Oklahoma utility bill and energy bill assistance programs.

Tens of thousands of Oklahoma families get help paying their utility bills every year from one or more of the various financial assistance programs that are administered. There are numerous resources that are available to those in need, including programs that are offered directly by utility companies, non-profits, and the state of Oklahoma.

Most programs and agencies due have limited funding, so anyone who needs help should call their energy provider as soon as possible, and apply for aid. Also learn about energy conservation programs, weatherization, an how to get a grant.

America Electric Power – Financial assistance and cash grants can be provided from Light A Life. The program is funded by both Customer and AEP donations, and all money is distributed through the Salvation Army to people in need of help. 405-841-1303

Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative - Note Operation Roundup does not help with utility bills. However it can help with some other expenses. It may be able to assist individuals, families and organizations with providing money to pay for such expenses as medical care, food, clothing, housing, shelter, and educational assistance and other needed services that are not being met by other agencies or charities in the Oklahoma area. They also only assist individuals, families and organizations in the immediate service area which include approximately 3,500 square miles covering all or parts of the Oklahoma, Cleveland, Pottawatomie, Seminole, Lincoln, Creek, Hughes, Okfuskee and McIntosh counties. Call 405-382-3680





CenterPoint Energy Oklahoma - Customers who need help paying their electric and natural gas bills, or who are faced with a disconnection, should call the energy company as soon as possible. Receive information on resources that are available to you. Payment plans can provide customers more time to pay their bills. Or get assistance in signing up for non-profit or government programs such as Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP). Click here more information on financial help from CenterPoint Energy Oklahoma.

Cherokee Electric Cooperative – The assistance program offered by the utility company is Operation Warm. The need may be able to get help with paying their monthly electrical bills. Money is collected and distributed through the Cherokee County Crisis Center, and the program is run by that agency.

City of Stillwater – They offer struggling customers access to the UAP - Utility Assistance Program. Using donations from the public, there may be funds for different types of utility bills, ranging from electric to water. The local Community Action Agency of Central Oklahoma runs this grant based program for the city. For more information on these energy bill resources, the office is located at 410 S. Lewis St., Stillwater, Oklahoma, and the community action phone number is (405) 624-2533.





Indian Electric Cooperative - Operation Round Up can help people and local organizations with a variety of expenses and bills. Assistance for utility bills is rare and the program is very limited in scope. Call 1-800-482-2750 or 918-358-2514.

Low Income Government Assistance - Whether you need help paying heating, cooling, or utility bills, or if you need assistance in saving money, then the two options are weatherization and/or Low Income Energy Assistance/LIHEAP. Both provide cash grants and aid so that Oklahoma families can maintain their utility service. Continue with more information on Oklahoma LIHEAP and weatherization.

Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative – The low income and people that need help may be able to get assistance from Operation Round Up. Note that the program is limited in scope and it may not pay for utility bills. Call 1-800-256-6405.

Oklahoma Gas & Electric – Customers who receive LIHEAP and who are also certified to OGE by the Oklahoma Department of Human services (DHS) may be able to receive a $10 credit per month on their monthly utility or energy bill. If you are interested or need more information, please call your local Human Services Center to qualify for LIHEAP, contact a community action agency, or call (405) 521-3444 or 1-866-411-1877 for more information or who to get help.

Oklahoma Natural Gas - Customers who current y receive LHEAP aid may be able to receive a reduced gas bill. A credit will be provided to a bill which averages $5.03 a month during the winter months (October through April) and $4.26 during the hold Oklahoma summer months, which includes from May through September. 1-800-664-5463. Click here for additional resources and to learn about Oklahoma Natural Gas assistance programs.

Oklahoma Gas & Electric – The Hand-N-Hand program may be able to offer free home weatherization services and energy conserving programs for senior citizen homeowners unable to do the work themselves. For more information on how you can save money on your energy bills, call 405-553-3642 for details.

Oklahoma Gas & Electric – The Salvation Army administers the Lend-A-Hand assistance program. Customer and private contributions and donations distributed by the Salvation Army which distributes the money to help pay for utility, electricity, gas, cooling, fuel oil or firewood. For more information about how to get financial help, please contact The Salvation Army office in your area or dial 405-840-0735.

Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) operates a few other discount and grant programs. Prioirty is given to low income families and seniors. Read more Oklahoma Gas and Electric assistance.





Oklahoma Natural Gas – The program focuses on senior citizens, persons over 62 years of age and persons with disabilities in addition to those who have inadequate cash resources for paying home-heating needs and bills. Funds may be used by applicants to the program to help pay electric and propane if it is the main source of energy used to heat the home. Apply at the nearest Salvation Army, and you can also dial 1-800-664-5463 to learn more or get information.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) offers customers the LIGHT A LIFE Energy Fund. The Salvation Army, which administers and distributes the fund, can provide cash grants to help people pay energy bills. Dial 918-599-2000. A number of other payment plans and financial assistance programs are administered. Learn more on assistance from Public Service Company in Oklahoma.

By Jon McNamara

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