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Free insulin.

Find how to get cheap or free insulin for diabetics. There are pharmaceutical companies that offer patient assistance programs, including for Lantus or Novolog that help pay patients with Type 1 or 2 Diabetes. There is also charity care as well as healthcare clinics which may provide free insulin, non-traditional options such as purchasing medications from Canada or Mexico, Medicare programs, and options for patients with insurance or that have a low-income. Find how to get help in paying for, or how to find free insulin below, for diabetics that can’t afford it.

The majority of insulin for type 1 diabetics is provided by Eli Lilly, Sanofi, and Novo Nordisk, with some other pharmaceutical companies also involved in some capacity. Almost 30 million Americans need insulin, and many can’t afford it. The support is for low to moderate income families, people in high deductible health insurance plans, Medicare Part D, and the uninsured as well. There is financial assistance available as well as free medications, including some of the most popular types of insulin including Lantus, Novolog, Humulin and Humalog.

Find free insulin from pharmaceutical companies

There are three major insulin producers. Low income patients, those on Medicare, and the uninsured (among others) can get free insulin as noted below. There are also monthly subscription plans that charge a fixed rate per month, patient assistance programs, and other resources. Learn about affordable insulin from subscription plans.

Eli Lilly provides free or affordable assistance to low to moderate income families, the uninsured, people in high deductible plans, some patients with a disability and others who may be struggling. The Lilly Diabetes Solution Center will allow anyone in need of information to get insulin for free. Customer service representatives will review all of the insulin assistance programs that may be available to the patient.

There are community clinics which offer free insulin for type 1 diabetic patients as well as other health care services. Point of Sale savings and discounts are offered too. There is other forms of financial aid, and help is available in multiple languages too, including Spanish. The main phone number is (833) 808-1234.

Low cost or free insulin can also be obtained from the patient assistance program known as Lilly Cares. It will focus assistance on patients without health insurance, those in Medicare Part D, and where insurance will not pay for any insulin or medications. There are other requirements as well in order to get insulin such as Humalog. Read more on Lilly Cares.




Sanofi operates a patient assistance program (PAP) as well. This covers insulin for type 1 diabetes. The assistance program is known as Patient Assistance Connection. It will even help moderate income patients get the prescription drugs (including insulin) that they need as the income limit is 250% of poverty levels. There is also free insulin for patients with no medical insurance. This opens the program to even more patients who need Admelog, Lantus, or any other types of Sanofi insulin. Read more about Sanofi Patient Assistance Connection.

Novo Nordisk is another major supplier of insulin for type 1 diabetics. They provide discounted and/or free Novolog, Fiasp, Novolin and others. The amount of insulin provided to qualified low income families can last up to one year. There is also help for the uninsured, patients in high deductible insurance plans, and even more middle income families. The program to call for help is their PAP (Patient Assistance Program), and the phone number is 1-866-310-7549.

Discounts and savings on insulin

It is possible to purchase medications, including insulin, in Canada and/or Mexico as well. While the savings will vary, the cost can be a fraction of what it is in the US. Type 1 diabetics may be able to save 20 to even 80% of the cost of their prescription medications, including insulin. However be mindful of FDA restrictions and regulations on this.

Anyone who is considering this option needs to be sure they follow all the guidelines in place. They also need to be sure to select a reputable pharmacy or insulin dealer as there can be slightly more risk in this approach. There are websites that are based in Canada that offer discounted insulin, retailers that operate in the country, and many other ways to save money. Note there are legal issues around this per the FDA, but exceptions are made based on needs. The point is review everything closely. Read more here.





There are many other ways to save money on diabetes supplies, insulin for type 1 or type 2, pumps, and more. Medicaid and Medicaid also help pay for some types of insulin. Find free diabetic supplies, including insulin pumps, medical equipment and more. It is a comprehensive list. Find details on how to get free diabetic supplies.

Free discount cards, coupons, website comparison tools, and other resources are available as well. In fact, there are several leading places to turn to for cheap insulin. There will not be income or insurance restrictions on these programs. Examples may be NeedyMeds, BlinkHealth, free coupons, GoodRX, websites, and more. All of these resources are focused on making insulin as well as all other prescription drugs more affordable for diabetics and others. Locate free prescription coupons.

By Jon McNamara

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