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Medical bill advocates can help you save on medical bills.

Whether you have health insurance or not, a Medical Billing Advocate will save you money, time, and reduce the stress from having to deal with expensive, usually inaccurate health care bills. Their services are contigency-based, which means that advocates make money only when they save you money. If they do not directly save you money on your medical bills, then there is no cost to you.

They are highly trained specialists focused on assisting patients and consumers by ensuring they are billed accurately. They also can provide information on all of the various health and dental care options available to consumers. Medical Billing Advocates will review both your medical bills and insurance documents (if you are insured) for errors. In addition to that, they will assist you in better managing your total health care costs and benefits that you are entitled too.

Various forms of assistance are given. They will review all different types of medical bills and expenses, and work as your advocate to save you money. Studies show that over 80% of bills have errors, and they can help identify these. There are also issues that patients usually have with their insurance provider or government benefits, and Medical Advocates can help there as well.

While an advocate can also negotiate a bill, that is not always their main focus as they specialize in finding errors and inconsistencies with your account. However there are other professionals who specialize in negotiating medical and hospital bills. They deal with doctors, hospitals, and even the government bureaucracy. Read more on medical bill negotiators.

Services from Medical Bill Advocates

They will review every medical charge you have to ensure that all the costs are accurate and reasonable. Medical Billing Advocates will also audit, organize, and file all of your documents, bills and tell you who, why, and how much you should pay. This is done in an effort to ensure you do not pay a cent more. They serve as a Patient Advocate to ensure you are treated fairly, dispute claims, address billing errors, and file appeals. They may even negotiate the medical bills on your behalf to ensure you have the lowest possible price.




On average, studies show that medical billing advocates are able to save patients between 15-30% on most health care claims. This is just an example though, sometimes they can save you even more. They can also handles claims that are up to two years old, so historical research is part of what they do. Click here to read more on specific examples of how advocates have saved money.

A variety variety of services are offered by advocates. It can include reviewing bills, negotiating, and much more. Each company or professional may have their own list of resources available so be sure to fully understand this before entering into an agreement with them. Learn more on the services they offer and how medical billing advocates can help.

Many work on a contingent basis. Medical billing advocates, sometimes also called health care advocates, will typically charge customers about 20 percent to 35 percent of the amount they are able to save their clients on their medical bills. So if the client does not save money, their is no payment made in most cases. This greatly reduces the risk to using one of the professionals. As always, shop around for the best offer.

Patients do have other options. Medical expenses are some of the easiest types of bills to get help with. This means many non-profits, charities, and other groups will help consumers. While a medical billing advocate can help you save on bills, find billing errors, negotiate, and more, there are other steps you can take, such as contacting a charity for help, receive free prescription drugs, and more.

While advocates can help here, there are other specialists who will just negotiate your bills on your behalf. Some studies show that they have up to an 80% success rate. They are skilled professionals in negotiating lower hospital and medical bills on your behalf.

The truth is that whether you receive a bill from your medical provider or insurance company, the statements are oftentimes difficult to understand. There may be many line items to them, information on co-pays or insurance deductibles, and other complications. Patients don't know if they're getting ripped off and being overcharged.





Advocates help the uninsured and low income as well

Many clients of medical billing advocates are uninsured. Or their current policies are limited. For these individuals it can be even more difficult to pay a high cost hospital bills, or maybe the deductible from a doctor or provider. Assistance is offered in these cases as well.

Medical advocates will call the hospital billing office asking for help or the doctor. They will deal with private insurance companies, or Medicaid/Medicare. Or if the client is uninsured, maybe an advocate will explore any charity programs. All this is done in an effort to help the patient save money. However, there are some steps consumers can take themselves, and read more on hospital bill help.

Countless millions of Americans find their medical bill confusing. It has a baffling list of codes, acronyms, and other difficult to understand jargon. No matter the consumers education level or expertise, or whether they have insurance or not, health care costs are very complicated. It can be even more so when dealing with insurance companies.

A medical billing advocate is kind of detective. Some focus on helping the poor and less fortunate. An advocate is trained to help find mistakes on hospital bills. Or they look at insurance policies, both private and government programs. No matter the client’s income, support is given.

For people going to a medical provider, there are often two big issues: mistakes and higher than average charges. Those statements are often hundreds of pages long, and any errors can be costly and significant, even more so for a low income family. According to a Harvard study, 90 percent of all hospital bills have at least one error.

One of the largest companies in the marketplace is Medical Billing Advocates of America. They will assist people no matter their age, income, or background. The company strongly believes that every patient can, and needs to be a watchdog for their own care/personal finances. While the organization can help, everyone needs to take their own personal accountability. There are also other options in the marketplace, and anyone interested in the services from a Medical billing advocate should “shop” around for the best prices as well as providers.

Medical Billing Advocates of America will tell people to never settle for a summary bill and that you need to get an itemized statement from the provider. Look for fees or charges on procedures doctors did not perform, and then you need to be sure to check for duplicate costs. Or ensure medications were not given multiple times.

Also, for the still too high number of patients without health insurance or that are in high cost plans, a bigger problem is the fact that patients are charged more than privately run insurance companies for the same services. Medical Billing Advocates say that it is probably in the neighborhood of about 70 percent. This is a tremendous opportunity to save money.

So what this means is that an uninsured patient may be charged $500 for a service from their doctor or hospital. However an insurance company would only be charged (and need to reimburse the hospital) say $300 for that exact same service. It means those who lack insurance are not treated the same way as patients that are fully insured.





There are many examples of both uninsured and low income families being charged twice for some items. This is not acceptable. Medical bill advocate will contest this. Many have also negotiated a 75 percent discount to get the patient’s bill closer to what an insurance company would need to pay. They can also help families find affordable health insurance plans.

To learn more, or get assistance, no matter whether a household is well off, or lower income, a wide variety of Medical Billing Advocate companies exist. To get help, or use their services, be sure to ask the right questions. Compare costs of anyone who you think you may want to work with. Look for those companies that offer a contingency contract when they advocate on your behalf.

By Jon McNamara

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