Find how Ebates can help families of all income save money on their bills.

Low income families and anyone living on budget can save money from the free Ebates service. The company partners with thousands of retailers to provide free cash back on any shopping that families do on their site or app. There are also coupons, discounts, and codes to use on the Ebates site for additional savings. Find how to use Ebates and how it can help you save money on your monthly bills.

The company has been operating since 1999, and since then millions of shoppers have saved hundreds of millions of dollars – over a billion dollars in aggregate. Working poor families, middle class Americans, and even the “rich” are customers of the site, and over 10 million people use Ebates. Using the service will allow them to save money on their monthly shopping bills, whether they are buying clothes, furniture, electronics, and even food. In fact, there are thousands of retailers that are part of the Ebates network.

How to save money using Ebates?

Be sure to keep in mind that the service is free to sign up for and use. There is no cost to consumers. There are zero up front costs, which of course make it even easier for families on a budget to use. We have been using Ebates for some of our shopping and there was one month in which we saved over $200. It is possible to save several hundred dollars per year on the site, and there are stories of some people either saving (or getting as cash back) way over $1000 per year. That extra money can go a long way towards paying the everyday bills, such as rent, a mortgage, or anything else. Ebates is also a great way for struggling families and others to save money on Christmas gifts as well as other events, such as birthday toys for kids.

Anyone looking to get cash back or to save money on their shopping has thousands of stores to select from. Ebates has the largest network of any rebate type site. Shoppers can save money on Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target, kids stores, clothing retailers, Best Buy, and thousands of other stores. Think about how much of a difference a family living paycheck to paycheck can gain, and how much money they can free up for helping with their bills, by using Ebates.





How to get started with Ebates?

The process is quick and simple. You can be saving money, getting rebates or cash back within minutes. You can use their android or IOS app, or there is also a website as well that can be used for desktop shopping. The steps to follow are below.

First of all, create an account. That can be done here.

Second, when you are ready to do any shopping, just log onto your ebates account.

Third, you will see links to different retailers. There are thousands of national, regional, and local stores. Just use that link (which goes to the store) to do your shopping.

Fourth, any cash back from the shopping completed (using the link in step 3) will be placed into your Ebates account. Or you will get a lower price.

It is that easy to save money! Or get free cash back! Ebates is free to use and sign up for. Our team has been using it for months, and we as a company and individuals have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars. There are also many examples of low income families doing their holiday shopping on the site to save money on their monthly bills, and the cash back deals also help single mothers as well as fathers.

There is also a “Refer a Friend” assistance program, which pays out money for any shopping a friend will complete. This can be yet another source of income for a low income family or anyone that is struggling. Get paid when others shop on Ebates.




The people on the team we have here at, who shopped using Ebates, was able to “redeploy” that cash back or saving to assisting with their other bills. Some people bought groceries for that month, others made a car payment, one person put the money into a bank account, and someone even used Ebates to help pay for a vacation! The service is a great way for any low income family to save money.


By Jon McNamara

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