Volunteers of America Texas assistance programs.

The Volunteers of America Texas branch works to address the root cause of poverty and hardships that families may be facing. The services and assistance that they are involved in providing is meant to break the cycle of low income or poverty in qualified households. While a number of services are administered, some of the key ones include employment preparation assistance, affordable housing, G.E.D. preparation, financial coaching, and overall life skills.

Programs for residents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities can help people live as independently as possible in the community and ideally their current home. Several resources are available.

-Low income housing units and apartments offer the disabled in Texas a home environment where they can be supported by professional, on-site staff. Residents of the housing units will also have access to the social services they need to live with dignity. Housing is in both Fort Worth and Dallas County.

-Volunteers of America Texas Home and Community-Based Services work to make it possible for people to live in a home setting. The charity will coordinate self-help, socialization and adaptive skills for the disabled.

-Life Enrichment Centers or operated by VOA Texas. Staff and volunteers develop and leads engaging activities for adults with a range of functioning abilities. Centers are open and available in Houston and Plano Texas. Call (817) 529-7305.

For those that were incarcerated, VOA in Texas tries to help them re-acclimate. The facts are that those individuals options for decent housing, employment, access to credit and more is limited. The staff and case managers believe in offering all people second chances, and the organization is strongly committed to helping people get back on their feet so they can avoid the repeated cycle of incarceration.

The so called re-entry programs start even while the person is still in jail or prison. Volunteers work with clients and help them gain life skills and overcoming problems with addiction if applicable. Get help in finding and maintaining employment in Texas. Staff will help clients build a network of resources and support so they can be successful over the short and long term.




Incarcerated women can also get assistance. One specific program, Resolana, provides referrals to non-profit resources. Volunteers of America Texas also can enroll people in other solutions such as Look Up and Hope: Strengthening Families Affected by Incarceration.

This particular program for ex-prisoners, both women and men, operates from Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston and Hutchins. Dial (817) 535-0853 for information.

Low income and affordable housing is also available from the Volunteers of America for seniors, the very low income, and disabled. Often times the most venerable are the most at risk to missing a rent payment or being evicted.

The organization, including the operations in Texas, is one of the largest nonprofit providers of quality, low income housing and apartments. They focus on the supporting working poor and low-income households in Texas. Over 40 different facilities are located across the state.

The cities in Texas where housing is available are below.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Fort Worth




Grand Prairie
San Antonio
San Juan
Santa Rosa
The Woodlands

Addiction Treatment, Prevention and Recovery Programs were created as the organization strongly believes that everyone deserves a chance at a life free from dependence on alcohol or drugs. Programs, volunteers, and doctors will help people overcome their additions.

At the same time, VOA will address the challenges of employment, poverty, and homelessness that can arise from addition or chemical dependency. The non-profit is strongly committed to helping low income clients gain sure footing in sobriety and become productive again. Volunteers of America Texas coordinates financial support services, programs for pregnant women children, job preparation and training programs, as well as housing services.

The non-profit operates across Texas. However the main centers and offices are below.

300 E. Midway Drive, Euless, TX 76039, call 817-529-7300
2906 Swiss Ave, Dallas, TX 75204, telephone 214-827-2500
1500 N. Main, St. 150, Ft. Worth, TX 76164, 817-529-7300
Harris County center is at 4808 Yale Street, Houston, TX 77018. Main phone number is 713-460-0781
6487 Whitby Road, San Antonio, Texas 78240, dial 210-558-0731



By Jon McNamara

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