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Dentist near you that takes Medicaid.

Locate a dentist that provides free or affordable dental care to patients who use Medicaid. There are a number of private practices, community health centers, oral surgeons or clinics as well as volunteers that take government insurance. Find a dentist that accepts Medicaid insurance near you.

For millions of low-income families or single adults, the disabled and people or kids living in poverty, finding affordable emergency or preventive dental care is a challenge. There are some dentists that help patients on Medicaid as well as chains, such as Aspen or Gental Dental. People can get cleanings, extractions, dentures, braces, oral surgery and other treatment from an approved Medicaid dental provider near you.

As part of their dental care treatment offered, there will be preventive teeth cleanings for adults or children. Or get free dentures or implants for seniors or the disabled, tooth extractions, fluoride, root canals, braces for kids or teens, oral surgery and more. The dentists and oral surgeons work to help people on Medicaid get the dental treatment they need.

Dental coverage from Medicaid

Many dentists do not accept Medicaid due to the low reimbursement rates, making it difficult for those who rely on the government insurance program to find quality dental care or an oral surgeon for major dental surgery. While it is funded by the federal government and states working in partnership with each other, each state administers its own Medicaid program.

The eligibility for care from a dentist and dental coverage will vary from state to state. Some states offer more extensive dental benefits (regular cleanings, dentures, braces, etc.), while others may only cover emergency oral surgery or full or partial dentures, and learn more on does Medicaid cover dentures.

Medicaid dental coverage varies by state, but all states are required to provide comprehensive dental care under Medicaid for children under the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) program. This means a dentist needs to accept Medicaid as a form of payment for kids as well as teenagers.




Many dentists also accept Medicaid from adults as well, regardless of the state guidelines. Adult dental benefits vary significantly. Some states may cover preventive and restorative care as part of Medicaid, while others may only offer emergency dental services or free implants to patients. More on free dental implants for the low income.

Dentists at clinics and community health centers that take Medicaid insurance

Community Health Centers that offer dental care, including income-based clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), provide free or cheap care to patients with Medicaid. All of the organizations are non-profits or charities and they comprehensive healthcare services, including dental care, to underserved populations. This includes adults, kids, patients on Medicaid, the homeless and others.

Dentists that are part of receive federal funding to provide care to patients regardless of their ability to pay and often accept Medicaid. Locate a free dental clinic or Community Health Center near you.

Dental schools and colleges are an excellent option for families on Medicaid to get affordable dental care as they often provide services at a reduced cost or for free. Dental students, supervised by full time dentists or professors, perform the treatment ranging from free cleanings to tooth extractions, check-ups and more. Many dental schools accept Medicaid insurance to pay for various dental services, such as cleanings, fillings, orthodontics and extractions. Call 1-800-621-8099 or find a dental school for care.

Dentists that are part of the Indian Health Service (IHS) are an option for Native Americans. The HIS is a federal agency that provides free or low-cost healthcare services, including dental care, to American Indians and Alaska Natives. Many IHS facilities accept Medicaid for dental services. To find an IHS facility call 1-301-443-1083.





Both adults and kids on Medicaid can find a dentist using a tool from the federal government Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS. The website is operated by the government, and it directs children, adults, or senior citizens (or anyone in need) to a free or low cost Medicaid approved dentist. Find CMS Medicaid details here.

Kids on Medicaid, or Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), can get free dental care, surgery, treatment and more. CHIP is a state and federal government partnership that provides low-cost health insurance to children in families that earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford private insurance. In most states, the government insurance programs covers dental services for children, and many dentists that accept Medicaid also accept CHIP. Find details on CHIP insurance for dental needs.

Patients can find a Medicaid approved dentist for adults or kids by using the American Dental Association's (ADA) Find-a-Dentist tool. The service provides referrals to everything including free braces or Invisalign programs to implants, partial or full dentures and more. Patients can search for dentists in their area. Be sure to filter the results by selecting "Medicaid" as the accepted insurance.

Dental chains near you that accept Medicaid

The following list includes dentists and companies that accept Medicaid. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and the availability of these providers may change over time. It's always a good idea to confirm with the dentist's office directly whether they accept Medicaid before scheduling an appointment.

Aspen Dental is a nationwide dental chain with over 1,000 locations. Most of these dentist offices accept Medicaid for a variety of dental services, including preventive care, extractions, X-Rays, Wisdom teeth removal and dentures. Adults can pay using Medicaid as can disabled people, single others and other low-income patients. Call 1-800-277-3633.

Kool Smiles is a Medicaid friendly dental chain focused on providing quality dental care to children, adults, senior citizens on social security and families. The company focuses its dental treatment on low-income families. There are dentists, oral surgeons, endodontists, and other specialists too.

With over 150 locations in over 10 states, Kool Smiles accepts Medicaid, as well as other government-sponsored insurance programs like TRICARE, Medicare, Peach Care and SCHIP. To find a Kool Smiles location or dentist near you, call 877-200-2064 or 1-866-785-6255.




Western Dental is a provider with more than 300 locations across California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. They accept Medicaid for various dental services, including preventive care, braces, orthodontics, general dentistry, and oral surgery. Call 1 (800) 579-3783.

Familia Dental dentists accept Medicaid insurance. The company has over 50 locations in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico, Texas, and Wisconsin. There is preventative dental care, affordable implants or free dentures, teeth cleanings and more, including for Spanish speaking patients.

The centers accept Medicaid payment for a wide range of kid friendly or adult services, such as preventive care, restorative treatments, and dentists that specialize in orthodontics. Call 1 833-225-0853.

Dentists that take Medicaid near youGental Dental has dozens of locations in the northeast, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and other states. They take Medicaid, Medicare, and other government insurance. Senior citizens, the low-income and others will get free or low cost teeth cleanings, preventative dental care, and even dentures from the dentists that take Medicaid for payment. Call 781-647-0772.

Conclusion - Medicaid insurance is accepted for dental care

Finding a dentist that accepts Medicaid can be challenging, but it is not impossible for low-income families. As oral health is critical to overall wellness. There are clinics, volunteers or charity practices and private companies that can help people with government Medicaid insurance.


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