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Turn your trash and old junk into money.

Selling household clutter (some may call it trash) for cash is a great way to make a little extra money. It is possible to sell cardboard, old books, recyclables, older batteries, unused coupons, junk or household stuff. Find how to sell your old junk / clutter and make money from it.

Trash can turn out to be useful stuff that be reused or sold for money, which is a mindful way to keep the world clean and livable as it will be reused in some capacity. Or you can earn money from receipts, unused coupons, cardboard, household clutter and many other things. As they say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." And, most likely if you see a $5 or $10 bill on the sidewalk, you would pick it up. Locate online platforms to list your clutter at or other ways to make money from your trash.

Turning old stuff in your home or recyclables into cash

Cardboard Boxes: Americans love online retail, convenience and the "just-got-a-gift" feeling of packages arriving at our doorstep. It is possible to sell those cardboard boxes, whether from online retail or other sources. If you recently shopped online, moved or have cardboards around the house, you can turn your cardboards into cash by selling it to the following companies:

  • This company "rescue" used boxes and offer free shipping. Boxes will be returned to the distribution center and resell to customers and businesses across the US.  Instead of throwing out your cardboards for free, you can make extra cash. You can sell all sort of boxes, and there are no delivery or pickup fees.
  • A marketplace for used cardboard boxes with a mission to eliminate environmental impact. All boxes are accepted, and you can make a few to several dollars per box.
  • A dedicated website that buys and resell reusable packaging and containers. If you have extra storage bins, plastic totes, wood crates, garbage bins, metal containers or any other packaging that you are planning to get rid of, you can recycle it for extra cash. Container Exchanger will provide you with free listings and exposure to a nationwide network to sell recycle items.

Sell Old Magazines or Books: it is possible to sell a used book online. In addition, your old magazines could worth a lot on eBay. For instance, a copy Beeton's Christmas Annual 1887 was sold for $156,000 in 2007, and Marilyn Monroe Playboy is worth $4,500 in good condition. Or use a website to swap them for other magazines you may enjoy. In addition to the major websites of Ebay, etc., some niche ways to make money from old books include as well as




Handwritten Journals/Diaries: People write journals and diaries to document events from their lives, and it helps to relieve pain, sorrows and to cherish beautiful memories. Written material is never trash - there is always some value to it. Writing can be therapeutic after a lousy day or event.

  • If you have old journals or diaries around the house, you can sell it on eBay or antique shops. People buy strangers diaries on the internet to learn about other people's lives, and it can be a fascinating read. You can list any old letters and handwritten books on eBay. People enjoy reading old letters and journals, and old diaries are worth more than you think. For instance, Rowland Freeman Diary 1800's is almost worth $3,000.

Old Wood: If you recently remodeled your home or apartment with extra pieces of old woods laying around, you can recycle it for extra cash on It is possible to sell all types of wood, no matter the condition it is in. Barn owners and suppliers with reclaimed wood materials can also apply.

Empty Bottles and Cans: If you are a resident of California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, NYC, Oregon or Vermont, you can earn up to 15 cents to recycle empty bottles and cans and up to 30 cents for aluminum. You can find recycling centers next to supermarkets, local businesses or by google search for recycling centers near your "zipcode."

Toilet Roll Tubes: Many savvy sellers are earning money from selling toilet roll tubes on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. These paper tubes are not trash, but rather are used for arts, crafts, and school projects. You can earn $25 + for 77 toilet paper tubes. Paper towel tubes can be listed as well. This is a great way to add some cash to your wallet while being resourceful to the environment.

Sell junk mail, coupons or receipts for money

Store receipts can be turned into cash Nearly all of us shop on a regular basis, and we receive receipts as proof of transaction. And, most of the time, these receipts get thrown away, resulting in more trash. To reduce waste, you can save your receipts and earn cash. Companies will pay out some money for market research reasons or they will turn your old receipts into rebates for others.





  • The best places to sell old receipts for money include by scanning it on mobile apps or websites such as, Receipt Hog (a smart phone app), and You can earn extra money on these apps by scanning your store receipts. Instead of trashing your receipts, you can save it for expense reimbursements, budgeting, tax deductions, or merchandise returns/exchanges.

Sell old coupons: Coupons could save you money but also could make you money. There are thousands of coupon listing on eBay. For instance, $50 Marlboro coupons with savings of over $150 can be sold for $15. Find a list of websites that give free coupons.

Recycling Junk Mail: Many companies will pay you for your junk mails such as unwanted newsletters, magazines, and other promotional materials. You will be rewarded with prizes, gift cards and PayPal cash for your junk mail. Visit the following websites of or to recycle your junk mail and earn cash

Sell junk  clutter for moneyGift cards: It is possible to sell gift cards or trade them in. Over the years and decades, more people turn to giving family or friends gift cards, however some recipients would rather have the money and not the card. Or maybe they just do not like the card provided or where they need to use it. Rather than throwing out an old unusred card into the trash, sell them. Learn about

Turn old electronic stuff into cash

Ink cartridges: Each year, millions of cartridges and toners are thrown in the trash which ends up in landfills. Recycling empty cartridges will help to reduce solid waste, raw materials, the energy needed to produce a new product and even saving millions of tax dollars that will be required for additional landfill management. Some companies such as Staple will pay for cartridges or visit for a monthly check for empty laser, toner and inkjet cartridges.

Used Batteries: Batteries are used around the house to power remote controls, flashlights, video games consoles, and other devices. It is also used in medical environments, health devices, and emergency responders. They tend to fill up landfills, but they too can be a source of extra cash.

  • Batteries are easily thrown into the trash or forgotten, which can be extremely dangerous and disposable batteries can potentially start fires and it can be very toxic and can cause contamination of water. You can recycle batteries (9-Volt, AAA, cell phone batteries, etc.) and earn easy money per battery. There is a network of over 30,000 recycling centers in the US. For battery disposal, visit or




Many other older electrical products can be sold as well. There are multiple online marketplaces, companies that buy older “junkier” computers and other ways to get rid of the items. Learn more on electronics for money.

Other clutter to sell for money

Clothes and household junk into extra money:  There are many ways to sell older or unused clothes, household clutter, or other household stuff. Of course physical thrift stores are in countless communities, and include Goodwill, St. Vincent and others. But there are many online marketplaces to sell old clothing items that you may consider junky or out of style.

  • Online places to sell old clothes, accessories or household clutter: Again, there are the major sites of Craiglist or ebay, but more niche websites include as well as They allow all sorts of items to be sold such as bags, older clothes, shoes and more. Learn more on how to sell on online marketplaces.
  • Physical thrift stores: These locations generally are more diverse in the type of junk that can either be sold to them or recycled. Goodwill may pay cash for furniture, small appliances, clothes, and countless other items. There are also Salvation Army stores, church thrift stores and more. Find a thrift store near you to sell or buy at.

Hair: Yes, you can sell your hair for extra money. Do it with each cut, or let your hair grow long and then sell it. Or give it to charity, It is another source of quick and easy cash, and read more on making cash from your hair.

Reusing garbage or trash to save money

Used Cooking Oil: The best foods are made with cooking oil, and leftover cooking oil is usually poured into the kitchen sink. However, this can be hazardous to the water system since oil can develop free radicals, which can affect our cells. Also, oil and grease can cause sewer blockage, which can be costly to fix. Turn your leftover cooking oil into cash by using oil recycled programs. Visit, or to learn more.

Diapers: Old clothes can be used to make cloth diapers.  A baby can go through thousands of diapers before being fully toilet trained. Homemade cloth diapers are eco-friendly and will save you hundreds of dollars on diapers. Make them to earn some cash. And, it is an excellent way to reuse old clothing. Or find charities that give free diapers or pampers.







Spoiled/Unused/Leftover Food: Wasting food is an ecological and economic problem. Millions of children and low income families are also going hungry, and it is a sin to waste a meal or groceries. By throwing away food, you are also tossing out money. This is a source of “trash” that can be put to such good use. This can be used for garden compost. Gardening is a great way to save money on your grocery bill. As perishable trash can become valuable soil over time via composting. Even for those in the Northeast regions– gardening can be performed during the spring/summer months to save money on food. Or give it to a food bank.

Fabric scrap: If you have pieces of fabric scrap type trash around your house, you can use it to make crafty projects that can be sold on Etsy and other online marketplaces. Colorful cloth can be used to make fabric keychains, bookmarks, memory games for kids, decorative hair bows and pins.

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