SAMMinistries financial and housing assistance programs.

SAMMinistries is committed to helping families or individuals that are faced with an eviction in San Antonio. There are also resources available for the currently homeless in the Bexar County region. The key services from the charity and its church partners include Homeless Prevention, transitional housing, case management, as well as Rapid Rehousing. Other self-sufficiency programs and resources are available.

The best approach to take on eliminating homeless is a pro-active one. So to that end, SAMMinistries administers a comprehensive Homeless Prevention Program. As funding allows, this may offer emergency rental or utility bill assistance. There also extensive social supportive services administered that can enable individuals and families who are in imminent danger of eviction to get back on track.

Any payments made will be sent directly to your landlord or apartment manager. This is only for families in Bexar County that have an eviction or utility disconnection notice and that meet other conditions. For those that qualify, SAMMinistries will offer them one time, short term utility bill or rent help.

Transitional Housing from SAMM is for individuals and families in San Antonio, including single parents and mothers. Most of the resources are part of their Transitional Living and Learning Center, or TLLC. While capacity is limited, it can assist dozens of families at any one time. There may also be some transitional housing available at individual homes in Bexar County Texas. All clients need to be committed to gaining long term self-sufficiency and stability in their lives.

The program can provide affordable, transitional housing for up to 2 years. The applicant to the SAMMinistries service needs to have at least one minor child and be in job training or they need to be employed. Weekly case management sessions and other classes need to be attended as well, such as money management, parenting, or credit counseling.

Basic needs are part of their Emergency Services program. Volunteers and staff from SAMM collect donations of items, such as clothes or furniture, in order to help assist families who are transitioning to permanent housing. Churches and partner agencies, such as Haven for Hope, help collect donations and store the goods. Items are passed out to clients and can help them get on a path to stability.

SAMMExpress Donation Station is located at 5246 Blanco Road, San Antonio, Texas 78216, dial 210-321-5678. Another warehouse site is at the Haven for Hope. The address is 1 Haven for Hope Way, San Antonio, Texas 78207, telephone (210) 220-2413.




Qualified homeless may benefit from the SAMM Rapid Re-Housing service. In a perfect world, this will reduce the amount of time that a family is homeless. The goal is to rapidly re-house individuals or families into permanent, low income apartments or homes in Bexar County.

There will be financial assistance provided, such as for paying moving costs, the security deposit, and first month’s rent. Utility connection fees may also be paid for by a church or SAMMinistries. In addition, ongoing aid may be provided for a few months of rent expenses as well as up to a year of case management. Clients need to be working towards self-sufficiency, including employment. They need to participate in various Lie Skills workshops as well. So rehousing comes with various conditions.

Vouchers for paying rent on an income subsidized home are offered in partnership with the San Antonio Housing Authority. The agencies work together to help families that are currently qualified for the section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. This government aid will provide the opportunity for low-income individuals to choose their own low cost, affordable rental housing to reside in. Units selected can be in the private rental market and they are not necessarily for public housing only.

Another service is the Permanent Supportive Housing program. This is mostly for the disabled in San Antonio Texas. SAMMinistries will help them transition from homelessness to living in long term, permanent housing. Case managers and volunteers work with them in an effort to empower them to live as independently as possible.

Applicants need to meet HUD (Housing and Urban Development) definition of homelessness. In addition to that, the head of household or a child in the home/apartment must have a permanent disability. The applicant also needs to have some type of income, such as SSDI, employment, SSI, or a part time job. A monthly rent fee will be due in order to pay a portion of the Permanent Housing costs.





Other services and financial support is offered by SAMM. This can include the following.

Educational Assistance, which may be in the form of emergency aid to students in Bexar County at risk of discontinuing their education or leaving school. The financial support or cash grants can help fill the gaps left by traditional financial aid including assistance for books, enrollment fees, transportations costs, childcare, and more.

Employment assistance and development from SAMM will help unemployed or low income clients in obtaining living-wage employment somewhere in Bexar County. Specialists will work with clients and train them in order to develop skills, knowledge and abilities required by employers. This may include resume building, job coaching, and funds to pay for work-related clothing, gasoline or equipment. On the job training may also be coordinated along with referrals to employers.

Dozens of volunteers and charities partner with the organization. SAMMinistries is located at 5254 Blanco Road in San Antonio and the zip code is 78216. The phone number is 210-340-0302. The rent assistance and Homeless Prevention Services are run from an office at 4100 Piedras Drive East. Dial 210-377-1616 for information or intake.




By Jon McNamara

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