Assistance paying bills from Oklahoma Natural Gas.

The primary program offered by Oklahoma Natural Gas is Share the Warmth. They also partner with local community action agencies to offer the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) as well as weatherization.

Share The Warmth is administered by the Oklahoma Salvation Army. The program is paid for by customer donations, and it was established as a non-profit organization for the low income and less fortunate. The objective is to help people pay their heating bills during the winter, and any type of financial aid is focused on those people who are faced with an emergency situation.

Oklahoma Natural Gas and the Salvation Army created this program back in the early 1980s, and since then tens of thousands of families have benefited from it. Many people who have had nowhere else to turn have received emergency financial assistance for paying their natural gas bills. Money is available for people who are receiving government aid (such as LIHEAP) or welfare payments.

Applicants will need to be people over 62 years old, families whose immediate cash resources cannot pay for their home heating expenses and the disabled also benefit. Another focus is on families or single parents with children. Applications are accepted by the Salvation Army, and the organization will also determine who is qualified. So applicants will need to work closely with a case worker. All payments made by the Salvation Army will be made directly to Oklahoma Natural Gas on behalf of the person chosen to receive the aid.

The Share the Warmth program helps people regardless of how they heat their home. Any type of funds that are distributed can be used to pay for a variety of expenses, including natural gas, wood, electricity, propane, or other utility bills. So no matter what people use to heat their homes, aid may be available. Find Oklahoma Salvation Army assistance centers.

Apply for help for Oklahoma Natural Gas Share the Warmth

As indicated above, program administration is by the Salvation Army, and you need to apply there. Applicants may want to call in advance, or stop by for additional information, as an in person visit is required. Some of the conditions that need to be met include:





  • Applicants must live in one of the counties or areas of the state that is served by Oklahoma Natural Gas.
  • The customer must be facing a crisis or some form of immediate financial emergency that prevents them from paying home heating costs and natural gas bills.
  • Individuals need to be the person responsible for paying their home heating bills.
  • Share the Warmth is also a program of last resort, and the applicant can’t be receiving additional government aid through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). If you have used up your LIHEAP grants, then you can apply.

Donations to the programs

The program is paid for by donations and contributions, and there are three ways to contribute to the program to help those in need. Individuals can simply check the space designating that you want to contribute a gift to the Share the Warmth program on your monthly Oklahoma Natural Gas bill. Then just add the money to your check. You can contribute as little or as much as you'd like. Every dollar helps, and contributions are tax deductible.

Another option is the Share the Warmth Pledge Program, which is a very convenient way to contribute for people who want to make an automatic monthly payment or who are on the automatic pay program. Customers may designate any amount they choose to, and all funds are added to your bill each month.




Another option available, if you prefer, is to make contributions directly to your local branch of the Salvation Army in Oklahoma, and this can be done by money order or check. Make sure you designate your contribution is to go towards the Share the Warmth program.

Other programs

While share the Warmth is the primary plan offered, struggling or unemployed families can also look into LIHEAP and/or weatherization. There are the main federal funded programs for low income and working poor Oklahoma Natural Gas customers.

The former, LIHEAP, can provide cash grants for paying ongoing energy bills, especially when someone is faced with a crisis and when they pay a large percentage of their income towards their utilities. There is additional funding for keeping the heat on during the winter.

Weatherization is an energy conservation program for Oklahoma Natural Gas customers, and it can help them save money. This is free to homeowners that qualify. Dial your local community action agency in Oklahoma to apply for either of these resources.




By Jon McNamara

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