Idaho cash assistance programs.

Very low income families with children in Idaho as well as single mothers or dads can apply for cash assistance from the TAFI program. This benefit, which is paid for by the federal government and state of Idaho, combines temporary cash assistance along with job programs, training, and money management services.

The dollar amounts involved with the welfare type program are small. Not only that, the cash can be paid out for only 24 months maximum. This is what makes TAFI short term in nature. This is another reason why the work preparation and development is mandatory in Idaho, as when the 24 months is done the family needs to be stable and self-reliant. In other words, they need to be able to pay for their housing, food, energy bills, and all other expenses on their own after 2 years.

Cash from Idaho Health and Welfare offices

Anyone who wants to apply for the Temporary Assistance for Families in Idaho program needs to contact a Health and Welfare office in their community. They will screen all applications, provide details on how TAFI works, and use calculators to determine the amount of monthly payment if qualified. The maximum amount of financial aid is $309 per month. Note if the applicant is older or disabled, they may be referred to the AABD - Aid for Aged, Blind, and Disabled Cash Based Program instead. Or the cash can be combined with food stamps or other welfare type programs.

Generally, the money is provided on an EBT card. Or it can be transferred to a bank account. It will occur on a monthly basis, and usually towards the first day of the month. That will provide the TAFI qualified household adequate time to pay their bills or buy their food for that month.

Note cash assistance in Idaho is only for families with children. This is required as it is part of the TANF program, and TANF mandates that as well. The income guidelines are also very close to poverty levels. All sources of income are factored in when applying, including child support, a job, alimony, SSI disability, and others. TAFI will only be available for very low income families though, and they also need to either have kids under the age of 19 and be pregnant.





There are other qualifications too. The parent needs to be working. Or they need to be in some form of work related activity, such as job training or volunteering while they seek a job. The children also need to be in school as well. So the state of Idaho does want to ensure the children and parents are working towards a better life, and only in those cases will cash be paid out.

Uses of cash from the Idaho TAFI program

If approved for the free cash, the money can go to pay a number of bills. A major use of the money will be for so called “shelter” expenses. That includes everything from energy or heating bills to rent or mortgage payments. Parents often use the cash to buy food as well, and it will be items from a grocery store; TAFI will not pay for restaurant meals. Essential household items including cleaning supplies, clothes, detergent, and other costly items may be bought too.

The Idaho government will also allow the cash to pay for work related expenses. If the parent needs a uniform or clothing for work, or maybe the children need school supplies, that can be purchased. The cash will also help pay for gasoline, car repairs, bus tokens, and similar work expenses.

There are two places to go to apply for cash assistance in Idaho. One is a Health and Welfare office, and those will be in every single county in Idaho. There will be social worker on site for those who made an appointment, and they can review the application and provide more details. The applicant can also be told, based on income and resource calculations, how much cash they can get each month to pay their bills. Or, to learn more, dial the toll free number of 1-877-456-1233 for details on TAFI.




By Jon McNamara

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