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Free government car programs.

Federal and state governments provide free cars to a small number of applicants. The programs are for low income families who need it for work, the disabled, senior citizens, and a few other groups of individuals. Find how to get a free car from federal government, local agencies near you, as well as state programs below.

As noted, first and foremost, the assistance programs are not common. There are various criteria and conditions in place for a free government car or voucher to pay for one, including income, savings and asset levels, employment or educational needs, and others. In addition, the grants that pay for new or used car or funded on an annual basis, and the amount of assistance changes each year.

Recipients of a free auto from the government can include, but are not limited too veterans; low income families that need a car for work, school or education; the physically disabled; rural worker communities; single moms; and others. There are also some free government cars from DHS or social services for families who get TANF or SNAP. Each application for a free car grant from the government is assessed on a one-off basis.

Government new or used free car programs

The government car voucher programs are offered in most communities. All applications are accepted by local non-profit organizations near you. They will asses each request for a car, truck, disability adapted-approved vehicle, or some other free government automobile program.

In general, free government cars are available for work or job training needs. These are run in partnership with community action agencies or local social service offices. While the applications for each program will vary, there will generally need to be:




  • Proof of employment or job training, with minimum hours required.
  • Proof of income from all sources, including disability, pensions, child support and more. Free government cars will only be for lower income families.
  • Some exceptional reason is needed, such as is the car for work or a job to improve self-sufficiency. Or some other reasons.

Other criteria will be in place too for a free voucher to get a car from the government. The state at a community action agency can go over the criteria as the programs are limited in scope. Note funding for government automobiles comes and goes, and assistance is limited. Find more details on transportation assistance from community action agencies.

The disabled may be able to get a free government car. They will be adapted to their specific need, whether a physical or mental disability. They can help those with limited mobility or that need help in saying sitting in the car or reaching the gas pedal. All sorts of government cars can be modified for certain disabilities. Whether someone on SSI or SSDI, they may be qualified provided they have limited income or assets.

The federal government will provide funding to local state and non-profits near you. Each state will administer them for their local residents. Read more on how to get disability assistance.

Senior citizens may be eligible for a free government car or maybe transportation. This is generally for health related travel. The old person will also need to (1) be able to drive and (2) have a limited income/assets available too them. Note this form of free transportation or auto programs for senior citizens will be very limited and in some cases interest free loans may be used. Find more information on free transportation or cars for seniors.

Federal government grants for charity car programs

As noted, many of the services and car programs are run locally. There are a few places to try, and they include the following. Each local charity organization has their own terms and conditions.





  • Government subsidized loans can help pay for new or used cars. The main organization is Ways for Work.
  • There is another national charity called Working Cars for Working people, and they rely on federal funding.
  • Dozens of charities in all 50 states also rely on federal government grant funding. This is part of Opportunity Cars. Government car vouchers
  • Repairs may be made in some cases too. Everything from grants to volunteer mechanics or government vouchers may offer this type of help. Find details on grants to fix a car.
  • There may be other local charities or social service agencies that partner with the state or federal government to provide free cars for education, job placement, veterans, or others, such as people who are benefits such as TANF. For more referrals, dial 211.

There are many places that are involved in disbursing government assistance, grants, and other support. While free car programs are not that widely available, it is possible in some cases. The list of resources above can be used to help you find a free government car.

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