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How to make money as a stay at home mom or parent.

There are a number of ways that stay-at-home moms can make some extra money. Some require minimal time and other opportunities may be more involved. There are always ways that stay at home mothers can quickly, and simply, save money, which in effect is just as effective as making money. Find a list of smart phone applications, side gig/hustle or freelance jobs, part time work from home positions, cash rebate websites and more. There are even ways that stay-at-home parents as well as moms can turn one or more of their hobbies into cash.

Moms who make decision to stay at home to care for their kid(s) in effect have one of, of not the hardest, jobs in the world. Caring for one or more children can be very stressful and hard work, even though it comes with benefits too. However, many stay at home moms, including single mothers, also do often want to continue to work some.

Maybe to make a few extra dollars to pay their bills. Or maybe they want to keep their career skills up, or they just want to interact with others and try something different. There are also non-profits that will help moms re-enter the workforce when the time comes. No matter the reason for wanting to work, there are a number of part or full time, as well as freelance or contract type work from home jobs that can be done as well as returnship programs to get back into a career. More on return to work programs for moms.

Smart phone apps for moms and stay at home parents

One of the easiest ways for anyone to make extra money, whether a work at home mom or dad or quite frankly anyone, is to use technology. There are a number of applications for iPhones as well as Android phones that can be used to make money.

Maybe the main benefit to using a smartphone application is ease of use as well as the fact they are free to use. The apps make it very easy for a stay at home mom to make an income or save on their household expenses. There are apps that allow mothers to make money (which they can use for their bills or save). Or some apps focus on things like coupons, rebates, cash back for shopping, etc. – all of which can help anyone, including stay at home dads or moms improve their financial situation.

Smartphone apps won’t provide a parent who is staying at home with children a ton of money, but they are quick and simple to use. There are apps for iPhones, Android, Samsung, and really all phones.  Here are some examples of them.




A stay at home mom can make money from Points2Shop or Viggle, both of which pay people for watching videos online - even your kids can participate. There are apps that pay mothers or fathers (among others, for playing games or taking surveys, such as Inbox Dollars or Swagbucks. While it can be very hard for a stay-at-home mom to find time to exercise, there are even smartphone applications that pay for that as well, such as Sweatcoin or Dietbet.

There are many other apps for both Android and iPhones that allow you to make money or cash rebates. Some even allow teenagers or other kids to make some extra money as well. Always read the terms and conditions, as must do collect data on the use of the app, as that is how the companies can offer to pay people for using them. Read about how free apps can provide cash or savings.

Stay at home parents can try to set up a passive income stream. This is when technology, or even a hobby, can turn in a form of recurring monthly income that pay you monthly. For example, you can use a website to “sell” advertisement on your car, and you collect the cash each month. If you like taking pictures, list them on Shutterstock and other individuals may pay you on a recurring basis to use your images. There are a number of passive income opportunities for stay at home mothers, and it is great to collect a paycheck each month. Find a list of passive income resources.

Work from home jobs for moms or dads

Some employers, as well as positions, offer more flexibility than others to stay at home dads or moms. Maybe they allow the employee to work from home or work hours of the day that do not impact any child or home care duties. Or maybe there are weekend jobs for stay at home moms or similar potions offered by some businesses. Here are a few suggestions.

Freelance jobs may be a great option for stay-at-home parents. There are companies such as,, Thumbtack, Fiverr and others. These all have pros and cons as well as different income opportunities. Learn more on, and get tips on making money on Fiverr.

Most of the online freelance services and platforms cater to flex work or those with changing schedules or family obligations. A number of different technology platforms and applications have freelance or work from home jobs for moms. Find freelance jobs for moms or dads.





Part time or contract work may be an option. Companies from small businesses with several employees to multi-nationals will usually have some contract and/or part time jobs available, and many try to accommodate the schedule of a stay at home mom. Some of the major providers include or Alpine Access, (which as customer support jobs for work from home jobs.)

There are a number of places that a stay-at-home parent can look to for freelance or contact work. A number of websites and smartphone apps cater to this market. Find freelance websites to use to look for work.

Hobbies that stay-at-home moms can make money with

Many people have a “dream” of being able to make a few dollars (or more!) from a hobby. While of course it is not easy, it is possible. There are some hobbies that are more likely to turn into an income or side gig, or maybe even an eventual full-time job. Some of those that may be ideas for a mom who is staying at home with the kids include the following.

Stay at home moms can make money from activities such as reading, writing, or blogging. You can even set a good example for your kids by maybe involving them in the reading/writing activities. The are websites such as,, or set up your own blog using a free service such as WordPress. Or write simple, quick book reviews for some extra money.

Stay at home mothers can also involve themselves in arts and crafts. Many families do this as a hobby from home, and you can sell the items on websites such as, Etsy, Amazon or others. Find arts and crafts websites to make money using, and stay at home dads and moms can use them and even turn it into a family activity.Make money as a stay at home mom

It is possible to also clear out items from your house, and sell stuff for cash. As an example, maybe you and your children (or partner) have old items in the garage or attic they never use, or have not used in years. Maybe you have old cardboard boxes, books, etc. A stay at home mom or dad can start to clear out there house and sell products on websites such as, WhiteMountainBiodiesel, and others. Find how to turn surplus household stuff into cash.

There are other hobbies that a stay at home mom can turn into a side hustle or extra income. Cooking, thrift store shopping/reselling, and many more. Learn how to make money from a hobby.

Ways for stay at home moms or dads to save money – equals income

Most of the resources listed above are for making money. But as any parent knows, it can be just as effective to save money. After all, a dollar saved is even more than a dollar earned (as you need to pay taxes on your income).

That being said, there are many ways for a stay-at-home mom or dad to save money. Or maybe get free gift certificates, coupons, or other financial benefits that can help the household budget. There is everything from websites that give discount codes for shopping to coupon or smartphone apps that quickly and easily can help your family save money such as Mealime or Ibbotta. Another combination of website/smart phone app is or SnipSnap.







Stay at home moms can also save money on their other bills, such as use health care apps to save money on doctor visits from apps such as Healthtapp. There are also prescription drug savings from Needymeds or cashback websites and apps including Rakuten or Honey. All of these technology tools allow stay at home mothers and fathers to quickly save money (or make a rebate or get a coupon) for shopping and other activities they often participate in daily. Find smartphone applications that save moms money while shopping.

Stay at home parents can make or save money

It can be difficult for a stay-at-home mom (or dad) to find time to work or make money, as most parents set their children as being their priority. But there are some flexible, freelance, or even hobbies that allow parents to make some extra money. No time for that? That is OK. As stay at home moms can also use these resources, such as website extensions, apps, etc. to save money. As it is always important to remember that a dollar saved is a dollar earned (even more so when considering taxes).


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