San Antonio and Bexar County free fans.

The San Antonio Texas summers can be brutally hot and humid. Low income families who do not have air conditioners, or who are faced with disconnection of their utility bills, may be able to receive a free fan from Project Cool. This assistance program can provide relief during the summer to those who need help.

From May to September seniors who are living in homes or apartments without air conditioning face a high risk of medical issues. This will be primarily heat-related injuries or illnesses. However if they are not dealt with, in some situations the extreme heat can lead to fatalities during the summer months. Project Cool was created to address these issues.

A number of non-profits and charity organizations partner with the City of San Antonio government to provide fans, air conditioners, and even funds for paying cooling bills. Some of the organizations that are part of Project Cool include Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the United Way of San Antonio & Bexar County, Catholic Charities of San Antonio, Inc., as well as the Bexar County Human Services Department. Many local businesses, churches, and corporate partners also contribute to the program. The primary objective is provide heat relief to senior residents who are at least 60 years of age and older. This is primarily done by providing free 20-inch box fans to seniors and others who are in need of help.

Not only are free fans offered, but many non-profits and charities can also provide AC units, financial assistance, or they can direct families to these services. Many Salvation Army centers or local churches will have a small amount of money to help people pay for their cooling or electric bills, if they have a shut off notice. Non-profits like your local community action agency can usually process applications for the LIHEAP program. So as you contact these various agencies in San Antonio for a free fan, be sure to ask if any other programs or resources are available to you. Read more Texas utility assistance.





The organizations that are part of Project Cool are always looking for donations from the local community. All items donated, whether it is a gently used air conditioner, fan, or money, will go directly to helping the needy. No money will go towards marketing or other administrative costs. To find out how to donate a fan, or how to request one, call the number below. Monetary donations are also always being accepted. Checks may be made payable to "Project Cool c/o Catholic Charities". Mail any donations to 202 W. French Place, San Antonio, Texas 78212. Or feel free to call Catholic Charities at (210) 222-1294.

San Antonio residents can also decide to donate new 20-inch electric box fans to any fire station in the greater Bexar County region. The only location that will not accept them is the airport fire station. Donations are accepted between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., through Sept. 14.

Who can receive a free fan from Project Cool

Eligible seniors in Bexar County and San Antonio Texas can receive a fan. Low income families may also be able to receive help with paying cooling bills from programs such as LIHEAP. Seniors in need of a free fan for their home, or other forms of assistance, can call the United Way's 2-1-1 helpline to request a unit and explore all their options. In order to qualify, recipients need to be at least 60 years of age and demonstrate a need.  Units can be picked up at the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, or your local fire department in San Antonio.

There are also several cooling stations around the region. Some of the locations are Goslinowski Social Services Center/Hope Senior Nutrition Center, 910 N. Flores St. as well as Family Emergency Shelter, 515 W. Elmira and the Dave Coy Shelter, 226 Nolan St.





By Jon McNamara

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