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How to make money on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a popular online platform on which individuals can sell their services. The website, which is mostly used by freelancers, can be an effective way to make a little extra money, often from part time and/or at homework. Learn more on how Fiverr works below, what the site does and find tips as well as pros and cons below.

From graphic design to writing to video editing, freelancers of all sorts have the opportunity to ply their trade on Fiverr to make extra money. Many single mothers use it for the flexibility, and it can be a great option for the elderly, disabled, entry level workers or those looking to make extra money with flexibility. It can also be a great way to gain new skills. While the Fiver experience can be a mixed bag, there are plenty of freelance sellers who make serious money on the site.

Note that Fiverr can also be combined with other online or offline services, such as smartphone or website applications, passive income opportunities, grant opportunities and more – all of these can be ways to make free money. As far as Fiverr, below are several of the things worth knowing if you are interested in trying the freelancing platform out to make a little extra money.

Best ways to make money on Fiverr

1. Fiverr is well-suited to beginners. Good news -- if you are new to freelancing, Fiverr is a great place to start. One of the main alternatives to Fiverr is Upwork. However, in contrast to Fiverr, Upwork places a greater emphasis on long-term projects. While that is great for freelancers who are already established, it makes things harder for newbies looking for their first job. Getting a client to take a flier on you is easier on Fiverr, which makes the site great for gaining experience and learning skills. There are other entry level job programs too, and find them here.

2. It can provide flexibility. Fiverr can be a great option for people who are looking for flexibility. The service can be used on a part or full time basis. Single moms or dads who want flexibility may benefit from the service as they can do the work at different times of the day. In addition, at home work can be great for people who want to re-enter the workforce, such as retirees, people over 50 and the like.

3. Many buyers are interested in low-cost services. As a platform, Fiverr is well-suited to freelance sellers who can complete work at a relatively high rate. Efficient, volume-oriented production can be a good pathway to success on Fiverr. That doesn't mean that there aren't buyers willing to pay more; it's just that they aren't quite the norm.




4. Services are offered on an on-demand basis. Once you set up a gig on Fiverr, clients are allowed to immediately purchase your service, no negotiation or discussion required. This simplifies the process for both buyers and sellers, potentially saving a lot of time. This system does mean that freelancers must be prepared to handle orders promptly.

5. Gig extras are important to making more money. Sellers on Fiverr set a base price for each gig on top of which they can offer additional services, which are called extras. Extras are useful for sellers because they allow them to bring in more money per order. As in business in general, being able to charge more allows a business to scale up more easily. There are a number of offline or online gig opportunities out there that may be applicable to Fiverr. Find more details on online gig jobs to do from home.

6. Images are an important element of your profile. Fiverr is much more visually oriented than other freelance platforms. You should upload quality, aesthetically-pleasing images. A profile that portrays a serious, competent, professional persona is essential to attracting buyers. It's best to upload a high-quality profile picture that clearly displays your face.

7. Using SEO tactics in your profile is smart. SEO is an acronym standing for search-engine optimization. Applying SEO to the written portions of your profile will help you get more clicks from prospective buyers. While SEO can be complicated, the simple version is to include keywords oriented around the services you are offering on your profile.

8. Responding to messages promptly is important. Fiverr uses a variety of metrics to assess freelancers. While a seller's reputation (the ratings given to them by clients on the platform) is obviously important, another vital metric is response rate. Fiverr expects freelancers to respond to every -- yes, every -- message within 24 hours. Falling below a 90% response rate is unacceptable.





9. Deadlines are just that. Deadlines are not merely suggestions on Fiverr. Fiverr's business model is built on providing buyers with a reliable service. That means freelancers must prioritize working efficiently and tackling projects promptly. The platform does feature a vacation mode feature that allows you to avoid having new work piled on when you aren't ready for it.

10. Things can be slow at first. Fiverr is built around seller reputations. Sellers with high ratings and lots of experience will, of course, get a lot more business. That doesn't mean you can't land a job as a beginner, it just means it might not happen immediately. Getting that first sale or first contractor opportunity (and the accompanying positive rating, of course) is crucial. From there, momentum can often build quickly.

11. It probably makes sense to start off selling at a low price. Since those first few positive reviews that establish your reputation are the key to long-term success on Fiverr, it's smart to prioritize just getting work over maximizing profits at first. That is why it makes sense to initially offer gigs at a relatively modest price point. Then increase fees as your momentum grows and you get more business.

12. Time spent on Fiverr is key to success. Like with most endeavors, Fiverr rewards people who put in the time. This is particularly so since sellers are limited on how many gigs and extras can be offered at first. As they complete more gigs and make more money, a freelancer advances in levels, with each new level allowing more gigs and extras. Finding loyal customers takes time too, naturally.

Fiverr isn't for everyone, to be sure. Some freelancer sellers end up loving the site and making a lot of money, while others have quite the opposite experience. However, the site is worth giving a try for freelancers. For any freelancer who plans to sign up for Fiverr, being aware of the 11 facts presented above is important.


By Jon McNamara

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