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Free stuff through Medicaid.

Medicaid provides health benefits as well as free stuff to low-income families. People who use this government insurance program, including single adults, will be able to get access to free items, benefit programs and social services. Beneficiaries will get items from the government, charities, companies, and non-profit organizations. Find details on what you can get including free stuff through Medicaid.

People who use Medicaid insurance will be low-income, disabled, or living in poverty. Note this is a state and federally funded program. Since the millions of people who are on this government assistance program are low-income, they are automatically qualified for other free services and stuff from Medicaid (or charities) as noted below.

Free medical and health care stuff for people on Medicaid

Low-income families on Medicaid, or single adults over the age of 21, will get free medical vision, or dental stuff, ranging from medications to dentures, equipment and more. Charities as well as government programs provide support, with some free care items also offered from corporations as noted below.

Many pharmaceutical companies offer patients on Medicaid vouchers, discounts, or free medications. The drug companies administer patient assistance programs (PAPs). They cover all sorts of medications, including for ADHD, cancer, depression, anxiety and other conditions.

Patients on Medicaid will be automatically qualified for most prescription, or patient, assistance programs. Th goal of them is to ensure low-income families, the disabled, kids on CHIP and others have access to free or discounted prescriptions to eligible patients. More on patient assistance program application process.

Free medical equipment and supplies are available to Medicaid beneficiaries. There ill be free stuff including wheelchairs, walkers, hearing aids, hospital beds for a home, CPAPs, and diabetic testing supplies among other goods. There will also be durable medical equipment for Medicaid beneficiaries.

Other free medical items will be loaned out as well to seniors, pregnant women or the disabled who use Medicaid. The specific items covered will vary by state, but beneficiaries can inquire about these benefits by contacting a caseworker or Medical Loan Closet. Locate free medical equipment for disabled adults.




Medicaid insurance will ensure that free, or very low-cost, insulin is offered. Drug companies partner with CMS as well as the federal government on various insulin assistance programs. These may be part of a PAP above or run separately. There will be free insulin for Medicaid patients with Type 1 or 2 diabetes, and learn more or get free insulin.

Dental practices, and volunteer dentists, accept Medicaid insurance. Adults or kids who use Medicaid will get a wide range of treatment options as well as free stuff from the dentist. This will include cleanings, extractions, X-Rays, implants or partial dentures, and other care. There is also free personal hygiene stuff including toothbrushes, floss, and other items. Locate dentists that take Medicaid patients near you.

Eye care centers and doctors accept Medicaid patients. While the coverage varies by state, in general one or two eye exams are provided each year as well along with glasses or contacts. Eye doctors, ophthalmologists and surgery as well as corrective treatment is also available, often for free. Find eye care centers near you that accept Medicaid.

Medicaid's Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) programs provides free care, equipment, nurses and more to people with disabilities or chronic conditions who require long-term care services.  This can also be for a low-income senior citizens. These programs aim to support beneficiaries in living independently within their communities. There is also adult day care, free transportation services, and respite care for caregivers .A major option is known as PACE, which is free for people on Medicaid. More on PACE program for senior citizens

Dentures, either partial or full as well as stuff to maintain them (cleaning solutions, spin brushes, etc.) are available to low-income families on Medicaid insurance as well as disabled adults or the elderly. There will be full sets or dentures or “partial”/snap on teeth. In either case, the denture service is free from the government benefit program. Locate information on free Medicaid dentures near you.

Community Health Clinics offer free or low-cost healthcare services to people on Medicaid, low-income families or patients in need. These clinics may provide primary care, dental care, mental health services, and other essential services to Medicaid beneficiaries. Many of them also have free or low-cost vision exams, eye doctors or optometrists and eyeglasses. More on healthcare center near you.





Dental clinics help people with Medicaid. There are various types, some of which are run by charities or non-profits, some run by colleges, and others by a dental chain. The type of free ow low-cost care given will vary, but it generally includes free dental exams, cleanings, fillings, and extractions. Find a free dental clinic for patients on Medicaid.

Mental health and free substance abuse services, both in person or online, are offered. There are drug rehab centers, psychologists and other care workers that take Medicaid as a form of payment and in effect offer free care.  Low-income people on Medicaid insurance have access to free mental health and substance abuse services, including counseling, therapy, behavioral health, and support groups.

Many state governments and local communities have designated behavioral health agencies or community mental health centers that provide these services to eligible residents. Learn how to apply for free therapy near you.

Free stuff for families on MedicaidMedicaid provides / pay for free dental implants. Most states provide this service to missing teeth on the front of the mouth only, and in general the patient needs to be needing false teeth for a job or employment reasons. Dental chains, volunteer dentists, clinics and other locations often perform the surgery. Continue with Medicaid free dental implants .

Free government benefits through Medicaid

Low-income families on Medicaid insurance will almost always qualify for other free stuff from federal or state benefit programs. Examples include LIHEAP grants to pay utility bills, free cell phones or tablets, food stamps or an EBT card and more. Some of the other assistance programs that are free to enroll into for people on Medicaid are below.

Get a free crib or pack and play through Medicaid. Many states, as well as charities such as furniture banks, provide a baby or infant crib to a low-income family. The goal is to ensure the newborn / infant has a safe place to sleep. In some cases the stuff will be delivered to the low-income families home or apartment as well as other stuff. Locate a free crib through Medicaid.

Medicaid beneficiaries will be eligible for SNAP EBT, Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), and other government Nutrition Assistance Programs. These programs, and others from the USDA, provide eligible individuals with access to healthy foods, nutrition education, free cooking classes, and other resources to support their nutritional needs. Read more on SNAP and EBT.

Free cell phones, tablets or computers are available to people on Medicaid. They are part of Lifeline and or Link-Up, and a number of wireless companies provide free phone stuff to customers that are enrolled into Medicaid. There will be iPhones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, tablets such as iPad and more.

Lifeline is a federal program that provides low-income families with free cell phones and monthly service, including voice minutes, text messaging, internet data and data. Medicaid will qualify for the Lifeline program in their state, which can be a valuable resource for staying connected to healthcare providers, family, and friends.The tablet or phone will allow that communication. Get a free tablet with EBT.







Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a service provided to Medicaid beneficiaries who need assistance getting to and from medical appointments, in particular the disabled, single moms or pregnant women and those who do not own a care. This service is available for free to eligible individuals. Medicaid will provide free transportation via bus, taxi, or other forms of public or private transportation. Read more on free transportation for patients using Medicaid.

Families that get insurance through Medicaid are able to get utility assistance from the government. Options include LIHEAP as well as weatherization. The benefits will help with the cost of paying for heating, cooling, electricity and other essential utilities. Apply for LIHEAP government benefit program.

Medicaid daycare vouchers and subsidies are provided to working, low-income families (or a single mom or dad). Being on Medicaid insurance will qualify the parent(s) for free services from a government certified provider. There will also be free stuff given to the baby, infant or newborn, such as food and medical care. Locate free daycare programs for parents on Medicaid.


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