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Find free emergency dental care.

Find how and where to get emergency dental care. Low-income households, the uninsured, children, seniors and the vulnerable can get help. There are clinics as well as charities that provide emergency dental surgery or oral treatment near you. Services may include root canals, wisdom teeth removal, repair to fillings, teeth extractions, and much more. Find information by state below.

The dental care provided at a few places. There may be clinics, health centers or dental schools that perform free dental surgeries near you. Mobile medical centers may be available as well for emergency treatment. In some cases, an emergency room at a hospital may provide help or a private dental practice, however not only hospitals or practices have a charity care program for the low income.

Even though it may be a dental emergency, in general an appointment needs to be made for free care as these are resources that are not available 24/7. Root canals, extractions, the removal of wisdom teeth and other emergencies will also require appointments. Most of the clinics, colleges, health centers, and other locations are only open during the week – regular business hours. However, they will do their best to fit in patients to provide with free dental surgery, treatment, or some other form of care.

Get free emergency root canals, wisdom teeth extractions, oral surgery and more

The locations generally rely on volunteer dentists, hygienists, or (in the case of a school) students who are working towards a medical degree. The type of free, emergency dental care given will vary based on location and experience of the staff as well. Some examples of what may given includes the following.

  • Clinics will often provide free root canals, as this is the most common type of oral surgery.
  • Wisdom teeth extraction (removals) can often be provided. This involves pulling teeth out before they become infected, and late teenagers/young adults often need this form of dental care done.
  • Emergency reconstructive surgery, extractions, implants, and “repairs” to teeth may be made at dental clinics, schools, or health centers near you.

Other types of emergency oral surgeries, dental care, and operations may be performed as well, depending on a diagnosis. In general, the indigent, low income, elderly, uninsured, poor and children are often most likely to get dental care for free. Households living in poverty may also get help.




Note some charity programs, colleges or clinics may ask for a minimal payment for any emergency oral surgery or care, and that is based on the patient’s income as well as health insurance status. This is often referred to as sliding fee dental care – the lower the patient’s income the less money they pay and the higher their income the more they pay. Also, Medicaid, Medicare, and/or some forms of private health insurance may also provide for emergency dental care, or pay a portion of the bill.

Places for free emergency oral surgery, dental care, or treatment near you

Every state and most major counties and cities have sliding fee dental clinics. If the patient’s income is low enough, free care may be given for an emergency dental treatment. However, as noted, if the household has any income, say above poverty level, or if they have an insurance policy, then the patient may be charged something for the treatment. Find clinics near you by state below as well as information on dental colleges or schools that may offer free wisdom teeth removal, oral surgery, emergency root canals, and other dental care near you.




























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina





Rhode Island

South Carolina











Washington DC

West Virginia


Dental schools are also available to low to moderate income households for free emergency care. Students will provide any treatment or surgery, but their work is checked up by and/or done in partnership with licensed dentists. Colleges allow highly trained students to perform basic oral surgery, extract teeth such as Wisdom teeth, and more so that the student can get experience. Find information on free dental college and school services.

By Jon McNamara

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