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Assistance programs Bexar County and San Antonio.

Find where low income Bexar County and San Antonio families will get financial assistance for bills as well as free stuff. Locate emergency funds from charities or churches to help pay utility bills, rent, housing, or medical needs.  They also will give out free food or household supplies, gasoline or hotel vouchers, and attorneys that offer free legal aid, including for immigrants. Find more details on financial assistance near you in Bexar County TX and San Antonio.

Other resources are offered too. There are also dozens of charities, as noted below, that offer financial help or grant money in San Antonio TX and the county. Get assistance from government such as free grant money to help with bills. Or learn where to get free prescription eye glasses, school supplies, furniture, Christmas toys, a car for work and other free stuff in the San Antonio area.

Community Action Program financial help in Bexar County

If you live in the San Antonio area or Bexar County, the Community Service Program is an organization that provides emergency financial assistance for bills. Staff also offer counseling and case management services. The programs are designed to both improve the immediate individual and family needs of residents of San Antonio and Bexar County, and to also ensure people get what they need for their long term success. Services provided by this organization include:

  • Emergency Rental Assistance and Help With Security Deposits
  • Emergency Utility Bill Assistance, including gas, water, and electric
  • Free Groceries, Meals as well as Food Aid
  • Free Prescription Drugs
  • Water Conservation Program and Water Bill Assistance
  • SAWS Affordability Discount Program Application (Download)
  • Disability Public Assistance Program
  • Counseling, Information, Referral, and Follow-up Assistance
  • Case Management Assistance with Bus Tickets and Transportation
  • Mortgage Assistance and Foreclosure Prevention Services
  • Ways to deal with debt, including settlement and debt consolidation
  • Project Warm
  • Miscellaneous items
  • Form Preparation (Social Security, job applications, TANF, Food Stamp forms), Interpretation of documents in Spanish and English.




The Community Service Program has 8 offices and locations throughout the San Antonio and Bexar County area. Dial 210-207-7830 to inquire which CSP center is nearest to you and serves your residential zip code.

Free stuff, financial assistance programs for bills or housing and other aid

Endeavors offers support. Many individuals or families, including veterans, Spanish speakers as well as immigrants, need some short term assistance to make it through an emergency or hardship. The Emergency Solutions Grant from the federal government provides support. Based on an allotment that takes places each year, there may be emergency assistance and financial grants that can be used to help with hardship or crisis situations.

For example, receive food, money for security deposits referrals, rent and energy bill help. Senior citizens recreational programs are also available in San Antonio. A non-profit known as Endeavors is a leading organization, and dial 210-431-6466. The address is 6363 De Zavala Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249.

Local and national churches provide help in Bexar County. The assistance is limited, and wide ranging, but the parishes can assist families living in poverty, immigrants, Spanish speakers, women, and others. Programs may include the following, but each church has their own focus.

  • Food pantries and soup kitchens feed the hungry in the San Antonio area.
  • A church may have money for certain bills, such as rent, electric, or prescriptions.
  • Free gift cards may help pay for hygiene supplies.
  • Volunteers may drive someone to an appointment, help fix a car, and offer other care.
  • Many other services may be available. As an example, find churches that help pay bills.

Last, but not least, the San Antonio and Bexar County Salvation Army will from time to time have funds that can be used to pay rent, utility bills, provide free food and clothing, as well as other forms of aid. A number of other social services are provided too.

For example, the Salvation Army is a great place to call for one or more of the following. Free food from a pantry. Vouchers for prescription medications. Programs for senior citizens, including information on health care and home delivered meals. They also provide students (from K-12) back to school supplies and children free Christmas toys (or food baskets). Dial the Salvation Army at 210-352-2000, or learn more details on financial help from Bexar County Salvation Army, and find more resources.





Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc. also offers a crisis intervention program, counseling, family and children services. They also offer programs for seniors as well as immigrants and/migrant workers. Limited amounts of financial assistance is offered too. Aid is offered for seniors and veterans, including rent help, energy bills, and medications.

Families that meet low income guidelines may receive free fans, income tax filing help from Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, food, and clothing. Christmas meals and gifts may be distributed to families with children as well. Another focus is on helping people find jobs and gain new skills. Read more on Bexar County Catholic Charity programs, or call their main center at. 210-222-1294.

Receive short term emergency assistance (such as clothes, holiday gifts and meals, and limited financial help for bills) from the Ella Austin Community Center. The location is a multi-purpose social service agency that provides family emergency services, child development, youth advocacy, nutrition, family counseling, education, and activities and resources for seniors. Phone number 210-224-2351.

Housing Works / Alamo Resource Center -  The organization is for those Bexar County residents with AIDS or HIV. There is also support for their immediate family members. It can provide funds to pay rent, coordinate job or vocational training, and provide other support.

Other assistance is offered too. It can help people by providing rental and utility assistance, meals, case management, medical transportation and assessments/referrals for other programs. In addition, work with a counselor for provides housing location assistance, free legal services, assistance in filling out government assistance program applications, such as social security. the center is at 527 N. Leona, San Antonio, TX 78207, dial (210) 358-9995.

The W.A.R.M program, which stands for (Project Winter Assistance Relief Mobilization) program, was designed to assist City Public Service rate payers. Get can provide them utility rate relief and financial aid. It focuses on discounts and non-monetary support.

It is a collaborative effort between the Community Action Division, San Antonio Water Systems, the Association of Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors (PHCC) and also the Association of Plumbing Distributors. Together they will assist low and moderate income families with needed but unaffordable plumbing repairs. There is also help for the disabled as well as elderly.

By repairing/replacing faulty equipment or fixing leaks in a timely manner, families and individuals are able to avoid more costly and physically threatening damage while the city as a whole preserves its most precious resource, its water supply. Call 210-2027-7830 or 210-335-6770 to apply for this program.

Free transportation programs, including cars, are offered in San Antonio TX for qualified low-income families. The automobiles, including a truck or car, are focused on employment reasons. The programs are limited in scope. There may be help for single moms, seniors, grants for veterans and others. Learn more on where to get a free car.





St. PJ's Project Ayuda Program offers rental assistance. The agency offers a homeless prevention grant that will help those that are at risk of eviction and pending disability with a one time partial payment of their back rent. The Project also has a rapid rehousing grant that will help only former foster care youth that are qualified and currently homeless. The location is 919 Mission Rd, San Antonio, TX 78210. Call the non-profit at 210-533-1203.

GRASP (Greater Randolph Area Services Program) (phone number 210 658-6351) is funded by a variety of local sources, including the United Way. The GRASP programs offer emergency financial aid and assistance to those Bexar County families that are experiencing a household crisis or short term emergency, and who live in areas of Bexar, San Antonio or Guadalupe Counties.

  • If you apply for help and are determined to be eligible, households will receive emergency assistance and cash grants for paying rent, utilities and air conditioning bills, food, prescription medicine and medical bills. In addition, the GRASP Thrift Shop provides free clothing and house wares and products to needy families.
  • The agency provides its programs such as emergency financial assistance, senior transportation, and free rides for the handicapped. There is also a food pantry, daily activities and nutritious meals at the GRASP Community Center in Converse, as well as other locations in the area.
  • Family stability is offered too. GRASP Greater Randolph Area Services Program has a Comprehensive Emergency Assistance and Senior Congregate Meal and Activities. The agency will try to help stabilize programs by providing free emergency food and clothing assistance. There is also budget and debt reduction, utility bill and rental assistance, and more.
  • Programs that help seniors are offered too. The charity GRASP also has a thrift store as well as information and referral to charities that support the elderly in Bexar County and surrounding area. Meals on Wheels, Medicare applications and other support is offered.

San Antonio Center for Working Families Program offers numerous services and options to low income families. Among other options include job placement, emergency rent and utility assistance, or free medical equipment. There is also prescription assistance, budget and debt programs, and much more. Dial (210) 207-7830.

Bexar County Department Of Community Resources Housing and Human Services Main Office - This location may be able to assists low income households and families that need energy-related assistance. Services offered by this location include case management, funds to pay for an energy crisis, elderly and disabled assistance and heating/cooling systems assistance, and also co-payment. (210) 335-6770

CAM Social Services, which is formally known as Christian Assistance Ministry, offers emergency food and clothing to the low income, limited financial assistance for paying for bus tickets, medications, and other bills. The church also has referral services to local charities and non-profits, and additional social services. They have multiple sites, with the main downtown San Antonio Texas office at 210-223-4099.

Volunteers of America Texas (San Antonio) offers programs for the poor and less fortunate. Low income and public housing, credit counseling, job training, and other aid is readily available from Life Enrichment Centers and other sites. More on Texas Volunteer of America assistance programs.

Military Family Relief Project at Catholic Charities – The organization can offer short term, emergency assistance. A focus is on eviction prevention, so the money will be used for rent or utility bills. Other services available may be free food, clothing, loans for housing expenses such as repairs or deposits, and referrals.  Funds are for veteran and their families. 210-226-6178.

San Antonio Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) from Family Endeavors provides help to homeless veterans or those facing eviction. The federal funded SSVF program may have funds and short term financial assistance for bills such as housing, rent, or security deposits. There may even be financial aid for moving costs. Work with case managers to apply for government benefits too, including Veterans Administration grants. 6363 De Zavala Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249. Main phone - 210-431-6466

Emergency Assistance – RACAP – The non-profit offers energy bill and utility and rent assistance, free food pantry, prescription medications, and referrals to other charities and agencies. Address is 307 Pfeil St., Schertz, TX 78154, call (210) 658-1613.

Social Services and Cash Assistance - The San Antonio Department of Community Initiatives administers several emergency assistance programs for the low income. Services range from help finding a job to money to pay for bills and housing. Other resources can provide health care, food, and other public aid. Read more San Antonio public assistance.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul - By working with local churches and Catholic parishes, the Society of St. Paul provides food, groceries, clothing and financial assistance for expenses. Many resources do focus on people who are most at risk, such as seniors and families with children.

They can also provide advice to immigrants, and may even have special cash assistance programs for refugees/immigrants. One Haven for Hope Way, San Antonio, TX 78207, phone (210) 225-7837. Or click here for more details on St. Vincent in San Antonio and Bexar County.

Agape Ministry Emergency Assistance Program – Families in a crisis can get emergency assistance. Services provided include access to a household items, food pantry, clothing, and limited financial assistance for utilities and electric bills. 127 Lanark, San Antonio, Texas 78218, phone (210) 590-6655, or more information on Agape programs.







Bulverde Food Pantry, Inc. – This is a local community-based service organization that is involved in helping people in crisis by supplying limited, food and clothing, offering free physical type goods and enabling connections to appropriate support agencies for specific needs. Address is 2295-1 Bulverde Rd, Bulverde, Texas 78163, dial (830) 438-7899

Cash loans can be used to help pay bills as well. Families in Bexar County have dozens of options available. They range from Pawn Shops to payday lenders. The funds can help with paying expenses such as car repairs; rent; electric bills; medications; and much more. But note these type of loans often have high interest rates and/or fees associated with them. More on San Antonio emergency loans.

San Antonio Department of Human Services administrates assistance programs for the city and Bexar County. Services are offered for the working poor, low income, disabled, unemployed, and others. Receive referrals to federal government benefits, emergency financial aid and self-sufficiency.

  • Child care vouchers and subsidies may be offered for parents that are working or in training.
  • Homelessness Continuum of Care and Rapid Rehousing can help prevent evictions, support the homeless and may offer rental assistance.
  • Adult education, GED, ESL and other training resources are available, including for immigrants.
  • Basic needs, such as food may be available in Bexar County.
  • Several other programs are available. More on Department of Human Services in San Antonio.

Free clothing, school supplies furniture and basic needs - Bexar County Texas is served by a number of clothing closets, charities, churches, furniture banks and thrift stores that offer low income residents access to basic living needs. This is mostly material assistance such as clothing, free school supplies, furniture, and household products.

Students can be given free computers, or parents desks for working from home. Some centers may have small amounts of cash for other needs as well, such as electric bills, gasoline, or medications. More on Bexar County free furniture, school supplies and clothing closets.

  • Back to school supply giveaways are held throughout the county and city of San Antonio. Students of all ages can get what they need for the new school year, whether free items for the classroom, clothes, and other supplies. Charities, churches, and volunteers help with this. Find where to get free back to school supplies in Bexar County.

St. Peter - St. Joseph Children's Home – Some of the programs offered include vouchers for a thrift store, rent/housing assistance, utility bill financial assistance, help in enrolling in GED classes/testing or college courses, completion of SSI government application and referrals, food, and more. The address is 919 Mission Rd., San Antonio, TX 78210, phone (210) 533-1203 or (210) 531-8555

Family Assistance Centers - DHS, City of San Antonio – The government agency offers a number of services and assistance programs which help low income families gain self-sufficiency, while at the same time providing the opportunity for short term financial help. Programs include:

  • The Education and Employment services include free assistance in job skills training such as workforce programs, education, or basic needs. There are also job placement referrals and AARP Work Search programs. Immunizations, eye exams, and physicals can be given as well. Locate other programs for free prescription glasses.
  • Work Support can help with public and government benefits, including VITA (free income tax credits/assistance) and emergency assistance which includes Project Agua, Project WARM, Project REAP, Plumbers to People, and Affordability Discount Programs, and also housing/rental assistance. Work support assistance is also provided to seniors and residents 60 years of age and older to include personal care items, prescription assistance, and also medical equipment assistance.
  • Financial Wealth Building offers budget management, one-on-one financial coaching, financial literacy classes, and other aid such as access to mortgage assistance, IDAs, and savings accounts.

DHS is at 2300 W. Commerce, Suite 202, San Antonio, Texas 78207, call 210-207-7830

The Eats Foundation – Vouchers and aid including medications, emergency financial assistance for bills, and a food pantry is on site. 767 S. Saunders, Seguin, Texas 78155, (830) 372-4900

Catholic Worker House assists the homeless and very low income. Free meals, clothing, personal hygiene products, use of a computer, and other case management is provided as well. Address is 626 Nolan St, San Antonio, Texas 78202. Telephone number is 210-224-7736.

Corazon Ministries offers basic medical care, check ups, referrals to shelters and transitional housing, and more. Learn about low income apartments and possible ways to pay the deposit or first months rent. There is also a free clothing closet. Dial 210-226-8341, or address is 230 E Travis in San Antonio.

Alamo Area Resource Center may have assistance for HIV/AIDS clients and their immediate family members. Resources include medical transportation, rental and utility bill assistance, free meals, and more. Other services offered are free legal aid, vocational assistance, and assessments/referrals for other programs. They also have information on medical bill assistance programs in Bexar County. 903 W Martin, MS# 18-2, San Antonio, Texas 78207, call 800-308-2437

Bexar County focused churches - The poor, immigrants, Latinos, and others can get help. There is financial assistance for paying off bills along with practical support, such as clothes or food. Some parishes are also involved in counseling, including free advice of filing for citizenship or job finding resources. Find more on San Antonio churches.

Jewish Federation of Bexar County and San Antonio - This agency can be a resource. Some of their programs are available for residents of all faiths and religions. One priority is on helping the elderly in Texas as well as their care givers. Food, counseling, and transportation may be offered.

The federation may also have financial aid for assisting with the living needs for people in a crisis, employment programs, prescription medication and counseling. Some families may be provided a loan for paying their rent or security deposits when seeking assistance from the non-profit. More on Jewish Federation of San Antonio.





Alliance to End Homelessness offers HUD grants for both stopping evictions and rapid rehousing to residents into a more affordable home or apartment. Money from the federal government can help pay for costs such as utility or water bills, rent, and more. The Alliance also arranges legal support, employment, and advice to help families keep their home over the long term. Read more San Antonio eviction assistance

Free assistance programs for the holidays - Most of the Christmas programs are available in San Antonio but others may be administered countywide. Some of what may be passed out includes free gifts, toys, books, meals and clothing around Thanksgiving and Christmas. More on San Antonio Christmas assistance programs.

A crisis line referral service operates across the county. Anyone can use the service, and it is not income dependent. There is advice for the low income, families in poverty, and really anyone else. Staff provide information on financial assistance from non-profits as well as government aid. More on Bexar County crisis helpline.

Resources for seniors - Numerous programs and services are available for older adults. Most of the assistance is available at Senior Comprehensive Centers, which are located across the county and the City of San Antonio. Qualified applicants can receive help, including Meals on Wheels, information on health and Medicare, transportation, and other support. More on senior programs in Bexar County.

San Antonio City Social Services - The metropolitan area is supported by a government agency that provides direct assistance and also partners with non-profit organization. Some of what is offered includes transitional housing, financial aid from Family Centers, food, and support such as Regional Alliance For The Homeless. Also get information on government benefits. Click San Antonio Services.

Housing assistance and transitional units are located across Bexar County. These units can provide a place for an individual or family to stay, whether for a few nights or a few months. If you qualify for the use of the center then case workers will also usually provide other forms of assistance to individuals. For example, enroll into job training programs or employment counseling. Or sign up for government benefits or receive free medical care. The objective is to assist families with finding a new, permanent home or apartment. Find low income, transitional, and homeless shelters in Bexar County.

Bexar County Military and Veterans Services Center (MVSC) may be able to help veterans and their families. The non-profit offers homelessness prevention services. This can include help in obtaining Veterans Administration (VA) benefits, temporarily financial assistance with paying rent, utilities, deposits and moving costs. Or legal aid, employment, job placement and other support. Applicants need to have a very low income. Address is 1422 E. Grayson St., San Antonio, TX 78207. Phone: 210-335-6775. Locate additional low income assistance programs.

Assistance for paying utility and cooling bills is also offered by the Bexar County Department of Community Resources. Contact the Bexar County - Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) at (210) 335-3666. The program assists low to moderate income households needing energy bill help. Services offered by the program include case management, energy crisis, heating/cooling systems assistance, and cash grants. They may also be able to provide financial and rent assistance. Locate more Texas utility assistance resources.

  • Cooling bills - Several different charities partner with Bexar County Human Services to provide fans, air conditioners, and financial assistance during the summer. One of the primary programs offered is known as Project Cool.
  • Free fans or window AC units for the disabled and elderly are offered. The San Antonio area can be hit by scorching heat during the summer. Every year people are admitted to the hospital, or have serious medical conditions, that result from the humidity and heat. Seniors tend to be most impacted. So non-profit agencies do what they can to help the low income and elderly. Find free fans in San Antonio.
  • Water Bills - Residents of San Antonio can sign up for a payment plan that is created by customer donation. The San Antonio Water System may be able to provide financial assistance for people who are faced with an emergency situation. Read more on San Antonio water assistance programs.

More information on CEAP is from the Bexar County Department of Community Resources. As noted, the main number is 210 335-3666.

Homeless prevention is offered by SAMMinisitries. In general, each year hundreds of families are helped by SAMMinistries’ ((210) 979-6188). There is grant money, legal support, financial help for rent, mortgages or deposits and more as part of the Homeless Prevention Program.

The Homeless Prevention Program offered by SAMMinistries’ will provides help with paying energy bills, rental assistance and funds, supportive services and counseling. All of this is done in order to enable both families and individuals who are facing danger of foreclosure, eviction, or homelessness stay in their homes or apartments. The size of the grant payments offered will average a few hundred dollars, and the money is paid directly to a  utility company, landlord, or other vendor that is owed for the bills or rent.

The non-profit also coordinates other housing programs in Bexar County. Staff from SAMM can help families be placed into transitional housing and then eventually into low income homes or apartments. Another key focus is on eviction prevention services, which range from emergency funds to pay a portion of back rent to rehousing solutions. Read SAMMinistries financial assistance programs.







Additional rental assistance is offered. Other 30 different charities and organizations work with SAMMinistries, and the participating nonprofit agencies include Catholic Charities, Neighborhood Place through Family Services Association, Jewish Family and Children’s’ Service, as well as as the Salvation Army.

There are also rent grants and housing resources from Christian Assistance Ministry (North), and the Daughters of Charity Service of San Antonio. In addition, the City of San Antonio is aiding with homeless prevention. Get a listing of regional San Antonio rent assistance programs and organizations.

Presa Community Service center helps the disadvantaged. This non-profit charity agency serves the poor, low income and other disadvantaged residents by providing them with food, rent assistance and funds to pay utility bills. The aid is fairly extensive, as it also offers assistance programs for the elderly and youth, counseling, transportation services, home-delivered meals, ad child care assistance and support. Call the agency at 532-5295

Free foreclosure counseling, debt and mortgage delinquency services

Two non-profits in San Antonio and Bexar County to contact for foreclosure assistance include Fair Housing/Housing Counseling Program and also the Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Program -  call at 211. Both of the organizations offer homeowners a wide range of services. There is default mortgage counseling, financial literacy and instruction, or budgeting.

The non-profits also offer Bexar County residents financial assistance for mortgages; predatory lending counseling and education. In addition, work with a counselor to receive free foreclosure counseling assistance that can help homeowners who are in or nearing foreclosure with referrals to additional resources, including government programs such as the federal government Home Affordable Refinance Program.

In addition to those non-profit organizations listed above, several other agencies can help Bexar County residents reduce and pay off credit card debts and unsecured loans. They offer negotiation and debt consolidation services and even mortgage assistance programs. Read more San Antonio Texas credit counseling agencies.

Housing and rent assistance

The federal government through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will in most years give grant assistance programs that is used for rent help. The money will go to struggling tenants, people close to eviction and the working poor in the region. Homeowners, renters, immigrants and even currently homeless may all get help. Applications are processed by various non-profits as well as charities in Bexar County and San Antonio Texas.

Residents can get help from many programs. They include HOME program, the American Dream Down Payment Initiative, Community Development Block Grant program, the Emergency Shelter Grant program and also the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS program. What this government financial aid will do at the very least is provide everyone with access to fair and low priced housing.

  • Millions of dollars are often provided to the HOME program, which helps both local and state governments expand the amount of affordable housing and rent assistance that is available to both low- and moderate-income Texas families.
  • There is the annual Emergency Shelter Grant, which will be used to furnish free cash grants to local agencies and charities that will improve the quality of and the access to emergency homeless shelters as well as rent programs. The support will help local residents with paying for both closing costs and provide down payment assistance for new homes.
  • Another HUD option is the Bexar County Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS fund, which is a medical grant program that provides housing assistance to low-income and moderate income families that may be living with HIV/AIDS.

The federal government stimulus money will be disbursed through San Antonio’s Department of Community Initiatives. The funds will be managed and disbursed by over 10 local contracting agencies and charities, including Family Service Association (call 210 299-2400 or (210) 657-6278) and Catholic Charities. Another non-profit agency to contact in San Antonio is Home Sweet Home (by the Salvation Army) at (210) 352-2020. The agency also offers rent assistance programs for individuals and families who qualify.

Free medical, dental, and health care services

CentroMed (dial (210) 334-3700 or (210) 334-3750) is a local agency that is headquartered in San Antonio. It provides dental, medical,  mental health, nutrition, social services, and other health care assistance to low income and other economically disadvantaged, homeless and medically under served people in Bexar County. Click here to find other health care programs.

Receive medical and dental care, and access to social services, from the Daughters of Charity Services of San Antonio or Ascension DePaul Services. Call 210-334-2300. The organization provides dental care at the La Mission Family Health Care. The care may be free, or it will be based at affordable fees based on the patients ability to pay.

In addition, the charity offers low income and other needy individuals preventative services such as physicals, the Texas Health Step exams, and immunizations. Health care services can also include acute and chronic conditions such as heart conditions, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. All of these medical programs are offered at the La Mission Family Health Care location.

A number of other government qualified health centers and clinics operate in Bexar County. They can offer free or low cost care to senior citizens, children, the low income, and anyone who needs medical attention. Find locations and details on more free clinics in Bexar County.

Get free food, groceries and access to food assistance

The San Antonio Food Bank (dial 210.337.3663 or 210-431-8302) partners with local food distribution centers and charities, and the food bank collects and redistributing food to emergency pantries, charities and on-site feeding agencies in 15 counties throughout South Texas. You can call them to find the nearest distribution point to you.

To learn about pantries and places to turn to for food and groceries, contact the Emergency Food Pantry and Resource/Referral. Among other services, they provides food and groceries for those in need of help, and through case management, connects persons with other resources and services they may need to improve the quality of their lives and feed their family. Dial (210) 434-2301.





Those are two of the leading food banks in the area. Families as well as children and seniors can also turn to dozens of additional pantries, soup kitchens and food programs in the county. Find additional San Antonio area free food banks and pantries.


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