, no matter their income, save money. GoodRX covers the spectrum in who can benefit from their programs and they have a network of over 70,000 participating pharmacies.




Millions of Americans use GoodRX each month as well. The service (whether printed card, app, or texting) is also simple to use, which helps the elderly or disabled also save money. As noted, there is no cost to the card and it can help households save up to 80% on their prescription drugs. To get or download the free Good Rx discount card, visit to learn more or find programs in your area.


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