Indiana cash assistance.

The Indiana cash assistance program is run by the Division of Family Resources, who also oversees other welfare type benefits. The state provides this form of short term financial aid, known as TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, to very low income households with children. The cash can also be used by single mothers and fathers in Indiana to pay their bills, housing, and other expenses.

Cash grants from TANF are combined with job programs from IMPACT. This is the primary tool that is used by state authorities to solve both employment and training needs of the low income or people living in poverty. As anyone who is receiving the government benefits also needs to do more around employment/job training.

The local DFR office will casualty whether the family is qualified for cash aid as well as how much money will be paid out. The average amount in Indiana is about $346 per month, with a minimum of $139 and a maximum of $697 per month. That scale will depend on the size of the families as well as number of children; whether there are caregivers or not; household income and assets; as well as other factors.

Terms of Indiana TANF cash assistance

The cash, whether it is about $140 or $700 per month, the money will be authorized to pay for really any bills the household has, provided it addresses so called basic needs. This can include shelter, medical needs, food, work related transportation, clothing, or household supplies. The family has flexibility in how they use the cash from TANF.

Now breaking that down into further categories allows the cash to be used to help pay dozens of different types expenses. As what qualifies as shelter may be rent or mortgage payments as well as utility or heating bills. Food costs includes baby formula, canned goods, and other groceries. The Indiana cash assistance program also pay for medical needs, including prescription drugs, dental cleanings or equipment. So those are a few examples of what the cash can be used for in the state of Indiana.





The other major criteria are that the Indiana resident needs to go to job placement, training, and similar activities from IMPACT. A case worker will meet with the parent(s). They will learn about what their job prospects are and what skills they need or currently have. The client will also be able to get help with creating a resume, the free use of a computer for classes or job searching, ESL classes if needed, information on job fairs in Indiana if applicable, and much more. No matter what employment need the client has, that will be addressed.

Cash assistance will only be for those low-income families that act on their own to break the cycle of poverty, and the IMPACT job program is the best way to do that. As if a parent has a livable/decent wage, that can end poverty. The state will also give the parent, whether they are married or single, vouchers for child care, gasoline, or other work-related needs they may have. This is all calculated as part of the TANF welfare benefit.

The place to learn how to determine the eligibility criteria for any government aid, as well as calculations for the cash amounts, include the Division of Family Resources (DFR) office. They are in all counties and towns in Indiana. Generally, a decision on whether to pay out any cash will be under 60 days. Or dial the toll-free number of 1-800-403-0864.





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