Jewish Federation of San Antonio.

One non-profit to turn to for help or referrals is the Jewish Federation of San Antonio. The organization operates programs for people of all faiths, religions, and culture. While some of the programs may be focused on those of Jewish religion, others are available for the general public provided they meet low income levels.

As is true in most parts of the country, the requests for Emergency Financial Assistance in Bexar County Texas are very high. The need for help with paying bills can hit anyone at anytime. Many families in Bexar County are faced with job loss, divorce, car repairs, or medical emergencies. These are just some of the examples of events that can create a financial crisis. In some cases, Jewish Federation of San Antonio (JFS) is able to provide some help.

Families that are qualified can receive help in paying their rent, prescription medications, security deposits, or utilities. Individuals who apply for help are screened by the non-profit’s director of Safety Net services. Most of the aid is offered as a result of the generous support of partners such as Methodist Healthcare Ministries, individual contributors, the United Way of Bexar County and San Antonio, the federal Victim of Crimes Act program, The Jewish Federation of San Antonio, and various private foundations. While a small amount of money may be provided to those that qualify, some clients will be provided with a loan for those bills and rental costs they are faced with.

A number of conditions need to be met by applicants. If you are found to be qualified, any payments are made directly to the creditor, landlord, or your utility company. The agency will then distribute the funds. If you need more information or want to apply, dial 302-6924.

Case Management can address a number of needs. As sometimes happens, people may need some short term help or guidance to get through the daily challenges. Some Jewish Services and its staff in San Antonio Texas may be able to help.

Clients can get referrals to vital resources or Bexar non-profit agencies. They can get support as they navigate government bureaucracies like CPS Energy, disability or Social Security administration. Or in these challenging financial times Bexar County residents may need assistance with budgeting, resume writing, or job hunting activities. These are some cases in which case management may help.




Another focus is on seniors. As your parents or loved ones age, people may need guidance or information about the best choices for seniors who are becoming dependent or who may need to relocate to a safer living situation. Jewish Family Service offers qualified clients with case management services. They will offer referrals, assess and define your needs and create an action plan with clients. The number for this program is 302-6920.

Coordinating senior assistance is a priority of Jewish Federation of San Antonio. The JFS organization is dedicated to helping the elderly and older adults. The social services department is involved in administering numerous assistance programs. Examples of resources are as follows.

-Help in dealing with financial difficulties arising from limited resources. This can include medical bills such as prescriptions or physicians costs. Or get assistance or referrals on the purchasing of durable medical equipment.
-Staff offer support in a medical crises such as a sudden loss of functioning. This can be falls, strokes, or any reason for hospitalization.
-Jewish Services helps seniors with the need to relocate to a retirement community, another residence, or an assisted living facility.
-Caregivers can get assistance from JFS as well. The organization will offer referral, information and support to the caregivers.

The San Antonio Senior Services department can be reached at 302-6920. Please ask for the social service department.





General counseling is usually offered at a low costs to clients. Staff will partner with and define problems with the client. They will work together to address the problems and provide ongoing support. Jewish Federation of San Antonio provides this service to a number of people from Bexar County Texas. (210) 302-6920.

Other education and self-sufficiency groups are as follows.

-Grief Support is for people dealing with the loss of a loved one, and the agency may have referrals on funeral assistance programs.
-Parents of Adopted Children can get advice and support as well.
-Anger Management is available.
-Career Counseling and information for job seekers.
-Bending Blend is a therapy and yoga session to address anxiety.

Additional services can include information on employment assistance, job training, and general self-sufficiency. JFS works to help the unemployed and underemployed too. Call them for details.

There are a few locations in Bexar County. They are on Mission Road, 12500 NW Military Hwy, and at Temple Beth-El. All offices are even accessible by public transportation. Call (210) 302-6808.




By Jon McNamara

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