Missouri low income, elderly and disabled housing assistance.

Missouri administers rental and housing assistance programs for the elderly, disabled, and those facing some form of short term difficulty. Each of the programs has various criteria that need to be met by applicants. Get information on each of the services below.

Supportive Housing For The Elderly, also known as Section 202. This provides emergency rental subsidies and other assistance for low income seniors. Their spouses will also be eligible. In addition to rent and low income housing, some of the other forms of housing support activities include transportation, cleaning, or even cooking. Also anyone that benefits from this service can also learn about various other state of Missouri and federal government housing services focused on the elderly.

Mainstream Housing Eligibility – This rental assistance program is similar to federal government section 8 housing vouchers, but it is for the disabled in Missouri. Some of the criteria include the applicant or person covered by the program must have a disability per the federal government created Social Security definition. This program is not yet offered across all of Missouri, and is only in select counties and towns.

Supportive Housing For Persons With DisabilitiesSection 811 – Another rent subsidy program for low income individuals over the age of 18. Services can help them live independently and also access various housing support services.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, which is the local version of the federal government HUD funded housing and rent assistance program. This tends to focus on very low income families and those on the verge of poverty. The Public Housing Authorities in Missouri will pay a portion of the tenants’s rent through vouchers and certificates. The most that a person in this program will need to pay towards their monthly rent expense is 30%.

Shelter Plus Care Eligibility – Another Missouri run rental assistance program for the low income who are disabled. The scope of the program is greater than some of the resources above. A key reason being that the definition of a disability for this housing assistance program is broader than the one used by the Social Security Administration referenced above.




So there is in effect more leeway in determining eligibility. For example, this resource includes and classifies drug and alcohol addiction as a disability. Or those with a mental condition as well.

In order to meet the HUD definition of homelessness in the state of Missouri, an applicant to Shelter Plus Care must be: sleeping in a place not meant for human habitation; sleeping in an emergency shelter; or they need to be currently living in a transitional housing facility for homeless persons who came from a shelter. Low income housing as well as apartments can also be offered for people who lived in an institution (such as an in-patient treatment facility) for less than 30 days.

Housing Opportunities For Persons With Aids - HIV positive patients in Missouri may be able to qualify for short term rent assistance, mortgage payments and/or heating or utility bill assistance. The program is formally known as Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA), and the resource may be able to provide low to moderate income persons with HIV-positive diagnosis various forms of support. There is also help for their family members.

The Missouri HOPWA offers both low income housing units and ongoing rent assistance. Staff will help individuals locate services that can assist in stabilizing housing, with the objective of helping people avoid homelessness and increase access to essential medications as well as health care services in their local Missouri community. Any applicants for the program must be enrolled in HIV case management services and they also need to demonstrate that they are actively engaged in medical care.

Available housing and rent services through HOPWA in Missouri reflect regional needs and priorities. the resources are coordinated with services provided by the Ryan White CARE Act and other local non-profits, federal and state of Missouri government programs for low-income families and individuals.

Call the Missouri DHSS Hotline at 1-800-235-5503 to learn about these or other rent and housing programs.



By Jon McNamara

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