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Assistance from Black Hills Energy.

Low income customers and people who are faced with a crisis can contact Black Hills Energy for information. This particular company does a great job in working with local non-profit organizations as well. Some of the primary programs that they offer customers as a form of financial assistance include Black Hills Cares as well as the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Many other options may be available as well. Black Hills can be reached at 1-888-890-5554.

Qualified low income households may be able to get help from the Bureau of Energy Assistance and federal government funded LIHEAP program. The Bureau runs this resource for people across the state of Colorado as well as Black Hills Energy customers. The program can support individuals by helping them pay their energy and cooling bills. However, note that most of the aid is paid out during the winter for heating bills.

There is an energy crisis intervention component that was created to address those in an emergency or alleviate potentially life-threatening situations. This can include running out of heating fuel or oil, or someone faced with a disconnection. Funds can be disbursed in less time when someone qualifies.

There is also a client education component of the LIHEAP program that encourages regular utility payments to be made by Black Hills Energy customers. It covers such activities as weatherization, it will promote energy awareness and encourage reduction of energy usage through energy efficiency, and supports client education. Call 1-866-432-8435 to learn more or to apply. Or click here for more information LIHEAP crisis component.

One of the primary resources offered by the company is known as Black Hills Cares. This is a donation program that provides funds to help people with paying their energy bills. Funds can also be used to pay for other emergency energy-related expenses, such as repairs of heating or cooling systems.

As indicated, it is a donation program. It is easy for customers to contribute, and all money will go directly to paying someone’s energy bill and not administrative costs. In addition, Black Hills Energy also will match employee and customer contributions, dollar-for-dollar. All donations made are also tax deductible. Customers from Black Hills Energy can also contribute to the program if they would like to, and over the years millions of dollars have been contributed to help customers who need help.





This service is run by local non-profit agencies and charities across Colorado. All funds from Black Hills Cares funds go directly to local assistance agencies in your area, which then accept applications and provide the funds to qualified lower income customers.

All of these local assistance agencies will both determine individual customer eligibility and distribute the funds to the needy. To find a location near you, you can call Black Hills, or dial Energy Outreach Colorado.

You can help someone you know, or even a stranger, by offering an Energy Gift. This can show someone that you care about them. It is a practical and convenient way to help someone in their time of need, and to give a gift for any occasion. Call them for more information.

Medically Essential Service Program is available for people who need to keep their power on due to a medical emergency or life threatening condition. This service can provide qualifying customers one or all of the following. Get a limited extension of time to pay your bills, referrals to local social service agencies and charities that provide financial assistance and also some customers may receive special notification prior to disconnection of service for non-payment. This will allow customers to secure funds or make necessary arrangements on their accounts.




Weatherization and energy conservation is provided as well. Black Hills Energy offers qualified lower income customers and elderly with several energy-efficiency programs, including rebates, low-income weatherization programs, and energy audits in Colorado. People can save hundreds of dollars on their heating and energy bills from weatherization.

Some of the weatherization improvements which are paid for by the federal government and Black Hills Energy funding include the following. Air infiltration measures; Insulation - floor, ceiling, and wall; water heating measures (faucet aerators, pipe wrap, and low-flow showerheads) and Band joists. Your local community action agency runs the weatherization program, and it is free to qualified homeowners.

Education, conservation, and cash payments are available to low income customers in Colorado from a unique utility assistance program. Black Hills created this resource that is loosely based on government poverty levels and other conditions. Qualified customers will be provided a multitude of resources that can be used to help them during a difficult period both paying existing bills and save energy. Read more.





By Jon McNamara

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