Oklahoma Gas and Electric bill paying programs.

Oklahoma Gas and Electric offers customers payment plans, financial assistance, and referrals. Some resources are run directly by OG&E. Others are run in partnership with the Salvation Army or the federal government, such as LIHEAP. Full details on the bill paying services and resources are below. Or dial 800.272.9741.

Discounts for seniors are offered by a few different programs. Lower income elderly individuals who are 65 years of age or older may qualify for up to a $5 per month credit if they are on the R-TOU, R-VPP and R-CPP rate plans. The credit is offered during the hot Oklahoma summer months.

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Lend A Hand can help customers pay their energy bills. OG&E partners with the Salvation Army to offer residents this resource. It is funded by donations from the community, and anyone can make a tax deductible donation which will go towards helping those in need pay their utility bills. All donations go to qualified low income customers and not to paying administrative fees. The Salvation Army runs Lend-A-Hand and will distribute the money that people donate to help pay for electricity, gas, fuel, air conditioning or firewood for your neighbors in need. You can dial 405.840.073 to learn more or to locate a Salvation Army center in your community.

Average Billing is more of a management plan and not a financial assistance program. It allows customers to know how much their electric bill will be each and every month. Studies show that knowing ahead of time what to expect to pay on your bills can make planning your budget easier. The Average Billing plan from Oklahoma Gas and Electric will level out the amount of a customer’s utility bills and allow a consistent amount to be owed every month.

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Payment Plans can be negotiated. Individuals and families who may struggle in the future, or who are falling behind now, can call the energy company to ask about various payment plans. OG&E will try to work with customers to offer them payment plans and will disconnect service only as a last resort.

In order to prevent a shut off, call and ask for such assistance as a deferred payment agreement. Dial 405.272.9741 to speak to a customer service representative to learn about the various payment arrangements or to learn about public and government assistance.





While every customer is faced with unique challenges, the utility company will take into consideration the outstanding amount due on utility bills, the customer’s ability to pay, specific reasons why the account is past due, your payment history, length of time, and other factors when considering a solution.

In order to remain on an OG&E payment plan, you will need to pay bills within 21 days. Any unpaid accounts will result in your account being shut off. A second notice may be offered in certain situations.

If your service can’t be kept on, then Oklahoma Gas and Electric will work with you to restore your utility service as soon as possible after the original issue has been resolved and some of the bills have been paid. However customers may still need to pay a $35 reconnection fee that will be assessed, and a fee for the deposit will be added to your account too.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is funded by the federal government, but it operates in Oklahoma too. LIHEAP can help people pay bills to stay cool in the summer and also pay winter heating bills. By paying these bills the federal government LIHEAP program can help people reduce the risk of health and safety problems such as eviction, illness, or fire.




LIHEAP may offer OG&E families one or more of the following types of financial assistance or grant programs. Energy crisis assistance to prevent disconnections in a crisis. Also weatherization savings and energy-related home repairs are offered. So both grants are offered to pay bills today, but free eenrgy conservation/weatherization is also offered as a long term solution.

Energy bill assistance is available for everyone, but it is especially important if you have someone in your home who is elderly, disabled or if you have a family who has a young child under 6 years old. In order to apply to and to be put on the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, you need to apply to the Oklahoma Department of Health & Human Services in your county, or your local community action agency.


By Jon McNamara

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