Public Service Company Oklahoma assistance programs.

Several assistance programs and resources are offered by Public Service Company to customers in Oklahoma. The utility company will negotiate payment plans, provide limited amounts of financial assistance, and may help people enroll into federal government programs including LIHEAP and weatherization. They also offer customers of all income levels the availability of budget billing plans and programs.

Payment extensions may be offered for individuals with a disconnect notice. If you are faced with a hardship and are unable to pay your utility bill on time then they may be able to work with you. Public Service Company may provide people more time to get back on track with their account. Call the energy company at 1-877-237-2886 for more information or details.

Customer service representatives from the company really understand that sometimes customers need a little extra time to pay their electric bill. This is one of the big reasons that the payment extension program was created. You will need to work with a customer service representative in order to enter into terms and will need to fulfill the commitment to it. Customers can't miss a payment deadline and need to commit to paying future bills on time. If that's the case, you can request a payment extension or extended payment arrangement by contacting them at 1-877-237-2886.

The company works with other non-profit agencies and the state of Oklahoma to offer the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP. This is an option for very low income Public Service Company of Oklahoma customers. They partner with local community action agencies in towns and cities across the state in an effort to provide grants to low-income residents, seniors, and others who meet qualifications. LIHEAP is one of the main federal government programs offered to provide energy assistance to the needy. You will need to call a local non-profit community action agency to apply.

When you enroll into this service, also explore the free weatherization program. This is available in Oklahoma as well and it can help Public Service Company customers save money on their electric bills. Community action agencies also process applications for this.





Average Monthly Payment Plans or budget billing services are offered as well to Oklahoma families. The program is also known as AMP. While it is not direct financial aid, it will in effect allow Public Service Companies customers the ability to budget their expenses. It will put your monthly utility bills on a more even track, year-round. Customers who enroll into this option will pay the same amount each month based on their average monthly electrical usage. So the Average Monthly Payment Plan will help people spread the costs of their cooling bill over the whole year. It makes budgeting your money during the summer and winter much easier. This is a free service offered to people of all income levels.

Another service can help you prevent the disconnection of a friend or relative. This is known as the Third-Party Notification program and it will help someone avoid electric service disconnection. This is another free service offered by American Electric Power and Public Service Company. It is usually used on accounts of those who are ill, elderly or facing a medical condition. If you enroll, as an authorized third party account holder, you will be able to receive copies of the statement and billings if electric service is at risk of being disconnected due to nonpayment. You do not need to pay the bill but rather are just notified.




By Jon McNamara

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