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Rent assistance in Kansas City Missouri region.

Find a list of the places in the Kansas City Missouri region that help pay rent. The metropolitan area spans several counties, including Platte, Jackson, Clay, and Cass County. Many of the programs that offer rental assistance, money for security deposits, moving costs or housing are from churches, charities or the government. Get help help with rent in the Kansas City MO region.

The goal is to help low income tenants, including seniors, disabled, or single moms, pay for housing  The variety of rent relief programs is extensive. The non-profit organizations in KCMO also partner with the federal government on some services. Examples of the programs include help with security deposits from rapid rehousing, immediate rental assistance as part of eviction prevention, section 8 vouchers, funds for paying future rent expenses and more.

The homeless or housing insecure will get help too. Charities in Kansas City will also help families pay for the security deposit on a new low income apartment or home as well. Funding is oftentimes limited. Typically low income families with children, the elderly, unemployed, and disabled are the first to receive moving cost or first months rent assistance from agencies across Kansas City. There is also short term support, such as motel or hotel vouchers or rooms for tenants or the homeless. Look here for details on Super 8 voucher for free room.

Where to get help with rent in KCMO

Guadalupe Center Inc. of 1015 Avenida Cesar E Chavez, Kansas City, MO 64108, phone (816) 421-1015 offers rental and housing assistance that focuses on the Latino communities. Counselors from the center facilitate access to social services for all individuals of all ages, with grants for immigrants or Spanish speakers. The non-profit can refer individuals to rent and housing counseling programs.

Redemptorist Social Services Center Inc. can be called at (816) 931-9942. They offer help through a variety of services including emergency and financial assistance for rental arrears. There is also tenant Free Legal Assistance services to help tenants.

  • The number one primary goal of the Social Services Center is that counselors work to assure the immediate survival of the aging populations and low income in Kansas City. They do this by helping to administer to the housing and economic needs of the individuals. The non-profit will offer grant money to prevent families and individuals from becoming or staying homeless as well as long term affordable apartments.




The Salvation Army has multiple locations in the region. One of the main ones is at 3637 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, Missouri 64111. There may be funds to pay rent or deposits. Or free motel vouchers (for a night or so) as well as homeless shelters. Or inquire into utility bill help, free furniture, and case management for struggling renters in KCMO combined with emergency rental assistance. Call (800) 336-4547.

  • Three other sites are at 5306 N Oak Trfy, Kansas City, Missouri 64118 (phone (816) 452-5663) as well as 500 W 39th St., Kansas City, MO 64111. Call (816) 753-6040. Salvation Army housing services are also offered at 3013 E 9th St., Kansas City, Missouri 64124. This charity number is (816) 483-8484. Or try 3637 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111 The Salvation Army; Cass, Platte, Jackson and Ray (816) 756-1455

Community Assistance Council assists with past due rent or utility bills (if lack of payment would lead to homelessness.). There are applications to government grants, housing or rent programs for the disabled or veterans as well as other services. Location is 10901 Blue Ridge, Kansas City, Missouri 64134, or dial the non-profit at (816) 763-3277 for emergency, immediate assistance for rental costs.

Saint Thomas More Church offers emergency financial assistance, including for housing costs such as rent or utilities. The church is at 11822 Holmes Rd, Kansas City, Missouri 64131 and serves a limited area. For information, or applications to rent assistance or financial resources, call (816) 810-7863.

ReStart operates from 918 East 9th Street. Kansas City, MO 64106-3072. Senior citizens in Jackson or Platte County, and Kansas City, can apply for grant money to pay rent. There is also low-income funds for housing, storage cost help, and assistance for a new tenant such as first or last months rent on a new apartment. Call  816.472.5664.

City Union Mission has various housing assistance programs. this includes money to pay rent, homeless shelters, security deposit help and more. The non-profit is at 1100 E 11th St, Kansas City, MO 64106. A major goal is on homeless prevention and rapid housing in the region, which includes rent help issued today. Call (816) 474-9380





SAVE Inc. is another KC MO charity that offers housing first programs as well rent help. Cash assistance, mostly partial rent relief, is available. Or struggling tenants, including people with little or no income, will get short term housing. The goal is to stop homeless and evictions in the metro area, with the location is 1108 E 30th St Ste B, Kansas City, MO 64109. Dial (816) 531-8340

Community Services League has multiple sites. Get help applying for benefits, including rent grants, low income housing, free HUD counseling and more. Basic needs, furniture, and other financial help is for seniors, single moms, the disabled and others. Rent and housing help is only one option. Main office is at 404 N Noland Rd, Independence, MO 64050. Call (816) 254-4100

Della Lamb Community Services has basic needs as well as the possibility of rent help. Or get free furniture, household supplies and items for a new apartment. Social Services and government grants are at 500 Woodland Ave, Kansas City, MO 64106. Dial (816) 842-8040. While funding varies and comes and go, they may also offers funds for security deposits, first months rent or storage costs.

Cathedral of Immaculate Conception assists downtown Kansas City residents, immigrants, and low income tenants. Funds for paying rent, mortgages, or other housing costs. Address is 416 W 12th St., Kansas City, MO 64105. Phone (816) 842-0416.

Rediscover covers western KC. Get furniture, rent or security deposit help, clothes, appliances and more. Various assistance programs can be combined with funds for rent or a deposit. The main office is at 6801 E 117th St., Kansas City, Missouri 64134. For information on funding, call (816) 561-6885.

Metro Lutheran Ministry has multiple locations around Kansas City. They include Central, Northland, and one in Wyandotte. Each offers emergency rental or utility assistance (among other aid). They help low income families move, assist with deposits, housing discrimination, and other needs. More on rent help from Metro Lutheran Ministries.

Kansas City Missouri Housing Authority – The programs include mortgage, rental, and public housing assistance for low-income families, veterans, and the working poor. The organization can administer section 8 housing applications. There is information on section 8 (including emergency vouchers), affordable apartments (including for people with an eviction) and other services.

  • A number of low-income housing and emergency rent assistance is offered for the elderly, veterans and families with children. The main goal is to provide affordable and safe housing, economic opportunity and a suitable living environment. There are also affordable apartments (including for people with an eviction) and other services. The address is 299 The Paseo, Kansas City, MO 64106, dial (816) 968-4100, or click more information on Kansas City Housing Authority.




Homeless Re-Housing helps families facing an eviction and the currently homeless. Stability services will  try to keep a family together. There may be money for paying a portion of rent, motel vouchers, and funds for security deposits. Section 8 and the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program are run by the Kansas City Housing and Community Development agency. Any financial help for rental costs is limited and the focus is on other support. More on eviction assistance in Kansas City.

Catholic Charities of Kansas City (phone (816) 221-4377) uses volunteers and donations to help the poor, single moms, unemployed and others. One time rent help, energy bill assistance, housing, advocacy and more if offered in counties including Jackson, Platte and others  For emergency financial aid, or rent grants, the main church is at 4001 Blue Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64130.

Greater Kansas City Housing Information Center is a free counseling/mediation service for landlords or homeowners. Once done, there may be homeless prevention given in the form of assistance for rent and budgeting or legal aid. The non-profit is at 3200 Wayne Ave., Kansas City, MO 64109. Call (816) 931-0443.

Phoenix Family offers case management, referrals (including to rent assistance or legal aid) and other services. The address is 3908 Washington St, Kansas City, MO 64111. Call (816) 561-1033

Northland Assistance Center is at 2018 Gentry St., Kansas City, MO 64116. Phone (816) 421-2243. The charity offers various assistance programs. Learn about affordable apartments, rent help, funds for moving, home repairs and more.

Community Linc Inc has financial help in counties including Jackson, Cass, and Clay. The money can help low-income families, including those with a disability, pay rent or housing costs. This will also be for moving costs, mobile home lot rent, and similar bills. The main office is at 4012 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64110. For information, or to apply online for rent help, call (816) 531-3727

Bishop Sullivan Center has multiple locations for applications. Same day rental payment assistance is offered to people (or families) with a pay or quit notice. Free grant money, hardship funds, and even energy bill help is available from 6435 Truman Road, Kansas City, MO 64126 (dial 816-231-0984) as well as 3936 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO 64110 (phone 816-561-8515).

Christ United Methodist Church partners with other charities, community agencies and non-profits in Kansas City. The church is at 14506 E 39th St, Independence, Missouri 64055. Learn about security deposit or rent help, homeless shelters, hotel vouchers among other programs. Call (816) 254-8209







United Inner City Services, located at 2008 E 12th St, offers grants for housing costs, including rent. Case management is also available, as well as referrals to state of Missouri benefits such as section 8. Phone - (816) 994-5449.

Seton Center only supports a limited area. Residents that meet income guidelines can get emergency funds for rental assistance and other help, including for water bills. Other housing programs focus on stopping evictions, and in some cases loans may be issued for paying back rent. The phone number is (816) 581-4781.

SVdP - Saint Vincent Depaul of Kansas City operates shelters and transitional housing. Funds from this church based charity may help with paying security deposits, late rent, and more. Call (816) 741-8661 or dial (816) 753-9061.

Legal Aid Of Western Missouri has two offices in the Kansas City area. Attorneys offer free legal advice to tenants facing eviction, helps with housing discrimination, and they support people that are late on their rent or disputing a security deposits. Call (816) 474-6750 or (816) 474-9868.

Saint James Social Services - Emergency government grants from ESG can help with rent. If the non-profit does not have funds, then referrals may be given, with a focus on single parents and the vulnerable. Clients can learn about loan programs, charities in the city that offer funds for overdue rent, and other aid. Address is 3936 Troost in Kansas City. Call (816) 561-8515.

St. Andrew the Apostle Parish is based at 6415 NE Antioch Rd, Kansas City, MO 64119. Using money raised from a thrift shop, the staff and volunteers may have limited money to pay rent to stop an eviction. Or get medications, access to landlord-tenant mediation, help with moving furniture and other aid. Call (816) 453-2089

Grandview Assistance Program only support the local school district. Both rent and utility bill assistance is available to stop homelessness. Any type of cash aid (or grant money) for rental costs is combined with counseling and free budgeting classes. Call (816) 761-1919.




Nonprofit Connect only help the disabled, mentally ill, or people with AIDS/HIV. Address is 125 E 31st St. Kansas City, MO 64108. Transitional housing, transportation, group living, and financial help for rent or other living expenses may be offered. Call (816) 531-8340


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