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Free Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Rural Health Clinics (RHC).

The federal government, working with states and local municipalities, funds a number of health and dental clinics across the US. Find how to get free or affordable medical or dental care from the nationwide Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQFC) program, or if you live in a rural community, there are RHC - Rural Health Clinics that provide services. The low income, uninsured, elderly, disabled, and even immigrants can get help. There is a link to clinics by state below as well as referral number.

These two programs are either partly or mostly funded by the government, which means the clinics needs to provide care to patients regardless of their income or health insurance status. The grants to pay for the rural clinics or qualified health centers come from the federal government, state, or local municipalities.

Federal government qualified health centers or rural clinics are non-profit/charitable community organizations that will provide quality primary care (including healthcare, dental, substance abuse and mental health services) for both the uninsured and medically underserved populations. No one is turned away, regardless of their ability to pay.

All sorts of free or affordable medical or dental services are offered. These health care centers will serve all people, regardless of their income, insurance status, and ability to pay the bill. That is one of the requirements for a clinic to have in order to receive government grants. They also assist patients regardless of their age, gender, or race. Over 1,000 of these free medical clinics exist across the country.

Help from community health care clinics

Most of these local Federally Qualified Health Centers or rural clinics will offer free primary health care to those in need, which means they will provide non-emergency, outpatient medical services. For more specialty work, referrals are given to other low cost hospitals, surgery centers, or outpatient facilities. Many government funded clinics have additional services, such as dental cleanings, pharmacy services, and mental health. The FQFC centers also try to provide affordable or free prescription medications.

Depending on the size of the staff at the center and funding, you will also usually find vision, x-ray, obstetrics, specialty referral and other free medical services at these community clinics. Contact the organization below in your state for more information on where you can turn to for free or low cost health care.

The federal government also offers free health care through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). This organization works directly with health care providers. More information on the Health Resources and Services Administration.





Government grants are also used to provide medications, and state as well as local government funded clinics may disburse them too. Or find how to get free or very low cost prescription drugs. Many agencies, programs, pharmaceutical companies and non-profits offer medications to the low income and those who are struggling.

The government funded rural clinics or Qualified Health Centers also offer free health, medical and dental supplies. This may be everything from wheelchairs (or mobility equipment) to eyeglasses, diabetic equipment and more. State and local centers provide this stuff to the low income and uninsured, with much of it paid for by the government. Find details on free items for healthcare and other needs.

Find Federal Government Qualified or Rural Health Care clinic

The list below is not all encompassing. There are thousands of more local clinics as well as medical or dental providers, some of which may be near you or your family. Some are reliant on state funds as part of the RHC or FQFC, and others are run in partnership with associations as well.  Find details on free clinics near you, and they may be another option for low income households or those in poverty.

There are also specialty low income dental care clinics. Non-profits and charities operate them in rural areas, some of which may be part of the government RHC program. Other dental centers may be in cities or suburban areas and operate as part of the Federally Qualified Health Centers grant program. Find free dental clinics for low income families. These are in addition to the resources below.




Alabama Association of Free Clinics  (205) 595-5959. Locate free community clinics in Alabama.





Arkansas Association of Charitable Clinics (AACC) 501-623-8850. Find a health care center in Arkansas.




Free Clinics of the Western Region 619-980-8128. Find details on California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho and Arizona clinics.



Community Clinic Association of LA County (213) 201-6500. Get locations of California clinics.



Clinic Tepeyac 303-458-5302. Get information on Colorado free clinics.



DC Healthcare Alliance (202) 842-5809



Florida Association of Free Clinics 305-592-1452. More on Florida community clinics.



Georgia Free Clinic Network 678.553.4939.  Find locations of Georgia free clinics.



Free Clinics of the Great Lakes Region 888-877-6769. Find clinics in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.



Iowa Free Clinic Association (515-271-1642)



Illinois Free Clinic Network (773) 395-9901. Find an Illinois health care center.



Indiana Association of FCGLR (219) 757-6272.
Locate free Indiana clinics.



Kentucky Free Clinic Association (859) 313-1109. Find free Kentucky clinics.



Louisiana Free Clinic Association (337) 593-9208. More on Louisiana free community clinics.



Free Clinics of Michigan (989)895-4830. Find a listing of community clinics in Michigan.



Minnesota Free Clinic Association (507)288-2295. Find more details on free clinics in Minnesota.



Missouri Association of Free Clinics (phone (816) 344-5201). Locate a Missouri free clinic and health care centers.



NC Association of Free Clinics (336) 251-1111. Locate a North Carolina clinic.



New Jersey’s Centers for Primary Health Care (CPHC)  1-800-367-6543. Get details on free community clinics in New Jersey.


Great Basis Primary Care Association of Nevada 775 887-0417. Locate information on Nevada community clinics.



Community Health Care Association of New York State  (212)-279-9686. Find a listing of free New York clinics.


Ohio Free Clinic Association (614) 221-6494. Find a listing of free Ohio clinics.



Volunteer Health Clinic Coalition (405) 246-5540. Get more details on clinics in Oklahoma.



Coalition of Community Health Clinics. Get more information on Oregon clinics.



South Carolina Free Clinic Association (803) 319-7962. Get a listing and details on South Carolina clinics.



Lone Star Association of Charitable Clinics (512-777-8929). More on Texas free clinics.



Virginia Association of Free Clinics (804) 340-3434. Find Virginia free community clinics.



Vermont Coalition of Clinics for the Uninsured (802) 289-2454



Free Clinics of Wisconsin (262) 632-2400. Many other medical providers operate in the state, and click here for WI free clinics.



West Virginia Association of Free Clinics 304-414-5941


All states

National Association of Free Clinics



By Jon McNamara

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