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One-Stop Career Centers near you.

People can receive free job training, employment resource and assistance with developing new skills from the the federal government CareerOneStop service. The programs are part of the US Labor Department.  Every state, county, and city has free programs coordinated by One-Stop Career Centers. There are locations listed below in every state and they were created as part of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Learn about services from One-Stop job training career centers near you.

If you are unemployed, or need a better job or higher income/new skills, the One Stop Career centers near you offer a number of services to those who need help. There is also a free customer service number which can be reached at 1-877-872-5627.

A range of assistance programs are offered to job seekers at one central location as part of the One-Stop Career Centers. While additional details on some of the services offered are below, some examples include career counseling, job training referrals, miscellaneous employment-related services and access to job listings. You can stop by a center to meet with a case manager or specialist, or call a location by you. Some of the locations provide services remotely over the internet as well.

Improve your skills from a variety of classes and workshops. Many locations offer English as second language (ESL) classes. Or sign up for money management and/or credit counseling. Other classes can include work readiness and advice on how to best take advantage of on-the-job training opportunities.

Free career and employment services for adults

Adult Education is offered. This can be for people looking to renter the workforce, the unemployed or it can be for senior citizens. For example, clients over the age of 55 can explore the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). The program will allow people to work part time so they can gain experience and also a little bit of income.

The Adult Basic Skills program can provide individuals the opportunity to improve their writing, reading, and general math skills. The services are free to all qualified clients. In addition, if English isn't your first language, then there are ESL classes that people can sign up for as indicated above. The teachers and volunteers at the One-Stop Career Centers can help you learn how to read, write and understand English. Or they can help you improve any of these skills. These classes can be open to immigrants as well as non-English speakers as well. Locate ESL classes for free near you.

One of the main goals is to help people develop skills so they can accurately complete a job application, find a job, learn computer skills, get a GED, and even learn how to become a U.S. citizen. Even find entry level jobs for those with a high school degree and not advanced training. Many adults may find it difficult to go back to school, so teachers are well trained in providing assistance.




Apprenticeship information and one the job training from One Stop Centers

Occupational training can help people get the basic skills for a job in a new field. Some of these jobs are even able to be worked from home on a part time basis. One-Stop Career Centers may directly offer, or coordinate with local employers, apprenticeships, on-the-job and vocational training, mentoring, and more. Or they provide information even on methods such as selling your hair for cash and other innovate ways to make an income. If you are trying to find a job in a so called high demand occupation, then you can apply for a grant to use to pay for additional training in one of these fields.

On the Job Training (OJT) will usually be available in partnership with local employers, government agencies, or non-profit organizations. OJT is a subsidized employment opportunity which will place an individual with an employer. Once hired by a private or public company, the candidate will receive training that provides them with the knowledge/skills essential to perform the job adequately and to meet the employer’s expectations.

Vocational education classes are yet another way for people to learn the skills needed for today’s high demand occupations. They are even more relevant for a side hustle or gig economy job. This includes, but is not limited to, electronic technology, nursing, medical technician, truck driving, medical/dental assistant, computer programming, construction trades, and other occupations. Many of these higher demand occupations or side hustle job opportunities offer employees good, livable wages and also career advancement opportunities. One Stop Centers can offer information on the opportunities.

Apprenticeships are yet another valuable resource. Qualified clients can learn a highly skilled occupation through a local and regional apprenticeship program with local employers. These programs operate in most states, town, and counties. They are also generally operated on a voluntary basis by a "sponsor", which will be a local employer.

There are a wide variety of apprenticeship programs, including for seniors, teenagers or youth, the disadvantaged, immigrants and others. One-Stop Centers can direct clients to them, based on their needs and background. Continue reading about what is an apprenticeship.





One Stop Career Center high school and college programs

Referrals to colleges and information on the right school to attend for your field can be located as well. The centers allow customers the ability to search for schools and organizations that provide education, occupational and job training opportunities to students. You can also get information on scholarships and educational grants that can help you pay for this education.

GED and high school diploma resources are available. If you have never finished high school and want to get your GED, you can get information on the process. Learn the facts on how to study for the GED, where you can take it, and more.

Many of the centers offer classes that can help students of any age prepare for the GED test and specialists can guide you through the process. Locations may also hold works shops or offer clients one on one tutoring to help them pass any tests. Studies show that after someone gets their GED it will open doors for them. They will more than likely be able to find better jobs, increase their income or even further their education. GED preparation classes are offered in almost all states.

Assistance in finding a job or career at a center

The National Work Readiness Credential is offered across the country. It is a web-based assessment that uses real-world scenarios and examples in order to demonstrate that job candidates have the basic workplace skills that most employers list as essential. The focus is on entry-level work which can help people set foot into a new job. Candidates obtaining the National Work Readiness Credential can help prove to employers that they have the knowledge, skills and ability to succeed in entry-level jobs, regardless of the field.

Computer Based Training is also offered and is critical to obtaining a well paying job in today’s workplace. Understanding the ins and outs of the latest software and computer systems can open up doors for candidates. Considering that many schools and centers now offer their vocational programs on line, having a computer may help people upgrade their from your own home. Even learn about blogging job opportunities.

Resume review and interviewing skills can be enhanced at a center. Clients will be able to meet with a staff member to go over and improve their resume. Or when you have that first job interview lined up go through a practice trial run in order to get experience and feedback.

Non-traditional careers

One Stop Job Centers can also offer resources for gig workers, freelancers, contractors and others. There are an increasing number of “non-traditional  jobs in the workforce. They can give employees more flexibility, but there are also downsides to them. Regardless, the staff at a One Stop Career Center can help. There are income opportunities for stay at home moms, smartphone applications, information on how to make money from a website, internet business ideas and much more.

With more freelance jobs and gig economy “careers” out there, the staff at One Stop Centers can provide advise, tips, and assistance in this field as well. These types of jobs are more flexible and can be a second or third career, even though the benefits and income may vary. Read more about freelance jobs.





One Stop Career Center locations near you and state employment programs

Each state has dozens of One-Stop Career Centers in it. They also provide referrals to other job programs that may be more local to the client if needed as well. To get more information, or to find a center near you, dial 877-872-5627, or use the state list below.

The One-Stop Career Center program as well as government system is available nationwide. Find details on the government onestop website for an ongoing list of jobs and resources too. All services are coordinated and run in partnership with the federal government Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration (ETA).





















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