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Patient Advocate Foundation assistance programs

The non-profit Patient Advocate Foundation provides a number of assistance programs to people that are chronically or a have a serious health condition. The PAF provides free medications as well as help negotiating medical bills, advice on navigating the insurance industry, financial help to pay a deductible or co-pay and more. A major focus is on low-income families or those with no or limited insurance. Find how to get help from the Patient Advocate Foundation.

Receive financial assistance with paying for prescription drugs, help with eliminating or relief from existing medical bills, and access overall health care services from the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF). A number of assistance programs are offered by the foundation, which is a national, nonprofit patient services organization. The goal of PAF is to help individuals and families with solving any of their health care concerns. Some of the programs offered include the following the following.

Medications and prescription drug help from Patient Advocate Foundation

A program that helps with prescription drugs is available by PAF. The non-profit offers a multiple-month co-pay assistance program for people who currently have health insurance but their plan is not comprehensive enough to cover their entire need. Using the funds from this resource, the Foundation will try to cover and pay for at least a portion of a drug bill as part of Co-Pay Relief.

The prescription program will also help those who are Medicare Part D beneficiaries, such as senior citizens or disabled people. Applicants need to be able to financially and medically qualify for aid from the Patient Advocate Foundation. If they are found eligible, the patient will be able to access pharmaceutical co-payment assistance that can be combined with Medicare.

Note that the Patient Advocate Foundation program offered is disease-specific and is not drug-specific. Dozens of different diseases and conditions are covered by the Foundation, including chronic pain, Crohn's disease, several forms of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Fibromyalgia, depression, arthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis among others. In addition the current coverage from PAF, new assistance programs are always being offered.




The foundation works with drug companies, manufacturers, pharmacy benefit managers and insurance companies (among others) to provide free or very affordable medications. There are both generic and brand name RX offered to qualified low-income patients of PAF. Many of them are part of Patient Assistance Programs run in partnership with pharmaceutical companies, and locate Patient Assistance Programs for free meds.

Medical Billing Advocacy program

In addition, the Patient Advocate Foundation has a medical billing advocacy service. The program provides various forms of assistance to patients with specific health care or other issues that they are facing with their employer, health insurer, and/or creditors. This form of help is targeted at dealing with medical bills, insurance claims, medical debt, and/or job retention issues. The advocates from the PAF will also find errors that a doctor or hospital made on a bill. The causes of their hardship need to be related to their diagnosis of a debilitating or life threatening disease.

A specialist will work with the patient to address concerns that they may be facing with their employer, health insurer, hospital billing department, and/or creditor. Some of the services they offer can help people deal with the following needs.

  • Outstanding health insurance claims and coverage. The PAF insurance insurance providers or even government programs such as Medicaid or Medicare pay what they have too.
  • Job retention, such as employer firing or cutting the wages of a sick person. They also have information on FMLA benefits and how to get them. Learn more on how to get FMLA assistance.
  • Medical bills and resolve hospital debt crisis matters. Get help paying off medical debt in partnership with non-profits.

This particular “guidance” program focuses on people who are very sick or have a medical emergency. The condition needs to be serious, and PAF will also give priority to people who have debilitating diseases, a medical crisis or other life threatening situations.





For those who are uninsured or underinsured, the Patient Advocate Foundation provides assistance in understanding and accessing free government or private health insurance coverage, including through state Medicaid programs, Medicare and the Health Insurance Marketplace. Their team can also provide legal support for issues related to employment rights, disability benefits, and estate planning, helping to ensure that patients and their families are protected legally as they navigate their healthcare journey.

PAF medical debt relief

Medical debt relief from the Patient Advocate Foundation is offered. This is advice and referrals - not direct financial help. They offer mediation, debt settlement plans, negotiation, and arbitration. Staff will serve as a liaison for the patient and ensure that all of their rights are being honored. They are highly trained and specialize in dealing with insurers and doctors.

When this condition has been met, the non-profit has a team of free attorneys and professional case managers that are experts on medical billing advocacy. The non-profit specialize in negotiation, mediation, and case management. The specialists, including attorneys, can serve as advocates on the patient’s behalf, offer education, and other services on behalf of patients that are experiencing health care issues.

The Patient Advocate Foundation will advocate on behalf of patients and clients who are experiencing issues. This is a service that the uninsured as well as families living in poverty can avail themselves of. PAF will work with them to get access to medical care, job retention and debt crisis due to their illness. Learn more on medical debt settlement.

Patient Advocate Foundation financial relief for bills

They can provide assistance through referrals for basic needs. Learn where to go to get help with utility bills or rent, housing, transportation, debt consolidation services, and food assistance as well. This form of support is often very important to low income families, senior citizens, and the disabled. The staff from the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) can be a place for information when needed. Most of those types of resources are offered by referral only and not through direct financial assistance.

A Financial Aid Fund Division also partners with PAF. This is a separate group that has a lose affiliation with the non-profit. What they do is provide grants (on a case by case basis) for certain health care bills, with a focus on prescription medications. The amount of money is very limited and runs out quickly. The division can be reached at (855) 824-7941.




Nurses, doctors, and other specialists are part of the Patient Advocate Foundation MedCare Program. There are some individuals (both low income patients and caregivers) that can get support from this program. It mostly revolves around case management rather than direct aid, but it is often beneficial.

Applying for financial aid from the Foundation

To learn more on the programs and resources offered, apply for help, or contribute, the website is Or call the Patient Advocate Foundation at 1-800-532-5274.


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