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Emergency rental assistance.

Non-profit agencies, charities, and government organizations near you provide emergency rent assistance to individuals who are faced with an eviction or notice to quit from their landlord. There may be funds provided ASAP, sometimes same day (today) in order to stop an eviction. Most cities, states and counties also try to provide emergency rent help today, the same day of the application. Find details on applying below.

The amount and type of financial assistance program provided, including online, will vary by agency as well as the amount of funding that is available. Or there may be loans or other funds to pay rent ASAP that is due in a very short period of time, and alternatives sources of funding can sometimes be expedited to the tenant. Note it is not as common to get same day emergency rental assistance, but is it possible in some select cases.

While the various programs that may be available are very different, the main goal is to prevent evictions and homelessness of lower income families. Select your city or county below to see what type of emergency financial or rental assistance program is available ASAP or even today at the local level.

Criteria to get emergency assistance for rental payments

Many of the rental assistance programs near you have limited funding and resources available to them. Usually low income families with children, senior citizens, the disabled, and people who are faced with a short term crisis will qualify for rent help in a crisis before others.

The longer term unemployed or individuals who are not able to get back on their feet over the mid to long term may not receive help. Note that even though emergency financial aid may not be provided to them for any past due rent that is owed, the applicant may still be given referrals to other programs that can assist.

People who are applying need to show the willingness and ability to be improve their financial situation in the future as in general the emergency rent assistance programs are intended to be short term in nature. The grants, government money or funds that are issued as soon as possible for paying rent are for solving a crisis only. In some cases, the money may even be issued using an online system to the applicant within a matter of days or even same day.




Most of the emergency resources available are not never ending charity type programs and is for short term emergencies only. So the applicant needs to become self-sufficient in very short order. So they need to be able to prove their ability to pay future rental, utilities and housing costs on their own. The client will be provided long term support either online or in person in an effort to avert any future emergencies from occurring.

A number of the local non-profit agencies and government organizations will also have staff who will work closely with the applicant to provide them with additional support. So any emergency financial help for paying rent combines case management, counseling, and referral to other social services as well as local online assistance programs. Almost all charity agencies will take part in this activity.

This additional case management type service will always be provided for free to anyone that is in a crisis situation, such as the unemployed or households facing a medical crisis. For example, clients can learn about the process in applying for emergency rent assistance today from federal government grant programs like homeless prevention and rapid rehousing, section 8 vouchers, low income housing, motel vouchers, as well as security deposit assistance.

If you expect to fall behind on your rent in the future, have an eviction notice, or if you need help in finding a new, more affordable home or apartment, then contact a program for help as soon as possible. It is important to ask for financial aid ASAP, as the more money that is due to your landlord for the back rent the fewer options that will be available to that family.

Additional programs for emergency rent, housing or deposits

Other support can be provided as well as soon as possible (ASAP) to families that are faced with a crisis. If a struggling tenants needs emergency assistance with paying for rental deposits, moving costs, lease fees, or first months rent to move into a more affordable home, there are expedited programs with no wait list.





Several non-profits as well as government agencies specialize in helping families move. As part of that grant money may be issued for moving costs or other bills. Locate more info on security deposit assistance resources.

Emergency rent assistance or housing programs can be combined with affordable apartments or homes as well. There are some HUD and non-profits that have very short or no waiting lists in place. Those housing units can be made available ASAP or in a short term frame. Find details on low income housing with no waiting list near you.

Find help paying rent today or ASAP from charities or governess agencies

The charity agencies, non-profits, and government programs listed below by county as well as city are some of the leading online or in person places to turn to for emergency rental assistance as well as applications. Some are able to issue funds the same day.Emergency rental assistance ASAP

Region or city not listed below? Short term, emergency financial assistance for paying rent is available in other cities and counties as well. There are many other resources available that can help struggling families that are facing a one-time crisis. Click here to find additional agencies or emergency assistance programs for rent near you.

Alabama - Emergency rental assistance programs for the entire state


Arizona - Resources across the state

Arkansas - Get emergency rent help today from state agencies

California - State programs that provide rental assistance today




Colorado - Locate statewide emergency rental and housing grants

Connecticut - Look here for statewide resources


Florida - State resources, including churches and government benefits, for emergency rent assistance

Georgia - State assistance programs that provide emergency rent relief



Illinois - State emergency rental assistance programs


Iowa - State of IA programs to help pay rent in an emergency

Kansas - Statewide resources for tenants

Kentucky - Locate statewide agencies that help with rent in an emergency near you

Louisiana - Find rental payment programs for the state





Maryland - Statewide financial assistance programs for rent

Massachusetts - Rent payment help across the state





Michigan - Rental assistance programs available near you, statewide

Minnesota - Find programs that offer emergency funds to pay rent statewide

Mississippi - Statewide emergency rent help programs for the low-income

Missouri - Statewide resources

Montana - State resources



New Hampshire

New Jersey - Programs available statewide that help tenants with an eviction get emergency rental payment assistance

New Mexico - Emergency rent money is offered statewide too

New York - Rent assistance issued today, ASAP

North Carolina - Assistance for entire state

North Dakota

Ohio - Programs for tenants across the state

Oklahoma - Low-income families can find emergency rent help from state organizations

Oregon - Emergency help by the state

Pennsylvania - Statewide resources for rent payment assistance

Rhode Island

South Carolina - Locate rent help statewide

South Dakota - Statewide programs for tenants in a crisis

Tennessee - Programs that provide emergency rent help across the entire state

Texas - Rent and housing across the state



Virginia - State programs

Washington - Emergency financial assistance programs for rent that are statewide

Washington DC

West Virginia

Wisconsin - There are same day, immediate rental payment assistance programs across the community

Application process for emergency rent help programs

It varies by agency and program. When a renter is faced with imminent eviction, then they need to call as soon as possible for emergency rent help right away. The non-profits, charities or government social service offices listed above will almost always have an in person or online application process in place. Some offer emergency funds to pay rent today, or in a day or two, others take more time to approve and disburse funds.





Or it is possible to borrow money today in an emergency to pay rent, but that should be a last resort. There may be emergency funds to address a housing crisis. Find low and no credit loans to help with rent or other bills.

In order to get help paying rent today, applicants will need to fully prepared with documentation. Agencies near you will generally require proof of income, identifications and details on your hardship, copies of a lease, and they may also require additional information from applicants. Do not wait until you miss rental payments or are faced with imminent eviction, as by then it is probably too late to get emergency financial assistance to help pay back rent.


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