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Information on free bill negotiation services and companies.

Bill negotiation services can help families save money. Professionals will negotiate your bills for you for free, on your behalf, to try to save you money each month. Find information and reviews of how companies such as Billfixers, BillCutterz, Billshark, Trim, and others may be able to help you save money on everything from your cable to TV costs, cell phone bills, and other household expenses. As you will see from these reviews, there are pros and cons to using these services, and some of what they offer you may be able to do yourself as well.

Note that the services are free to use. They will only charge you if they save you money. So, the only risk to using a professional from a bill negotiation service for assistance is you will need to potentially split any savings with them vs. benefiting from 100% of the savings yourself.

Types of bills that can be negotiated

They will handle “recurring” type monthly bills that you and your family may pay. However, there is assistance for one time type expenses as well, but these bills be different types of companies. Those will also be noted below.

  • Telephone bills can be negotiated, including cellular plans and landlines.
  • TV service is another cost that a bill negotiation service is experienced in dealing with, and they can help lower Satellite, internet costs and cable TV as well.
  • Credit card and other debts can be negotiated as well.
  • Home security costs.
  • Home ownership expenses, including landscaping, trash, babysitting, insurance, or pest control.
  • Medical bills are handled by other negotiation companies and contact medical billing advocates for help with medical and/or hospital costs. More information on services from medical bill advocates.





Other expenses may be handled by bill negotiation services as well. The list above is evolving, and Billsfixers as well as other companies, including BillCutterz, may handle requests on a case by case basis. Their customer service teams will make a decision on what they will review.

Reviews of pros and cons of bill negotiation companies including savings

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons to these companies such as Billshark. The services are available nationwide though, and before using a professional to negotiate your bills, it is always a good idea to be aware of the process.

The monthly savings can be substantial over time. As just one example, if you are paying say $200 for a cable bill, and a company negotiates a lower price of say $170, you will save $30 per month for multiple months if not years. Granted you may need to split some of the savings (for a short period of time) with the bill negotiation company, but you can still save money. The same thing can be done with phone bills, internet service providers, medical costs and more. This is a huge pro for using a professional company to negotiate, and it not only benefits a low income family but also middle class Americans too.

There are no upfront expenses. This helps reduce the risk to using a third party. Anyone who may be look into saving money will not need to pay any fees, charges, or other costs. This will obviously be a benefit of using a third party.

The only costs facing customers will be if a service such as Billfixers is successful. If they are, then you will need to pay them a portion of what they save you. There may be some flexibility around these prices as well. As an example, if BillCutterz or Billfixers (or another professional) saves you $50 per month on a bill you may need to pay them $25 per month; thereby splitting savings. This means the companies operate on a contingency basis; you only pay them if they save you money. Or a one time fee could be paid out as well.





One of the drawbacks to using a bill negotiation company is much of what they do you can technically do yourself. For example, many customers are able to call their cable TV provider and negotiate a better price. Or people call their phone or insurance company and ask for a lower rate, often be saying they will cancel the service unless the pricing is better. Therefore, a major con is if you outsource the process to a bill negation service, you may in some ways be costing yourself money.

Third party professionals often have higher success rates though. While each case is different, a major pro of bill negotiation services including Trim is that they tend to be successful over 90% of the time. This is probably much more success than the average person will have. However, they do tend to focus on certain types of costs, including internet, television, cell phones, satellite TV, and costs over $50 per month.

The phone numbers to apply at or learn more are as following. All calls and information is free. BillFixers - 707.532.4557; BillCutterz number is (855) 395-7283, and Billshark can be reached at 1-844-742-7543.

Anyone looking to save money on their bills should considering outsourcing it to a third party negotiation service. In general, there is no risk to doing this as the services are free. The only downside is you need to pay them a portion of anything they save you. But that would mean at the end of the day you do save money each month.

By Jon McNamara

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