Save money on home updates and remodels.

Updating or remodeling a home can be expensive, but there are ways to save money and to make it more affordable. Anyone who is taking on one of these projects can do one of many things, ranging from “pouring money” into the remodel or they can do more economical things, such as accessorize, paint, freshen up the property, shop at thrift stores and similar things. There are ways to save money on all types of updates, no more which you select.

Homeowners may decide to update their home to make it more livable. Or they may remodel their home in the hopes they can make money on their investment or maybe they are selling the property. No matter the reason for going about one of these projects, there are a few different ways to save money.

How to update and remodel rooms or your home on a budget

Bathroom remodels can be costly. There may be plumbing costs, expenses for new vanities, toilets, and more. To make it even worse, the National Association of Realtors estimates that any money spent on the update will only return about 50% of what you pend. So if you decide to update or remodel your bathroom, it is wise to do it smartly and save money. We have several steps to take to save money on remodeling a bathroom, and you can really freshen it up and make it look nice (almost new) without spending a ton of cash or even going through a major update of it.

Sometimes people just need more space in their home or apartment. Especially those who live in major, congested cities. Find how to turn one room into two on a budget. This can give your home or apartment much more space, whether you live alone or with roommate(s). Low income families can also do this to save money on additional rent costs if they were to move.





By Jon McNamara

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