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Make and sell arts and crafts for cash on these marketplaces.

It is possible to make items at home and sell them for cash on a large number of websites. Make arts and craft at home, paint, create gift cards, and there are really countless things that can be made at home for extra money. Find some of the online market place websites below that are great for selling crafts, arts, and more.

What we have listed below is also of course in addition to the major websites that everyone knows about, such as Ebay, Amazon, and Criagslist.Those are of course available for selling almost anything, including arts and crafts. They also allow storefronts to be created and more.  You will find details below on marketplaces that focus on arts, crafts, jewelry, soap, and items that are often made from home. This concept, of making small crafty items, paintings, etc. can be done by both beginners and advanced people. It can be an extra source of income for stay at home moms, a retiree who is starting a second career, and many others.

Another thing to keep in mind when using a arts and crafts focused website is it can, be doesn’t need to be, a primary source of income. Many people paint from home. Or maybe they make crafty toys for kids, statues, soap, and many other handmade products as a side business or even hobby. The sites below allow you to monetize those skills.

Marketplaces that focus on arts and crafts

If you are a creative and crafty person, you can make arts and crafts and paid to do what you love. It is a low-cost business to start from home. Below are some marketplaces to sell art and other handmade goods.

Etsy: A marketplace for creative goods. Etsy supports creative entrepreneurs by offering low fees, education and powerful tools to grow their business. It only takes 0.20 cents to become a seller on Etsy, and that is per item.  You can sell all sort of creative goods on Etsy, including handmade clothing, jewelry, crafts, soaps, vintage items, and many others.





Etsy is the most prominent name online for crafters and independent artists. You're charged a one-time fee of 20 cents to add a new item to your store, but you can stock as many of them as you like with no further costs. The only other fee for most users is a 3.5% transaction fee on each total sale.

Etsy is popular with those who would prefer not to use PayPal, as they've developed their own in-house payment system. And while the primary Etsy store is free, you can opt to create a stand-alone store with a custom URL through their "Pattern" service for $15 a month. - An artistic marketplace and community that brings buyers and sellers together. Artfire was built by artisans for creative people to appreciate and celebrate the unique creativity. The marketplace is mostly used by artists and crafters, but they are based around the world and in the US too. It allows people to even work from their home to sell creative items for some extra cash.

It is an e-commerce platform for artists to sell their goods. You can choose to sell handmade products, fine art, paintings, vintage, and other designed items. Create your own personalized shop on Artfire for just $4.95 per month with up to 250 active listing. There is 0.23 cents fee per listing.

Like Etsy, Artfire restricts sellers to select categories, such as handmade or vintage items. The site requires members to maintain a monthly subscription. The most inexpensive is $5 per month, but at that rate, there is an added 23 cent fee for each new item type you add, as well as a 9% final value fee. The next step up is $20 per month, but it eliminates the listing fees and reduces the final value fee to 3% (as well as adding several tools and features).





Stornevy's "marketplace" fees are slightly higher than other options -- a 10% final value fee on sales, plus you'll have to accept payment fees from PayPal and Stripe. No monthly subscription is required to access all of the site's features and tools, however. The marketplace is also merely an advertising option that you can opt out of if you're driving traffic to your store from somewhere else. If you don't list on their marketplace and just stick to creating - A global community powered by independent artists, vintage collectors, and crafters. Join over 50,000 artists, crafters, and vintage collectors to gain exposure to millions of people across the globe, while earning cash for your work.

With Zibbet, you have your own custom website and store, as well as access to the marketplace. There will also be powerful, seamless integration on your website and inventory.

You can choose from three seller plans on Zibbet. The starter plan is $4 per month, and you can sell up to 50 items, with four images per item for that fee. The Pro plan is $8 per month, sell unlimited items, along with coupons and discount features. The unlimited Zibbet plan is $16 per month, with advanced stats, access to premium themes and the option to remove  Zibbet branding from your site. All Zibbet plan comes with a custom domain, with no listing or transaction fees. These plans also have multi-currency support in over 130 countries, and your items can be sold across the globe.

Zibbet is a smaller-scale Etsy clone but is less restrictive of the types of products that can be listed. The fee structure is the other big difference. Zibbet asks for monthly subscriptions rather than transaction fees. You can register up to 10 item types for free, but after that, you'll have to move to a paid subscription. Unlimited listings start at $10 per month.

The site doesn't charge transaction fees, but you'll have to use PayPal or Stripe so that you may be subject to credit card payment fees made through those services. - A handmade only marketplace for jewelry, home decor, artwork, and other unique hand-crafted items. There is a one-time registration fee of  $25 and three subscription package that includes a starter plan for $5, a professional plan for $10 and an elite plan for $15 per month. - An online marketplace that is focused on quality American-handmade products. Artists can sell clothing, paper goods, kids and baby items, home & furnishing goods, arts, and handicrafts products, jewelry and accessories.  It is free on aftcra to list your products and set up a custom shop, once your product gets sold, there is a 7% transaction fee. - Create a free gallery on ArtPal and earn 95-100% for your artwork whenever your items gets sold, with no membership fees. All sorts of goods can be considered to be “art” and sold. At ArtPal, you will instantly get paid for your work and funds are directly transferred to you, with no effort on your part.





As an artist or collector, you can choose to sell original artwork or Print-On-Demand-Service. ArtPal takes care of all the printing and shipping at no cost. You may choose to sell paintings, photography, prints, handmade jewelry, crafts and many more. There is no membership on ArtPal, whenever your item gets sold, ArtPal will take 5% commission, and you will earn 95%.

Those are the leading marketplaces for arts and craft sellers. They specialize in those fields, and they are of course in addition to the biggest websites of Ebay, Shopify, Amazon, Craiglist, and others which can also be used by creative people. While these tend to be focused on more creative type people, they still provide a number of people the ability to sell items for extra cash.

By Jon McNamara

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