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Rental assistance San Antonio and Bexar County.

Find how to get emergency rental assistance in San Antonio and Bexar County. A number of financial assistance programs will help low income families and people facing eviction. Charities, government social services or churches are focused on helping tenants with paying their rent, security deposits, storage costs, placing them into section 8 approved homes or addressing other housing needs. Find help with rent near you in Bexar County.

Below are resources that may help qualified families, seniors, the elderly or veterans pay back rent expenses to stop evictions. Or get free legal aid for tenants in San Antonio as well as representation in housing court. There are government and charity agencies that offer various form of short or long term housing assistance, including security deposit loans. There are also no-wait list apartments in San Antonio, including for people with bad credit. Or get section 8 housing vouchers, free grant money for rent, storage fees or moving help.

Rent assistance can oftentimes help those who are faced with a crisis or some form of short term financial hardship. In addition to being able to receive grants, loans or free government money to pay back rent or a security deposit, many of the San Antonio non-profit agencies offer other forms of support too, such as counseling, advocacy, or landlord-tenant mediation that can help families as well as individuals become self-sufficient over the long term. Services are offered in Spanish and too immigrants as well, if qualified.

Organizations that help with rent in San Antonio area and Bexar County

Alamo Area Resource Center – Some of the programs run include rental and utility assistance, housing location assistance, free or low cost legal services, help in filing for Social Security, homeless prevention and Food Stamp applications. In regards to housing, this non-profit offers referrals to other agencies for emergency rent assistance, if needed. Works closely with social service groups too. The address is 303 N Frio St., San Antonio, TX 78207. Or try 527 N. Leona, San Antonio, Texas 78207. Call (210) 625-7200 or (210)358-9995.

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc. – Low income individuals and families can apply for direct financial assistance for rent. In addition, work with a specialist for advocacy, education, and information and referral assistance to state of Texas programs, charities, or non-profits. Immigrants, including from Mexico and Spanish speakers can get help with housing needs as well. the address is 1801 W. Durango, San Antonio, Texas 78207. Dial (210)226-6178 or 210-433-3256, or more details on Catholic Charities in Bexar County.




City of San Antonio DCI, - Office of Financial Empowerment - Offers services, including information and applications for housing assistance, such as Section 8, which help families move toward self-sufficiency. Location is 1325 N. Flores, Suite 114, San Antonio, TX 78212. Call (210)207-5910

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Central Council (SVDP) – Partners with churches across Bexar County and San Antonio. The Society provides food, clothing and financial assistance for rent and other bills. Services are available for the elderly in Bexar County as well. Stop by office at One Haven for Hope Way, San Antonio, Texas 78207, or dial (210)225-7837 or 210-674-8661.

SAMMinistries – The local non-profit charity organization, also known as San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries, may be able to assist lower income families and individuals with making monthly rental payments and utility assistance. Transitional Housing is offered too. 5922 Blanco Rd., San Antonio, TX 78216.. Call (210) 979-6188

Guadalupe Community Center - The programs run by this agency can help those in crisis cope and achieve both short and long term self-sufficiency through financial aid, advocacy, education, and information and referral assistance. Financial assistance can help pay rent too. Dial (210)226-6178

Catholic Worker House of San Antonio helps the homeless. While direct financial support is usually not offered, case workers may have information on transitional housing, security deposits assistance, or forgivable loans for housing or partial rent payments. Other aid is meals, clothing, and more. Dial 210-224-7736.

St. Peter - St. Joseph Children's Home – A number of financial assistance and support programs are provided. Some of them do focus on rent and housing assistance, others can help paying bills and provide food. In addition, a thrift store is available for household items. The programs offered also assist with locating stable housing, completion of SSI application and referrals to government programs and other Bexar County TX agencies. 919 Mission Rd., San Antonio, TX 78210. Phone (210)531-8555





San Antonio DHS - Department of Human Services has a Family Assistance Division as well as Centers across the city. They can offer short term, government cash assistance for bills, including rent, utilities or mortgages. There is for a short term hardship or financial crisis.

Some of the conditions that need to be met include an emergency or short term hardship, eviction notice, must have ability to get back on track with paying rent in future, and landlord must be willing to work with agency. There are multiple offices, but the primary DHS office is Willie Velásquez Center 1302 N. Zarzamora San Antonio, TX 78207. Call 210-207-7830

Coordinated Entry for homeless assistance system is available across Bexar County. It is focused on the homeless in the community, but it can also assist residents on the verge of evictions, foreclosures, or utility disconnections that could lead to homelessness. There may be referrals to government grants to help pay rent, Rapid Rehousing or “holistic services”, homeless shelters, or even security or utility deposit assistance. Legal aid and more is offered too.

  • Haven for Hope is based at 1 Haven for Hope Way, San Antonio, TX 78207. the main number is 210-220-2100.
  • American GI Forum focuses on veterans, but anyone else can use the Hub too. Location is 611 N. Flores St., San Antonio, TX 78205. For information, dial 210.354.4892.
  • Catholic Worker House location is 626 Nolan Street, San Antonio, Texas 78202, with services in Spanish hand for immigrants too. Call 210.224.7736.
  • San Antonio Central Library has a Coordinated Entry system. Main address is 600 Soledad St., San Antonio, TX 78205. Call 210.207.2500
  • Agape Ministry has a rent and housing HUD too at 127 Lanark Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78218. Main intake number is 210.590.6655.

San Antonio Area Command of The Salvation Army is headquartered at 910 N. Flores, San Antonio, Texas 78212. Call (210)352-2020. If you are faced with a crisis, the faith based organization provides assistance to families and individuals who are currently in a crisis situation. The goal is to help lower income people meet their basic need, including rent help or free motel vouchers, in order to prevent homelessness.




Services include rent help, life skills classes, educational programs, and career development services. In addition, very importantly, referrals are made to other community-based organizations, such as Section 8 housing, for additional governmental assistance, whether from the federal government or state of Texas. another location is at 519 W Elmira St, San Antonio, TX 78212. Dial (210) 352-2000.

Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center give free landlord/tenant mediation to help dissolve disputes between tenants and landlords. The non-profit is at Cadena-Reeves Justice Center, 300 Dolorosa,  San Antonio, TX 78205. The goal is to help stop evictions, find payment plans for back rent or home repairs and more. Dial 210.335.2128.

Bexar County Housing Authority (location is 1954 E Houston St, San Antonio, Texas 78202 (dial (210) 225-0071) as well as the San Antonio Housing Authority, or SAHA (address 818 S. Flores St., San Antonio, TX 78204, phone 210-477-6000) both offer Section 8 housing choice vouchers as well as low income, subsidized housing. The tenants rent payment will be income based. Other resources including public housing, family self-sufficiency, and priority section 8 for elderly and disabled in Bexar County. The also provide information on section 8 in Texas.

Wesley Health and Wellness Center - Low income, working poor, and indigent persons can receive referrals to local financial assistance programs for addressing their housing needs, including Rental Housing Subsidies and Rent Assistance. 1406 Fitch, San Antonio, Texas 78211, call 210-924-5191

Greater Randolph Area Services helps tenants and families in a crisis. Various forms of financial aid, including for rent, utilities, furniture, clothes and more. Budget counseling can also help with housing needs, and grants are often provided for small dollar amounts to assist applicants with rental needs or other bills. The office is at 250 Donalan Dr in Converse, Texas 78109. For application or information, dial (210) 658-6351.

Texas Riogrande Legal Aid - May have free advice and assistance for those facing eviction. Landlord / tenant mediation services and other support is available for Bexar County tenants. Lawyers can represent tenants for free in housing court and provide legal, eviction defense services. Migrants and seasonal workers can also apply for services. Call 888.988.9996 or 210-212-3700 for the San Antonio office.

Social Services for city residents only can include housing. The government offers cash assistance, grants, loans, and more to help pay everything from rent to a mortgage payment. Find how to apply for resources for the working poor and families in poverty. Single moms can also apply for emergency grant based rental assistance programs. More on San Antonio Social Service assistance programs.

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc. – The Bexar County church supported agency provides direct financial assistance and cash grants for paying rent and utilities, as well as food and clothing assistance, for low-income individuals and families, the unemployed, and working poor. The various housing programs is to help those in crisis cope and achieve self-sufficiency through information and referral assistance , advocacy, education, and eviction prevention. (210)433-3256







Bexar County Department of Community Resources is at 233 N Pecos St in San Antonio, Texas and zip code is 78207. Intake workers help the low income, indigent, and immigrants. Rent subsidies, shelter, transitional housing, free legal aid, housing discrimination help and other social services are arranged. The government office is at (210) 335-2258, and all emergency funds for rent and other bills is limited.

South Alamo Regional Alliance to End Homelessness and Continuum of Care is a partnership of agencies in the city of San Antonio. For tenants facing eviction, ESG grants from HUD can help pay for rental or energy costs. Rehousing from the Continuum of Care may offer motel vouchers, financial help with moving or storage costs, and rent deposit help. All of this is combined with case management. Learn more, including referrals, to eviction help in San Antonio.

City of San Antonio-Fair Housing Council addresses housing discrimination, including issues with immigrants, families or single moms with children, and disabled among others. Bexar County residents who have landlord or discrimination issues with rental housing can try the non-profit for free advice, including legal. The office is at 4414 Centerview Dr., San Antonio, TX 78228. Call the non-profit at Call (866) 733-4953 or (210) 733-3247.

Ella Austin Community Center offers referrals to financial aid for rent, food, homeless shelters, -furniture for apartments and other social services from 1023 N Pine St, San Antonio, TX 78202. Call (210) 224-2351

Endeavors can provide rental assistance to tenants in Bexar County that have an eviction notice as well as low income housing. Multiple churches may up the charity. The applicant needs to be very low income, facing homelessness, or have a notice to vacate from their landlord. Dial 210-431-6466 for information on rent help, or the charity is located at 535 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78228. Immigrants and migrants can get help too.

Inman Christian Center assists with homeless and families trying to find an affordable rental units. Or get food, case management, information on motel voucher or security deposit programs and more. Location is 1214 Colima St. San Antonio, TX 78207. Call (210) 222-9641

San Antonio Alternative Housing Offers homeownership programs, they run low income, subsidized scattered housing, arrange social services and more. The Address is 1215 S Trinity, San Antonio, TX 78207. Call (210) 224-2349.

Additional San Antonio and Bexar County rental programs

The housing assistance programs vary widely from the list below. Some offer government grants for back rent, security or utility deposits while others arrange legal aid to stop evictions. Non-profits also address credit issues so clients can get and move into low-income housing. Applications are generally in Spanish as well as English. Be prepared with proof of income, copies of eviction notices, and other documentation when applying for rental arrears assistance. Referrals may be available to loan programs for paying rent or other assistance, such as emergency one time cash grants.





  • American Red Cross. Address - 3642 E. Houston. Telephone - 224-5151. During a disaster, short term Housing Assistance and rent help, motel vouchers or a homeless shelter may be coordinated during times of disaster.
  • Avenida Guadalupe Association focuses on migrants and immigrants from Mexico. Center address - 1313 Guadalupe. Phone number - 223-3151.
  • DHS - City of San Antonio. Location is 106 S. St. Mary's, San Antonio, TX 78205. TANF government cash assistance can be used for rent, and it is generally for families in poverty. Call 210- 207-8198.
  • Senior Homeless Prevention Program only supports Bexar County seniors with their rent if they are over the age of 60 that are enrolled in Medicare. Financial aid can help with paying mortgages, shelter, and housing needs. The goal is to offer rental assistance to prevent homelessness of the elderly. Dial 210-321-5603 for an appointment.
  • United Way of San Antonio, Address. 700 S. Alamo, Texas. They partner with non-profits to offer various services. Most of what is given is referrals to local charities, churches, and other rent or housing programs. They also have input on lawyers that offer legal aid in housing court or that address discrimination.


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