Yampa Valley Electric assistance programs.

Some of the resources offered by Yampa Valley Electric include payment plans, government assistance, budget billing and more. If you are struggling with paying your electric bill then call Yampa Valley as soon as possible in order to explore any utility bill assistance programs that may be available to you.

Payment assistance and related plans may be offered, and your chances of being successful are greater if you contact your Yampa Valley right away. In general, customers have more options available to them in order to prevent a service disconnection. Do not wait until you fall behind on your account. There are also some additional protections provided during the cold winter months.

You do not want to wait until your power is turned off, as it then gets much more expensive. For example, once an employee is dispatched to disconnect your service for non-payment of your energy bill, then the customer will need to pay their outstanding bill in full as well as additional reconnection fees and deposits.

Yampa Valley, or YVEA, also offers a number of assistance programs to help people avoid costly wintertime or even “anytime” termination of electric service. Winters can be very cold in Colorado and Wyoming, so the energy company will work even more with those who are struggling during this season.

Non-profit community action and other energy assistance agencies are located across its service territory. These centers can help eligible low income customers pay their home heating costs or maybe even cooling bills during an extreme stretch of heat. These various government supported programs, such as LEAP, were created in an effort to supplement any payments that are being made by disabled, elderly, or low-income customers who are unable to pay the full cost of their home heating bill on their own. Please keep in mind that just by applying to an assistance agency does not relieve your responsibility to make payment while you wait to hear back. Some of the leading non-profits to call are below.

  • Routt County - Human Services runs LEAP and weatherization for the region. Call 970-879-1540
  • Lift-Up of Routt County can be reached at 970-870-0727.
  • Moffat County Human Services may offer low income energy assistance from LEAP. Dial 970-824-8282.




Other Moffat County non-profits to call include:

  • Independent Life Center 970-826-0833
  • Community Budget Center 970-824-7898
  • Love Inc. 970-826-4400
  • Salvation Army 970-756-4357
  • Needy Assistance 970-826-2360

In Wyoming, you can dial LIEAP at 307-777-6346. Other non-profits to call in the Yampa Valley Electric service territory include Carbon County Counseling Center (307-324-7156) as well as Ministerial Association (phone 307-328-0433).

Budget Billing will allow customers to pay the same amount for electricity next summer that you pay this winter. It basically level sets your Yampa Valley Electric bill so that you are charged the same amount over the course of the month. It is an average based on your usage with a one time per year true up. The company will do its best to ensure the average amount billed is as accurate as possible with the smallest one time adjustment to occur.

You need to have had an account for 12 months, so new customers can't sign up for budget billing. In addition, at your one time per year adjustment month, a letter will be included in your monthly bill to ensure you are fully aware of all the calculations and true ups. Call 970-824-1466 to sign up for the program.




By Jon McNamara

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