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Free home repairs.

Find free home repair programs, including grants, that help low-income families as well as the elderly, seniors or disabled people and households with no money. Get everything from roof repairs to electrical or plumbing work done, new windows or home remodeling and more. Homeowners can apply to various free emergency Home Repair Programs or grant money from the government, charities, community action agencies, HUD offices or non-profits near them, which are listed below.

The exact terms of each program will vary and they are limited in scope as well as availability. But the goal of each free service is to help fix, improve or repair a home to make it safe, livable, or even energy efficient. Mobile homes and trailers can be fixed as well. There may be window replacement, roof repairs or replacement, plumbing assistance or other work paid for using free home improvement grants.

Sometimes the free home repair assistance for senior citizens, the handicapped or the disabled or low-income families will be provided in the form of a grant from the government or a charity. In some cases an applicant will receive a low interest rate deferred loan, which is often part of a Rehabilitation Loan program. Other support is for emergencies or home repairs can help families recover from a natural disaster.

The funding of the free home improvement programs near you can come from multiple sources listed below. Federal and state governments will often provide money or grants to the low-income to help pay for the home repair programs. In addition, local businesses, volunteers and individuals may donate funds or there may also be community fund raisers.

Various charities, and non-profit agencies may provide information or they may accept applications to the free  home repair programs. Or they distribute the funds to repair a home, fix a roof or plumbing issue, replace widows or make the home senior or disabled friendly.

Type of free home repairs made for low-income families

While each program will vary and provide different types of financial or material assistance, in general what you will find is the following. The homeowner will usually receive a cash grant or loan from the government or a charity. The funds can be used for various emergency home repairs or improvements to a property, even a mobile home. Or volunteers from a charity may help repair a home to make it safe. The free home repair programs will usually pay for some or all of the following.




  • Roof or window repairs or replacements for low-income households, including for energy upgrades. Learn more details on free window replacement grants.
  • New furnaces or heating units, as well as emergency fixes to HVAC systems or AC units during the winter or summer.
  • Senior citizens can get free government grants to make repairs so their house is safe to live in.
  • Free home repairs are also offered as part of disability home modification programs. Grants can pay for various modifications such as wheelchair ramps, updates to bathrooms, stairlifts, handicaps accessible bathrooms or new roofs.
  • There may also be to financial help to pay for repairs to septic tanks, fix plumbing issues or electrical work. Even some sewer or water systems can be paid for by the home repair programs.
  • Grant money will help pay for other modifications as needed.

In addition, home repair programs will usually only provide financial aid once every few years to a low-income homeowner. If a grant is issued it will not require repayment by the homeowner.

Some programs will even pay for extensive energy saving updates to the home for low income families. While these are not official weatherization programs, you may be able to get funds to pay for a new energy efficient heating unit, a new roof, windows, or even an energy efficient air conditioner. Senior citizens and the disabled often get priority to free government weatherization programs. So not only will the home be safer to live in, but the family can also save money on their future utility bills.

Free home repairs or modifications for the low income, seniors, and disabled

Home repair assistance will usually be provided to families or individuals who are living in occupied single-family homes and who’s combined total household annual income does not exceed certain income threshholds. Mobile homes may also be covered by some government grants. The income limits will vary based upon the state you live in, government funding, the agency you apply to near you, and the income limits will also change annually. However low-income families, the unemployed and people in poverty will often qualify for a free government home repair grant.





A number of the free home repairs are for senior citizens, veterans or the disabled. Single moms or people with a medical issue or illness can ofter get free repairs, including from charities or volunteer programs. Each local agency has their own funds available for certain types of modifications or repairs.

Home repair assistance programs are completed by a number of national and local organizations near you. Or volunteers may do the work. Each non-profit agency that administrates the program will use a fully licensed, locally based construction crew. The contractors will visit and inspect your home. The repair and inspection process may be expedited in a crisis, such as a disaster like a flood, tornado, or hurricane.

After that inspection, they will often address issues with plumbing, structural defects, electrical systems, furnaces or air conditioners, insulation or other heating and cooling units. If needed, roofing work, windows, as well as other items will be fixed for free. The contractors will also ensure there is access for people with disabilities. The services they provide are extensive, and they will address a multitude of issues.

Information on free Senior Home Repair Grant Programs

Many non-profit or government agencies will offer a separate home repair assistance program for senior citizen homeowners. They focus on people over the age of 55 or retirees. These assistance programs will usually provide minor home repair and maintenance services to seniors or the homebound who meet certain qualifications. The goal is to encourage the long-term use of the home rather than the elderly person needing to go to a nursing home. Priority for a free grant is often given to those home repairs that focus on either the safety or health of the senior citizen.

The home repairs for free for seniors focus on making the home “livable and safe. Some of the services offered may include: electrical repairs, wheelchair ramps, plumbing, heating and cooling unit repair/replacement, roof repair and/or replacement and more. The goal of a senior or elderly home repair program is to ensure the nation’s elderly have safe homes to live in. To learn more or apply, contact your local agency on aging office as they may be your best point of contact.

Government Home Loan Rehabilitation Programs

This differs from the home repair assistance programs mentioned above. However low-income families as well as borrowers with bad credit can get help from them. The major difference is that the Loan Rehabilitation Program provides low interest, or even zero percent interest loans for extensive repairs to single-family homes. It is not a grant program and that is the key difference between them.




The loans can even be used in some cases to literally improve an existing home so thoroughly that it brings them up the highest current health and safety standards. Which may then allow the homeowners to sell the homes to someone else, maybe even a First-Time Homebuyer. As another option, find free loans for paying bills.

While once again the exact terms of each loan program will vary by state and county. In general the Rehabilitation Loan Programs were created to provide affordable financing for home improvements to low and moderate income homeowners as well as people with bad credit. When applying, the criteria are usually less restrictive, and loans will often be available for most owner-occupied single family homes. Some of the conditions may include the following  Learn about the 203k FHA loan product. This can pay for some updates. Continue with mortgage loan to pay for home repairs and improvements.Free home repair for low-income

Apply for free home repairs near you

Low and moderate income families, senior citizens, single mothers and disabled homeowners can get assistance to fix their house. The Home Repair or Loan Rehabilitation type programs help ensure the family lives in a safe and healthy environment. While funding is limited, whether you receive a free cash grant or a low interest loan, in either case the end result is a safer living environment for the occupant. There may even be free heating systems repairs in an emergency.

The first place to call for grant money to fix in a home will be your local community action agency. Or they will provide options on other low income assistance programs, including HUD loans or volunteer repair services. Both home-buying and repair programs may be run from a community action agency. They also have information on for repair grants, weatherization services and more. But a common service is to offer free home repair grants to struggling, low-income families. Find a details on home repairs and loans from community action agencies.

There are many free home repair and modification programs for the disabled. This may be everything from fixing a leaking roof to installing ramps, adding lifts, or even fixing pipes. The assistance will generally be in the form of a grant and income criteria will need to be met for free repairs. Find more disability financial assistance programs.

Senior citizens can also try calling an agency on aging office for free home repairs for the elderly. These non-profit centers oversee a number of financial assistance programs, some of which may address the safety and livability of your home. They can help fix a roof, a porch or provide free repairs to other parts of the house. Or maybe make a bathroom or bedroom accessible for the elderly, homeowners with a handicap or senior citizens.







Senior citizens can often get assistance to replace windows on their home, even with more energy efficient panes. Some agencies may even coordinate volunteers from the community or local businesses that can help the elderly with addressing minor home improvements. Find more details on senior assistance.

Volunteers from the community near you may also complete free home repairs as well as safety modifications, especially in an emergency. This assistance is mostly for the poor, indigent, elderly, or disabled. They often work with various non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity, Senior Centers, churches, Rebuilding America and others. Find information on these services as well, and get information on free volunteer home repair programs.

Other government agencies may also arrange home repairs. A local HUD offices (Housing and Urban Development) can direct low-income families, the disabled or elderly to free programs in their state or county. Read more.


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