Bexar County and San Antonio low income housing and shelter.

The San Antonio region has a number of transitional housing units and shelter for very low income families, individuals, and even the homeless. Some of the leading centers in the region are below. Each will offer their own services to qualified clients. In general, most of the housing assistance programs in Bexar County will require that individuals participate in case management and self-sufficiency services as well.

The shelter programs will generally allow people to stay for a short period of time, and it may be a few days or a week. The next step in the process will usually be transitional housing, which will allow someone to stay for a longer period of time and also usually provide additional services such as employment assistance, food, job training, and credit counseling. Clients may also be assigned to a social type worker who will help them find longer term, more permanent housing in the Bexar County region, including low income apartments.

Social workers also can help the low income if they are struggling to overcome a history of eviction. Many Bexar County landlords are hesitant to lease to what they think are high risk tenants. But there are ways to get support here, even tips for getting an eviction off of your record. While it is not easy, it can be done, and it can get the individuals out of a shelter..

8555 E Loop 1604 N
Converse, Texas 78109
Dial 210-659-1901
Transitional housing services are provided for youth graduating from high school. In addition, the center also offers residential care for boys and girls ages 5-17 if their family is facing a crisis.

Emergency and Transitional Housing
San Antonio, TX 78202
Call 210-641-4357
This is offered for the homeless and people facing imminent eviction.

Fairweather Programs
Main address is 7500 Hwy 90 W, Bldg 3
San Antonio, TX 78227





Grant Per Diem Transitional Housing
4201 Medical Dr, Ste 280
San Antonio, Texas 78229
This program is for veterans. Short term housing and self-sufficiency services are offered, such as information on employment opportunities in Bexar County.

Guadalupe Home
Location is 202 W French Pl
San Antonio, TX 78212
Call 210-222-1294
This shelter center is for women who are pregnant and/or who have very young children. Self-sufficiency is offered as well in the form of classes, educational programs and employment assistance programs. Some basic needs such as formula or diapers may be offered too.

Homeless Female Veterans and Veterans with Families
Main address - N Flores, Ste 200
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Call 877-562-4838

Main Campus at Haven for Hope
San Antonio, TX 78207
Call 210-220-2100
Transition housing and case management is available if you commit to a stabilization program.

Operation Homefront Village - San Antonio
7027 FM 78, Apt 2101
San Antonio, TX 78244
Call 210-549-4644  Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
This is offered for wounded veterans and their immediate family members.

Outreach and Transitional Housing
Main address is 7911 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209
Telephone - 210-930-3669
Services and shelter is offered for victims of family violence. They can receive outreach services. Transitional housing is also offered for the homeless and/or a victims of domestic violence.




Prospects Courtyard at Haven for Hope
One Haven for Hope Way
San Antonio, TX 78207
Call 210-220-2100

Residential Center for Veterans
519 N Medina
San Antonio, TX 78207
Dial 210-448-9714

SAMMinistries Transitional Living and Learning Center
5922 Blanco Rd
San Antonio, Texas 78216
Call 210-979-6188
Housing assistance is only offered if you are working or at least going to school.

Salvation Army Dave Coy Red Shield Men's Shelter
226 Nolan St
San Antonio, TX 78202
Phone - 210-226-2291
The non-profit provides transitional housing opportunities and emergency shelter. Those who participate are able to receive up to 3 free meals per day, social services such as career development opportunities and educational programs. They will help individuals gain their independence.

Another similar resource is the Salvation Army Scattered Sites Transitional Housing program. This is located at 515 W Elmira, San Antonio, TX 78212. Phone 210-352-2000. A housing program is also offered for females in Bexar County as part of the Women's Workers Program. The Salvation Army will also support homeless women with children.

San Antonio AIDS Foundation
Main address is 424 E Carson
San Antonio, Texas 78208
Call 210-225-4715

Transitional Living Facilities - Bright Star Ministries
840 Palo Alto Dr
Von Ormy, TX 78073
Dial 210-624-2686  Mon - Sat 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Offers clients both emergency housing and the ability to enhance job skills.

Visitation House Transitional Housing Program
PO Box 12074
San Antonio, TX 78212
Call 210-735-6910

Emergency and Transitional Housing
414 N Hackberry
San Antonio, Texas 78202
Telephone – 210-641-4357





Hope Center Emergency Women, Children and Family Shelter
Location is 515 W Elmira
San Antonio, TX 78212
Telephone number is 210-352-2000

SAMM Emergency Shelter Residential Services @ Haven for Hope
One Haven for Hope Way
San Antonio, TX 78205
There are no limits to the amount of nights that someone can stay at this shelter. Food, meals, and other support services are offered too.


By Jon McNamara

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