Texas TANF cash assistance.

Cash assistance is available in Texas for very low income families or those living in poverty. The program, sometimes referred to as welfare, combines financial aid as well as job training programs for clients. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program in Texas is administered by the Department of Human Services, or DHS.

The average payment for TANF in Texas varies. The local DHS office will calculate it for any qualified applicant, but it can range from about $99 to month up to $414 for a home or apartment with 5 people/children in it. There will be additional financial assistance given to households of 6 or more members, and that can bring total payments up to $500 or higher.

The Texas TANF cash help will not only provide funds to parents with kids, but grandparents as well as caretakers can apply. They will be eligible (if they meet other criteria), and in fact the amount of financial support given to them can be higher that what the standard payment for pother residents would be. But the applicant(s) will still need to meet income as well as asset guidelines that are in place.

All sorts of bills can be paid by the Texas cash assistance program. The money can cover housing type cost (rent, mortgages, phone or utilities). Another big use of TANF is for household supplies as well as food, so the state welfare type aid will help a family buy groceries, clothing, furniture, household cleaning supplies, detergent and similar goods. Some health and medical bills, equipment such as wheelchairs and more can also be covered by TANF.

There is also a crisis component. TANF cash assistance can be paid out on a one-time basis to solve an emergency. If someone is about to lose their power, or be evicted if their rent is not paid, or if they need medical help, all of that may be enough to get the one time payment. Income limits still need to be met by applications, and DHS can approve crisis TANF for other bills too, including car repairs, food, and more.

Requirement for TANF Cash Help in Texas

There are several. First, this is a time limited financial assistance program. The longest timeframe that someone can be enrolled is 60 months, and this is over their entire lifetime. Welfare is intended to be limited in what it can do for any recipient. So once 60 months have been hit, the assistance stops.





Since cash aid from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families will end after a certain timeframe, this means that the individual who is receiving assistance needs to take steps to end any reliance on the program. They will need to participate in everything from job training to finding work, sending out resumes, and be actively looking. A DHS case worker can partner with them on this, and they can also use workforce development centers that the state overseas.

During this process, cash assistance in Texas will pay for some of their employment needs. This can be for child support or local transportation, including bus passes or gasoline. Some of the state’s TANF funds are designated to help the client find a job, and that is what this aid is for.

Another requirement is the children who lives with the family must be going to school and under the age of 18. Cash based assistance is not for childless residents as it is assumed they can work or use other government benefits for their needs so they can pay their bills. The student also needs to be up to date on their vaccinations. One of the main goals of TANF is to encourage stable, two parent households, so the program does provide more cash assistance to those situations.

To apply for cash assistance, there are two phone numbers to call to reach the Texas Department of Human Services or a referral service. They include 512-424-6500 or the toll free number of 877-541-7905 (which is also the 211 number).



By Jon McNamara

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