Oklahoma cash assistance programs.

There is a cash assistance program in Oklahoma. The government funds, which are part of TANF welfare, are available to families with children, including single mothers and fathers. The financial aid can also be offered to pregnant women. Not only is cash available in Oklahoma for paying bills from the Department of Human services (DHS), but there is also other support given such as case management, job training, parenting classes, life skills, and more.

The goal of the program is to encourage self-sufficiency, 2 parent households, and get kids off on the right track. As the key to ending poverty is ensuring the youth have what they need, and parenting is key to that. This means the parents need to participate in self-sufficiency, job programs, and more in order to apply to the Oklahoma cash assistance program.

Use of cash in Oklahoma and average payments

The main goal, once again, is to encourage self-sufficiency. This involves employment, financial literacy, and ideally stable 2 parent households. Free cash grants from TANF is only meant to fill short term needs while the parent works towards improving their life, so they can support their children over the long term. That being said, DHS TANF in Oklahoma will normally provide for the following expenses.

  • Basic needs, which may be food, clothing, household cleaning supplies, and critical items.
  • Utility bills, ranging from water to electric or even winter heating costs.
  • A main focus of the Oklahoma cash assistance program is on employment related expenses, and that may be child care vouchers, gasoline for work, transportation, and the like. There is also a federal government child care voucher program.
  • Housing costs, as TANF in Oklahoma can help the parent provide a roof over their kids heads. So the money can help pay for rent, mortgages, or related shelter costs.
  • Medical needs, if that is a barrier to employment. Cash aid can pay for prescription drugs, equipment, and maybe even some health care bills.

The average amount paid out in Oklahoma is $292 to $300, which would be for one parent and 2 kids. If the family is bigger than more aid is given, and small families get less money. A DHS worker will calculate the exact amount of the TANF cash payment once an application has been submitted/approved.





Government benefits combined with Oklahoma TANF

Since the aid goes to very low income families (and even those living in poverty), DHS also gives them other assistance. The main benefits that are combined with TANF include SNAP food stamps as well as Medicaid expenses for health care needs. LIHEAP is also a federal grant program in which the money pays for heating bills. There is also weatherization, disability payments, and more.

All of the welfare type benefits are short term in nature. As an example, TANF only lasts for at most 60 months in the families lifetime. Other benefit programs are also time limited. The state of Oklahoma DHS worker can go over the rules and regulations, but the point is that each is limited; require employment goals and other targets to be hit.

To apply for Oklahoma TANF cash assistance, local DHS offices run it. They are located in all cities and towns, including Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Or residents can dial 1-866-411-1877. This is the main Department of Human Service Office.



By Jon McNamara

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